On the optimization of enterprise website internal links layout

Column page (>

is the site of the logo, usually the logo on the links are pointing to the homepage link, is also the first web site links, web page first assigned to the weight is the logo link, so the ALT property of the logo image which comes in handy, this is like a draw text, so you can add keywords in logo images, a good effect on the target keywords ranking. This exception and will involve the second link, because usually the second tracing the text is "home", is not a waste of the text of a high the weights of the second, and there is not a solution, can prevent the use of nofollow tags, let the spider around this link, link up to next to take and pass the weight.

website for the most is the external links page, which also makes your home page weight is the maximum weight of the entire site, reasonable distribution arrangement of web page link can effectively reduce the website weight is too dilute, also can improve the overall ranking.


website link arrangement:

for general corporate sites by the website home page, column page called the list page, the page can also be called the three important part of the target product pages, enterprise website online, don’t rush to do the construction site links, Links exchange and so on, the website internal links for the reasonable arrangement, this it relates to some knowledge about Shanghai dragon core is also focused on the one below to begin the analysis.

due to a web page spider is from top to bottom, from left to right crawl, so the link weight on the front page is given a different size, so placed in some of the important link home page page (such as the number of product event page, high conversion rate of the page, the page depth etc.) as far as possible from the navigation on the position of the relatively close, so that can be passed good weight, improve included, get good rankings.

exception home page and a love also overlooked is the need for users to see those unnecessary pages for the user more important, for the search engine is not so important, such as website for links, privacy policy, contact us, advertising services and so on, these links you have noticed these do not need to? For the website keywords ranking no promotion page, then you can use nofollow or JS shield, reduce weight loss is home page.

wrote a "new line of website optimization scheme of basic flow" articles, some of which is ready before the line on the website, today to share enterprise website optimization in the on-line, on the website home page links by in-depth article layout, this article for the Shanghai dragon novices and those who act with undue haste the optimization of website of help, advice and share, let the whole China Shanghai dragon industry get more rapid development.

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