Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo description tags also affect keyword ranking

is the first user experience is relatively poor, and we will go to the search keywords "next to Shanghai dragon blog to find my blog now, at this time when the first domain description will clear display is why my website, not just grab a piece of text, let the user does not know what is. As for the Shanghai dragon optimization, the custom description "of the rankings ascension has certain effect.

did love Shanghai (Fu Fei) should all know, love Shanghai promotion system there are keywords and description of the write >

If you do not set the


What is the description tag



we all know some articles will write a little abstract, this small Abstract This article is mainly to tell the user about the content of what is said. As if I have a website, I also need to tell the user to tell me this web search engine is doing what.

add a description

: my blog template source theme with the theme of Lu Songsong, but was told that the program of Keywords tags and description tags are deleted, unable to add custom in the background, which makes me still not satisfied. Although a lot of people have said in Shanghai including love Keywords tag and description tag has no direct impact on the ranking. Maybe Keywords can be removed, but if I don’t agree to remove the description tag, determined why? Today Shanghai dragon blog will introduce you to the description label settings need to pay attention to the place.

description label, when love Shanghai crawled home when, general is returned as a result of navigation and navigation above the text below some of the products or the text of the article. Before the program comes with Lu Songsong my theme, as described in the background to add custom, therefore when I love Shanghai "is included, in terms of the home page prompt is the navigation and the part of the text, which makes me very unhappy.

tag role

did not add a description before


description is also called the label description tag, the tag to a summary of the meaning, just like a more than 1 thousand word post when we sent to micro-blog when you only need to use 140 words to sum up. The search engine will only display 70 Chinese characters or so, more than 70 will be replaced with an ellipsis.

label effect


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