Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to raise five things to do self

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read a few articles related to the optimization, will start with the so-called Shanghai dragon optimization, but want to do a good job in Shanghai not only need to understand the relevant principle of Shanghai dragon dragon, but also need to know the whole process of the optimization and thinking, so that a lot of buddies spend a lot of time to look at the Shanghai dragon books and Shanghai dragon tutorial what’s more, learning knowledge is necessary, because if you truly understand what is what is the Shanghai dragon, you can know what is what is the principle of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon

fourth, the website data analysis

Shanghai dragon buddies know, the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so Shanghai Longfeng practitioners also need to adapt to the changes, do the algorithm, optimization method has become so concerned about the latest developments in Shanghai, Phoenix is also very necessary, such as whether to update the update algorithm, which, this algorithm can deal with the change and modify the corresponding optimization scheme, further solve the optimization of the site, Shanghai Longfeng dynamic may refer to these platforms: A5, the owners of the home, search, love, love Shanghai station etc., only always pay attention to the latest industry news, in order to make the most favorable adjustment in a short period of time

as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, maybe know Shanghai dragon is an important part of network marketing composition, is also a good channel for product marketing, so many enterprises have attached great importance to Shanghai dragon, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng entry threshold is very low, not what technology is basically the buddy can do the chain Commissioner, most difficult is that you want to learn to what extent the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon how to enhance their technology or thinking! Here, we summarize the share is Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to raise five things since I have to do.

a person’s thinking is limited, when you have what difficulty or doubt, always need buddy to help you, like you don’t know where the wrong website optimization, you can help you analyze and find friends, so it is necessary to make friends Oh, how to make Shanghai dragon related friends, you will not don’t you know? Just need a lot of help others to answer the question, in the QQ group? In the forum? You help him, he will help you, you do not know he knows, he does not know that you understand, you will need to help each other, perhaps this is the so-called the long, the short


third, Shanghai dragon make friends

first, the latest industry trends

data in the process of optimization analysis but unavoidable, such as needs analysis, how to find good keywords, how to understand how many competitors, how website competitors and so on, so learn data analysis is necessary, because only by understanding the analysis to prove you grasp the essence of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, so data analysis is to enhance the self.

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