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Shanghai dragon was originally and the search engine of mutualism, but if it is some love through search engine vulnerability of people using it is easy to produce a lot of junk information, the search engine does not comply with the recommendation, the user experience is not consistent with the results, this will give the search engine and user damage. Love Shanghai a series of recent actions in efforts to improve the environment of Shanghai dragon, "the famous site of Shanghai dragon note" is of far-reaching significance, Shanghai Longfeng hand help the famous site better site, away from the danger of cheating, but also give the user a better display of information.

Some of the content of

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. I believe we love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, will know about love in Shanghai released "the famous site of Shanghai dragon note", many of which talk about famous sites of Shanghai Longfeng requirements and suggestions are very conducive to the improvement of our environment in front of Shanghai Longfeng chaos, especially for spam attack, flooding attack ads especially serious. In front of Shanghai love to come to a combination of double combo, first released "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders", provides the best advice for a lot of suffering from spam plagued website owners, will not only reduce the spread of spam search engine for website evaluation, we found that timely delete will give website 404 many pages, and anti spam Raiders fundamentally gave us a good guidance, followed by and released "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform tip: love sea will improve the quality of news station show, after the treatment of low quality news station" prompt release, to lend itself before malicious news source advantage the cost of advertising web sites to earn big blow, for example, qianlong贵族宝贝, 533 were right down a lot.

in the "famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note" in the main there is the following:

1, a content optimization, recommend according to the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" requirements of the corresponding title writing for each page, rather than a large number of different content pages are using the same title. Related to the important information website "in (news, telephone, etc.) try to get information through text or a search engine to be able to read the language, do not use the search engine to understand the picture, JS, flash, iframe and other code construction, and use according to the code as much as possible the use of text. In order to build on the search engine optimization ", in order to obtain more search engine traffic.

2, a well-known website operation prone to cheating. One is to sell some web site links, hope that through high power well-known sites again improve their weight, and well-known websites, especially some well-known website editor also took the opportunity to earn extra money, selling links here including the home station or Links, another is soft outside the chain, high weight also is borrowed from the website. Release the soft chain, get the ranking and traffic in the search engine, and.

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