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Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people marked at UN with callsDay of Solidarity with the Palestinian people marked at UN with calls

Addressing a commemorative meeting in New York, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted that Palestinians “continue to suffer the indignities and violence of occupation and conflict” but called the recent talks in Annapolis “a new beginning in efforts to achieve a two-State solution.” The talks on 27 November, which brought together Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, meeting under the auspices of US President George Bush and before a wide cross-section of the international community, agreed to launch negotiations on all core issues without exception, to try to conclude a peace treaty resolving all outstanding issues in 2008. “Implementation is now paramount,” said Mr. Ban. “What we do tomorrow is more important than what we say today.” The Secretary-General said the process launched at Annapolis “must change the lives of Palestinians, and secure their independence and freedom,” ending the occupation and creating an independent and viable State of Palestine, at peace with itself and its neighbours. “It also must deliver on the vital interests of Israelis: a Palestinian State that is a true partner and not a source of terrorism, secure and recognized borders, and a permanent end to the conflict,” he added. The Secretary-General acknowledged the difficulties ahead. “We cannot close our eyes to the profound doubt and mistrust on either side about the will and capacity of the other to achieve these goals,” he said. “The indignities, injustices, and fear on both sides make it difficult to build faith in the political process. But that is exactly what we have to do. We must abandon piecemeal approaches, and address all aspects of the conflict.” He also urged help for the Palestinian Authority to rebuild, reform and perform. “I hope a wide range of donors will step forward with political and financial support at the upcoming Paris conference and beyond,” he said. In addition, Mr. Ban urged humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza, while cautioning that this would not substitute for a functioning economy. “The time has come for concrete initiatives to ease their suffering.” Also addressing the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, General Assembly President Srgjan Kerim hailed the outcome of the Annapolis conference as a “great opportunity for a permanent two-State solution” but echoed Mr. Ban by saying “the prerequisite for success requires a resolute commitment to boldly follow words with deeds.” The President cautioned that achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace requires continuous dialogue and compromise backed by a resolute commitment to achieve a permanent solution. “Both Israelis and Palestinians are going to have to be honest with their own people about the price of peace. This will require difficult choices and sacrifice from both sides, as part of a shared vision for a better future,” he said. “The stakes are high, but the alternatives are worse,” he declared, calling on all Member States to make every effort to support the peace process. Looking ahead, Mr. Kerim said the Paris donors’ conference to be held in December offers an important opportunity to fund key proposals and lay the foundation for a viable Palestinian State. Speaking to reporters today, Mr. Ban said that “we are going to have an important donor conference in Paris on December 17th, and the Russian Government offered their willingness to host a follow-up conference sometime early next year.” Mr. Kerim also spoke today at the General Assembly, which opened its debate on the Question of Palestine. “If we really want to succeed – to achieve lasting peace – I encourage all parties to learn from the mistakes of the past and confront the causes of failure,” he said. “True reconciliation requires not only an end to hostilities but also a change of attitude.” A commemorative meeting on the issue was also held today in Geneva, with speakers underscoring the international community’s obligation to assist the Palestinians and voicing support for a two-State solution. 29 November 2007Marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, United Nations officials today called for steps to translate the promises of the peace process – most recently expressed at a major meeting in the United States city of Annapolis – into action to achieve a two-State solution to the conflict in the Middle East. read more

Niagara Police explode suspicious packages in St CatharinesNiagara Police explode suspicious packages in St Catharines

Niagara Regional Police say two suspicious packages found in downtown St Catharines do not pose a danger to the public. Today two suitcases were destroyed by a police robot. Police were called to Church and Ontario Sts around 9:30 after reports of a suspicious package. Shortly after, police were called to Lake St and Welland Ave for a second suspicious suitcase. Roads were closed off for several hours, but have since reopened. However media officer Phil Gavin told CHCH News “they’re still going to maintain a small scene around the actual suitcase or the remnants of it to review the contents and for an investigation as to what actually transpired here.”Police don’t know whether or not the two incidents are linked but say at this point there is nothing to suggest that they are. read more

Colorado Goldfields has obtained approval from the State of Colorado for theColorado Goldfields has obtained approval from the State of Colorado for the

first_imgThe approval of this project is particularly significant because it allows for an investigation to be made to determine the source of the existing mine drainage of some 20 gal/min and evaluate the potential for controlling or eliminating this discharge with an underground grouting program which could avoid the need for a discharge permit. If it is determined that the discharge cannot be eliminated, then an evaluation will be made of what actions can be taken to minimise the discharge, and assuming a permit is required, what permit conditions would be most effective and appropriate for preventing discharges of pollutants into the Animas River.“Colorado Goldfields is working to find the best way to address a very-long-term, pre-existing problem. The approval by the Division of this work, I believe shows confidence in our expertise and reinforces in real terms the company’s commitment to proper and careful mining in the area,” stated Stephen Guyer, CFO for Colorado Goldfields.The Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety, has approved the application to begin work at the Silver Wing mine. The formal name of the application is “Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting Activities.” The application was approved on November 18, 2011 and is the third consecutive approval of a permit received by Colorado Goldfields from the Division.Activities to be completed under this initial approval of work at the Silver Wing mine will include re-sampling key areas of the mine by taking approximately 250 channel samples to verify records of sample data taken by prior operators and consultants. In preparation for drilling, work will also include the verification of underground mine maps, evaluation of prior underground development work and the condition of existing workings. This information will be used to develop an on-going core drilling program and an initial mining plan.The Silver Wing mine consists of 10 patented mining claims across 70 acres in San Juan County, in southwest Colorado. “A thorough study of geological structures, past production, core drilling and extensive underground sampling records indicates that the total resource of the Silver Wing mine could exceed $200 million with approximately 80% of the resource value composed of silver and copper minerals,” stated Lee Rice, President & CEO for Colorado Goldfields.last_img read more

ZRK Vardar strikes again – Zebic and Khmyrova new signingsZRK Vardar strikes again – Zebic and Khmyrova new signings

← Previous Story Gullden stays, Chana Masson coming to Viborg HK: “I only missing Champions League” Next Story → DHB-Pokal: HSV Hamburg first to reach the Final Four Maja ZebicTatiana KhmyrovaZRK Vardar SCBT ZRK Vardar SCBT Skopje making really strong team for the next season. After ambitious Macedonian team signed contract with Julija Nikolic, Andrea Lekic and Jovanka Radicevic, on the way to become a citizens of Skopje are also Croatian left wing Maja Zebic and Russian left back, Tatiana Khmyrova, find out Zebic is world class player with experience of playing at EHF Champions League with Podravka Koprivnica and Spanish Itxako. She is currently in Serbian champion RK Zajecar, who struggling to survive at Women’s Cup Winners Cup TOP 16 phase after defeat in Volgograd  – 31:23.Khmyrova is Russian NT member, playing for Dinamo Volgograd, two years in a row Russian champion, but this season on the third place… read more

Massif Tamu le plus grand volcan du monde se cache sous leMassif Tamu le plus grand volcan du monde se cache sous le

first_imgMassif Tamu, le plus grand volcan du monde se cache sous le PacifiqueLe plus grand volcan du monde, le Massif Tamu, se trouve sous l’océan Pacifique à 1.500 km à l’est du Japon. Il se serait formé il y a 145 millions d’années et s’étendrait sur plus de 200.000 kilomètres carrés.C’est une découverte de taille que des chercheurs américains viennent d’annoncer. A plus de 1.500 km au large de l’est des côtes japonaises sous l’océan Pacifique, ils ont révélé l’existence du volcan le plus large du monde. Connu sous le nom de Massif Tamu, il appartient à une chaîne de montagnes sous-marine appelée Shatsky Rise. S’il n’est pas très haut, le volcan s’étend sur une surface record. “Il s’agit d’un dôme large et arrondi de 450 km sur 650 km”, indiquent les auteurs dont l’étude paraitra le 8 septembre dans la revue Nature Geoscience. En guise de comparaison, le volcan hawaïen Mauna Loa, le plus grand volcan actif du monde, s’étend sur environ 3.200 kilomètres carrés, soit à peine 2% de la taille du Massif Tamu (plus de 200.000 kilomètres carrés). Pour trouver un dôme volcanique aux dimensions comparables, c’est sur Mars qu’il faut se rendre.Le plus grand volcan bouclier La planète rouge abrite en effet l’Olympus Mons, considéré à ce jour comme le volcan le plus large du système solaire. Ce dernier est environ 25% plus large que le Massif Tamu et peut être vu depuis la Terre par une nuit claire à l’aide d’un bon télescope. “Tamu Massif est le plus grand volcan bouclier jamais découvert sur Terre”, a commenté William Sager, professeur au Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science de l’Université de Houston. Un volcan bouclier est un type de volcan effusif qui se présente généralement sous la forme d’un mont conique avec en son centre, un large cratère rempli de lave fluide. Cette dernière peut voyager sur de longues distances et construire de vastes champs de lave. Néanmoins, le Massif Tamu qui s’est probablement formé il y a environ 145 millions d’années, s’est endormi quelques millions d’années seulement après sa formation et ne s’est pas réveillé depuis.Un mégavolcan unique ou un ensemble de volcans ?En vérité, cela fait bien longtemps que les géologues connaissent l’existence du Massif Tamu. Le Pr Sager l’étudie même depuis plus de 20 ans. Toutefois, les spécialistes n’avaient pas déterminé s’il s’agissait d’un simple “mégavolcan” ou d’un assemblage de nombreux points d’éruptions. Les “mégavolcans” contiennent des millions de kilomètres cubes de lave solidifiée. Mais ils sont si gigantesques que les scientifiques considèrent souvent qu’il s’agit d’un rassemblement de plusieurs volcans voisins. Le cas typique de mégavolcan est celui de l’île d’Hawaï qui est constitué de cinq “volcans boucliers” distincts. Même chose en Islande, l’île étant composée de dizaines de volcans. En analysant les échantillons et les données collectées, l’équipe du Pr Sager s’est cependant aperçue que la masse de basalte qui constituait le volcan Massif Tamu provenait d’une seule et unique source située près du centre. Il s’agit donc bien d’un véritable et unique mégavolcan. Mais comme l’ont expliqué les auteurs, il présente quelques particularités comparé aux autres.Pas comme les autres Outre sa taille impressionnante, sa forme est aussi inhabituelle. Il est bas mais large, ce qui signifie que la lave a certainement voyagé sur de longues distances comparé à la plupart des volcans terrestres. Le plancher marin est constellé de milliers de volcans sous-marins, la plupart d’entre eux étant petits et raides, à côté du Massif Tamu. “Il n’est pas haut, mais très large, donc les pentes de son flanc sont très graduelles. Si vous vous trouviez sur ses flancs, vous auriez du mal à dire de quel côté est le bas”, a indiqué le Pr Sager.”Nous savons que c’est un volcan unique immense construit à partir de flots massifs de lave qui ont émané du centre du volcan pour façonner une large forme de bouclier. Avant aujourd’hui, nous ne savions pas cela parce que les plateaux océaniques sont de gigantesques formations cachées sous l’océan. [Ces volcans] ont trouvé un bon endroit pour se cacher”, a t-il ajouté. Grâce à leur découverte, les géologues espèrent donc bien en apprendre davantage sur les mégavolcans.”Sa forme est différente des autres volcans sous-marins trouvés sur Terre, et il est très possible que cela nous donne quelques indices sur comment les volcans massifs peuvent se former. Une énorme quantité de magma est venue du centre, et ce magma a dû provenir du manteau de la Terre. C’est donc une information importante pour les géologues qui essaient de comprendre comment l’intérieur de la Terre fonctionne”, a encore précisé le Pr Sager dans un communiqué.D’autres à découvrir ?  À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Une chose est sûre, selon les scientifiques, “le Massif Tamu démontre que les énormes volcans qu’on trouve sur d’autres planètes du système solaire ont des cousins, ici même sur Terre”. Il n’est donc pas du tout impossible que d’autres méga-volcans se situent sous les océans où ils restent tapis. “Nous n’avons pas les données nécessaires pour voir à l’intérieur et connaître leur structure, mais je ne serais pas surpris qu’on découvre que Tamu n’est pas seul”, a estimé le géologue. “En fait, le plus grand plateau océanique est l’Ontong Java, dans le Pacifique équatorial, à l’est des Iles Salomon. Et il est bien plus grand que le Tamu, il fait la taille de la France”, soit plus de 500.000 kilomètres carrés, a t-il relevé.(crédits photo : Will Sager) Le 6 septembre 2013 à 12:11 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Battle Ground naturopath organizes health network to focus on opioid addictionBattle Ground naturopath organizes health network to focus on opioid addiction

first_imgJill Stansbury is exploring new ways to help Clark County.Stansbury, a licensed naturopath with almost 30 years experience, is cutting back hours at Battle Ground Healing Arts. But she’s looking to replace that gap through work with Clark County Community Health Network.The network is a local volunteer organization that wants to address the county’s opioid epidemic and environmental health.Stansbury has treated patients with opioid addictions and has had family impacted by the opioid epidemic, which killed more than 39 people in Clark County in 2017, and nearly 48,000 nationwide, according to the most current statistics.“I’ve seen the struggle people have had with general medicine not always being in their camp to get them healthier,” she said.Stansbury wants to increase the options available for people struggling with opioid use. She said the network would help pair people with treatment centers and mental health services, while also showing them resources that naturopathic medicine can offer. The network offers education classes on recovery, and can connect people with physicians who specialize in opioid recovery.“I think alternative medicine has some tools that are worthy of knowing about or worthy of people’s journey to recover,” Stansbury said.She also wants to create networking events so that local leaders can come together to discuss health issues. The network will offer seasonal events and classes such as diabetes workshops and nutrition classes. Additionally, the network will operate a farmers market in downtown Battle Ground throughout the summer that will support Clark County organic farmers.“The overall mission is broad and I hope will evolve over time,” Stansbury said.last_img read more

Obama unveils federal budget planObama unveils federal budget plan

first_imgWASHINGTON — Taking a pass on reining in government growth, President Barack Obama unveiled a record $3.8 trillion election-year budget plan Monday, calling for stimulus-style spending on roads and schools and tax hikes on the wealthy to help pay the costs. The ideas landed with a thud on Capitol Hill.Though the Pentagon and a number of Cabinet agencies would get squeezed, Obama would leave the spiraling growth of health care programs for the elderly and the poor largely unchecked. The plan claims $4 trillion in deficit savings over the coming decade, but most of it would be through tax increases Republicans oppose, lower war costs already in motion and budget cuts enacted last year in a debt pact with GOP lawmakers.Many of the ideas in the White House plan for the 2013 budget year will be thrashed out during this year’s election campaigns as the Republicans try to oust Obama from the White House and add Senate control to their command of the House.“We can’t just cut our way into growth,” Obama said at a campaign-style rally at a community college in the vote-rich Northern Virginia suburbs. “We can cut back on the things that we don’t need, but we also have to make sure that everyone is paying their fair share for the things that we do need.”Republicans were unimpressed. While the measure contains some savings to Medicare and Medicaid, generally by reducing payments to health providers, both programs would double in size over the coming decade.last_img read more

Portland doctors remove 37 magnets from girlPortland doctors remove 37 magnets from girl

first_imgPORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A 3-year-old Oregon girl who swallowed 37 tiny magnets is expected to make a full recovery.The Buckyballs were removed from the girl’s intestines Monday by doctors at Legacy Emmanuel Medical Center.Spokeswoman Maegan Vidal told KGW her parents took her to be checked after several days of flu-like symptoms. An X-ray revealed the magnets had formed themselves in a ring that looked like a bracelet. Swallowed magnets can pinch the digestive tract and cause serious damage.The maker of Buckyballs issued a statement regretting the incident and saying the magnets are not toys intended for children.last_img read more

Mike Chenault Awarded KPBSD Golden Apple AwardMike Chenault Awarded KPBSD Golden Apple Award

first_imgGolden Apple nominator Sean Dusek: “It is with great pleasure that I nominate Mike Chenault for a KPBSD Golden Apple Award for his tireless support of public education in Alaska.” Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Mike Chenault, Alaska House of Representatives, is a graduate of Kenai Central High School in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and now a recipient of a Golden Apple Award through KPBSD. He served on the KPBSD Board of Education before becoming a State Representative. His time in the State House of Representatives culminated in his election as Speaker of the House where he led Alaska in its strong support of public education. The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education honored Mike Chenault, Alaska House of Representatives, for his dedication to the students of the school district, past, present, and future at their board meeting on Monday. Assistant Superintendent Dave Jones: “When Mike Chenault was elected to the House of Representatives for the State of Alaska, he took it upon himself to become highly informed and aware of the details involved with funding K-12 schools in Alaska. He learned about the intricacies of SB 36 (K-12 funding formula in place at that time) and the shortcomings and inequities it created.”last_img read more

VW eGon concept is a cutapart eGolf meant to get kids excitedVW eGon concept is a cutapart eGolf meant to get kids excited

first_img 2019 Volkswagen Arteon first drive: Flagship fastback feels familiar Post a comment Review • 2018 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen: Stirring sensibility Tags 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI first drive: Long live the sport sedan Enlarge ImageMight want to wear a helmet when driving this thing around. Volkswagen Vehicle cutaways are usually relegated to auto shows and vehicle launches, as they help describe some of the underlying parts that contribute to a car’s handling or safety. Rarely are they still drivable, functional conveyances, but Volkswagen’s eGon is.VW on Friday previewed its eGon concept ahead of its formal debut at the IdeenExpo in Hanover, Germany. It shows off just about every inner working of the electric e-Golf, and I mean just about every, because it’s still a drivable, functional vehicle — minus the body panels and all that jazz.There’s a big education component, too. Not only will expo attendees get to check out the intricate components that compose an electric car, some of the parts will have QR codes on them. Scan one, and it’ll open up specific information about that one part. It makes sense that it’s debuting at IdeenExpo, since it’s one large youth even focused on science and technology.The idea for the eGon didn’t come from a suit with a marketing degree. Instead, it came from students in Volkswagen’s vocational training program. Eight students from eight different disciplines came together to create it, and the result speaks for itself. It’s more dynamic than the average cutaway, and it gives kids a look at a type of car that will be far more present than it currently is. “This is the first time I’ve been involved in this kind of project and I’ve learnt so much. The eGon model is very complex and required lots of different skills,” said Justin Pausch, one of VW’s vocational trainees, in a statement. “We’re really looking forward to IdeenExpo and presenting our project to visitors at the event.”vw-egon-inlineEnlarge ImageYou versus the car they told you not to worry about. Volkswagen 2019 VW Golf GTI Rabbit review: The best daily driver gets better Share your voicecenter_img More From Roadshow Volkswagen More about 2018 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen Concept Cars Electric Cars Hatchbacks 0 Volkswagenlast_img read more

Kuskokwim community King harvest permit program underwayKuskokwim community King harvest permit program underway

first_imgA small community king salmon permit system is underway. (Photo by Shane Iverson / KYUK)A community permit system for a limited Kuskokwim king salmon harvest begins on Wednesday. 32 communities are eligible for the permit and so far 16 communities are signed up and a few still pending for the 7,000-fish king salmon permit fishery.Neil Lalonde is the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge manager and in season manager.“We’re upfront, we tell them we know this won’t meet your subsistence needs. However it does provide an early opportunity. Every village we talked to would like an early opportunity to to put some fish on the racks. It allows people to fish for a small amount of fish for traditional use and the nutritional ties that people have to fish,” said LaLonde.Designated fishermen will go out this month to catch a specific number of king salmon to share with their community. The allocations are based on a 20-year harvest history.Managers expect about 15,000 king salmon could be harvested this year: the 7,000 in the community permit system and 8,000 caught incidentally in other nets. Lalonde says it’s a conservative approach.“This seven-thousand direct opportunity was built into knowing we potentially could have a worse run than last year, even with the numbers we anticipate, if we have a run similar to 2013 we will still meet the mid to upper end of the escapement range,” said LaLonde.This years forecast is better than 2014’s but still below average. Managers will not reallocate the fish that are not caught. Several villages are outside of the refuge boundary but still plan to take part. LaLonde says the designated fisherman can travel to waters on the refuge.“The other option is the villages above and below the refuge can partner with communities within the refuge boundary and they can designate fishers from other communities,” said LaLonde.Of the seven thousand king salmon allocated, two thousand will go to to the largest community, Bethel. Greg Roczicka is Natural Resources Director for ONC, Bethel’s tribe, and is quickly organizing the Bethel plan. It includes 52 designated fishermen each fishing for three fish camps making up the approximately 150 Bethel area fish camps. He says the fish camps are at the core of traditional use here.“Even more so, there is the intent of the substance law, title 8 of ANILCA and the state law. It’s to preserve the cultural integrity and patterns of use that are directly associate with the fish camp. The fish camp incorporates all of those values. That’s why it is what it is; it’s the passing down of knowledge, it’s family interaction, and it’s the an integral part of a subsistence way of life,” said Roczicka.Each camp will get about 12 fish as each fisherman catches about 36 total. The Bethel permits will alternate on odd and even days to not target a specific part of the run. Roczicka says it’s not limited to tribal members. ONC is also distributing fish from the Bethel test fishery and maintaining a list of people. For those not associated with a fish camp, Roczicka says there will be a few fish available.“We’re open to them calling us up and letting us know and we can bring them a couple of fish under this program as well. we have a list to that effect already, with the Bethel Test Fishery. We have about 200 names from last year and it’s expanded by about 100 more this year,” said Roczicka.There will be additional officers on the river in the coming days are there are specific reporting requirements. Fishermen will be using 6-inch mesh gill nets instead of larger mesh nets to allow the larger female kings to go up river and spawn. Last year a much smaller permit system was in place. Four communities harvested just 82 fish.last_img read more

APD clarifies proper Amber Alert procedureAPD clarifies proper Amber Alert procedure

first_imgOn New Years Day, a car was stolen in Anchorage. It was a Silver Nissan Sentra with dice on the rear mirror, according to a release sent out at 5:38 p.m. that evening from the Anchorage Police Department. Also inside was a three-year-old girl, information that wasn’t sent out to the public until 6:18 p.m. During that time, police were verifying information to put out an Amber Alert, an official process followed by the state under federal guidelines for broadcasting messages over the airwaves, mobile phones and the Internet to let the public know when a child has been abducted and could be in danger.Listen nowRenee Oistad is a public information officer for APD, and said the delay was the result of police verifying all the information coming in at the time.“It’s par for the course,” Oistad said. “It feels like a long-time for people who aren’t involved. But if you’re actually involved in the situation there are a lot of moving parts, there is a lot going on. We actually got the information out fairly quickly.”Within a few minutes of the Nixle alert, just as APD was getting ready to active an Amber Alert, the car was discovered.“The citizen who saw the vehicle thought it looked out of place, physically looked in the car, saw the child strapped inside and called police,” Oistad said. “That particular individual hadn’t actually seen the Nixle alert, isn’t signed up for them, so didn’t know that we were looking for a car or missing child.”Alaska has only ever had six Amber Alerts go out in the last two decades, and the actual protocols for issuing one are clearly laid out in state guidelines. An official checklist for law enforcement is used to verify whether a case meets the Amber Alert criteria, asking whether there’s the threat of harm, whether the victim is a minor, and whether or not a description is available. Because the alerts are treated so seriously, law enforcement has a high threshold for issuing them — to make sure broadcasters and the public don’t get overly accustomed.“Well any delays that we see in the activation of an Amber Alert are not due to the process that’s in place,” Oistad said.Lieutenant Steven Adams coordinates the state’s Amber Alert system, and says emailing or faxing the actual materials to the State Trooper’s Dispatch Center in Fairbanks isn’t time intensive. But getting accurate information can be.“The most significant delay we’ll ever see with the activation of an Amber Alert is the officer being able to interview witnesses, take information from complainants, getting statements from those witnesses on what they say,” Oistad said. “That’s the biggest delay in the activation of an Amber Alert.”According to a spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety, Alaska’s last Amber Alert was issued in 2015.last_img read more

The Elder Scrolls Online details and video releasedThe Elder Scrolls Online details and video released

first_imgAbove is the first teaser video for The Elder Scrolls Online, which was officially announced yesterday. As expected, it doesn’t really tell us anything about the gameplay or actually show the game off at all. But a little digging and someone has posted pretty much all the details from the Game Informer exclusive.Zenimax Online Studios has been working on the game since 2007, meaning there’s already 5 years of work invested in the project. That’s not surprising for an MMO, and certainly suggests we are going to get a very rich experience set in the land of Tamriel.That is backed up by the fact the entire game has apparently been voice acted, suggesting that when you talk to an NPC it isn’t just going to be a box of dialogue. Anyone who has played the previous games will also feel at home as the environments from Skyrim, Morrowind, Summerset Isle, and Elseweyr are all represented at least in part. Imperial City, Windhelm, Daggerfall, Sentinel, Mournhold, Ebonheart, Elden Root, Shornhelm, Evermore, Riften are also mentioned as being present, but some areas are being held back for the inevitable content expansions.As for the art style, we should expect something similar to Rift or Everquest 2, but Star Wars: The Old Republic is also mentioned as a visual reference. The player’s perspective will be 3rd person.Gameplay will include your typical MMO mechanics. Bethesda decided to do this to make the game an easy transition for players coming from other MMOs. So skills will be activated from a hotbar, and there will be classes, XP, and a range of other progression types typical to the game type. Players coming from World of Warcraft will be more at home than those coming from Skyrim it seems, but that is clearly a goal of the dev team rather than a side-effect of creating an MMO.Other nuggets of information include the fact combat won’t be real-time and uses a stamina bar, there probably won’t be dragons, you can’t play as a werewolf or vampire, and you can travel around the world on mounts.For more detailed information check out the NeoGAF thread linked to below, or pick up the June issue of Game Informer next week.Read more at NeoGAFlast_img read more

Guerbet Announces Acquisition of Accurate Medical TherapeuticsGuerbet Announces Acquisition of Accurate Medical Therapeutics

first_img News | Interventional Radiology | June 19, 2019 Merit Medical Acquires Brightwater Medical Inc. Merit Medical Systems Inc. announced it has acquired Brightwater Medical Inc., based in Temecula, Calif. Brightwater… read more January 8, 2018 —Guerbet announced that it has entered into an agreement under which it will acquire Israeli company Accurate Medical Therapeutics , which specializes in the development of microcatheters used in interventional radiology.Accurate has developed a range of microcatheters for embolization procedures of tumors and vascular aneurysms. These products are currently being registered with the U.S. and European health authorities.This range includes two series of microcatheters:The first series was designed and developed to propose an optimization of microcatheters intra-arterial navigation to interventional radiologists, even in case of tortuous vascular network and hardly accessible lesions; andThe second series possess the same optimized navigation qualities, while also incorporating anti-reflux technology. This effect is achieved thanks to side holes located in the terminal part of the catheter, which create a fluid barrier preventing the reflux of embolization microspheres.This new technology makes it possible to administer more embolization microspheres to the targeted treatment area while also preventing them from refluxing upstream to arteries irrigating healthy tissues (non-targeted areas that need to be preserved).For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Technology | Information Technology | June 20, 2019 DOSIsoft Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Planet Onco Dose Software DOSIsoft announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Planet… read more VIDEO: How Alexa Might Help During Interventional Radiology ProceduresKevin Seals, M.D., is working on a research project using smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home to create a new method for accessing information on device technologies in real time in the interventional radiology (IR) lab.Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 4:47Loaded: 3.40%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -4:47 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Related Content News | Interventional Radiology | January 08, 2018 Guerbet Announces Acquisition of Accurate Medical Therapeutics Israel-based Accurate develops microcatheters for image-guided embolization procedures Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 14, 2019 FDA Clears NvisionVLE Imaging System for Pancreatic and Biliary Applications August 14, 2019 — NinePoint Medical Inc. announced it has received U.S. read more News | CT Angiography (CTA) | July 24, 2019 WVU Medicine Installs First Alphenix 4D CT in the U.S. The West Virginia University (WVU) Heart and Vascular Institute is the first hospital in the country to acquire the… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more center_img Videos | Interventional Radiology | June 26, 2019 VIDEO: How Alexa Might Help During Interventional Radiology Procedures Kevin Seals, M.D.,… read more News | Interventional Radiology | July 31, 2019 International Multidisciplinary Group Publishes Recommendations for Personalized HCC Treatment With Y90 TheraSphere New consensus recommendations for personalized treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with BTG’s TheraSphere have… read more News | Interventional Radiology | July 03, 2019 Varian Purchasing Embolic Bead Assets from Boston Scientific Varian announced it has signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire the Boston Scientific portfolio of drug-loadable… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | June 24, 2019 Mentice and Siemens Healthineers Integrate VIST Virtual Patient With Artis Icono Angiography System Siemens Healthineers and Mentice AB announced the collaboration to fully integrate Mentice’s VIST Virtual Patient into… read more Image courtesy of NinePoint Medical Henry Ford Hospital’s ViewRay MRIdian linear accelerator system allows real-time MRI-guided radiotherapy. Shown is the support staff for this system. In the center of the photo is Benjamin Movsas, M.D., chair of radiation oncology at Henry Ford Cancer Institute. Second from the right is Carri Glide-Hurst, Ph.D., director of translational research, radiation oncology. Feature | Henry Ford Hospital | May 21, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Innovations in Radiotherapy and Radiology at Henry Ford Hospital Henry Ford Hospital thought leaders regularly speak at the radiation oncology and radiology conferences about new res read morelast_img read more

NSW and Queensland tourism industries join forcesNSW and Queensland tourism industries join forces

first_imgThe New South Wales (NSW) Chamber (Tourism Industry division) and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council have joined together to commit to the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP).All Australian states will now provide a uniform, online business accreditation program to give businesses the opportunity to gain certification and help them grow across the visitor economy.Accreditation will provide customers with the guarantee that participating tourism enterprises are dedicated to professional business operations and delivery of service, and partake in good business practices.NSW Business Chamber executive manager tourism Dean Gorddard said the program is a valuable tool for Australian businesses.“ATAP is a practical business development process that complements our role at the NSW Business Chamber in providing SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises) with the tools to achieve market competitiveness and forge customer loyalty and repeat business,” Mr Gorddard said.Queensland Tourism Industry Council chief executive Daniel Gschwind said the program supports both tourists and business operators in Australia.“In an age of peer to peer reviews which arguably provide consumers with a subjective commentary, we believe it is important to provide a balanced approach in Queensland to inform our visitors and support our tourism operators in making qualified choices,” Mr Gschwind said.ATAP is the only program to provide accreditation for all types of businesses operating in the visitor economy, including boutique accommodation, cafés, zoos and retail shops.This new partnership enables Queensland and NSW operators to join over 4,000 accredited tourism businesses within Australia.ATAP has been compared to New Zealand’s successful accreditation program, Qualmark, which provides endorsed businesses with an average of four times more direct leads from the national tourism organisation.Source = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinsonlast_img read more

Sovrin Foundation names SITA a Founding StewardSovrin Foundation names SITA a Founding Steward

first_imgDigital IdentitySovrin Foundation names SITA a Founding StewardSITA to lead exploration into self-sovereign identity in travelSITA today announced that it has been named a Founding Steward of the Sovrin Foundation, a private-sector, international non-profit whose mission is to enable self-sovereign identity online. In its role as a Founding Steward, air transport technology provider SITA, will collaborate with the Sovrin Foundation and other Sovrin Stewards to create, operate and maintain the foundation’s decentralized digital identity network.Sovrin is a decentralized, global public utility for self-sovereign identity. Self-sovereign means a lifetime portable identity for any person, organization, or thing that allows the holder to present verifiable credentials in a privacy-protecting way. These credentials can represent things as diverse as a passport, an airline ticket or simply a library card. Sovrin identities seek to transform the current broken online identity system which is open to misuse and fraud. Using self-sovereign identities could lead to lower financial transaction costs, protect people’s personal information, limit opportunity for cybercrime, and simplify identity challenges in a variety of fields including travel, healthcare, banking, IoT and voter fraud.Heather C. Dahl, Executive Director of the Sovrin Foundation, said: “SITA has a unique role in the global air transport industry. Its community ownership and neutral position makes it ideally suited to be the first travel industry Steward for Sovrin. The digital economy requires that individuals and businesses establish secure, private and trusted transactions but the current centralized system is flawed and subject to fraud. The Sovrin Network was purpose-built to add the missing identity layer to the Internet and provides a complete approach to identity from the distributed ledger to device. SITA brings decades of industry experience to help establish self-sovereign identity in the travel sector.”Gustavo Pina, Head of SITA Lab, said: “There has always been a need for people to assert their identities and today that is lacking online. In the ideal world, individuals would digitally hold all their identity data themselves which they could assert to various entities. In travel that could be at every step of the journey from booking, travelling through the airport, crossing borders and checking-in to hotels.”SITA will be working with innovative airline customers to trial issuing credentials to small groups of passengers and allowing them to use them in controlled environments.  In doing so, travel industry leaders can see how self-sovereign identity might develop.Pina added: “We know that companies would like to get personal data off their systems. With self-sovereign identity, individuals could maintain ownership of the data they need to travel and this would reduce the data management responsibilities of airlines, airports, governments and other stakeholders in the travel journey. There is a clear desire to move in this direction and while it might be hard to visualize today, I expect digital identities will be with us in the coming decade.”Sovrin Stewards are governed by the Sovrin Foundation’s constitution-like Trust Framework, within which the ‘diffuse trust model’ seeks to prevent undue influence over the network from any single source. Other Sovrin Stewards include Cisco, Deutsche Telekom,Digicert, IBM, and T-Labs.Source = SITA and Sovrin Foundationlast_img read more

Study Americans Still Positive on Homeownership Following CrisisStudy Americans Still Positive on Homeownership Following Crisis

first_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing August 12, 2013 428 Views Study: Americans Still Positive on Homeownership Following Crisis Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Demand Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2013-08-12 Krista Franks Brockcenter_img Not only is homeownership hailed as part of the “”American dream,”” but it is also imbued with several positive financial and cultural effects on families. Studies have linked homeownership to everything from greater political participation to greater educational achievement among children. [IMAGE]However, as 4 million American homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure during the financial crisis and one-fourth of all mortgage-holders fell underwater on their loans, questions arose regarding whether the long-held benefits of homeownership still hold true today. After reviewing research on perceptions of homeownership, “”Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies””: found the housing crisis does not appear to have had any major long-term effects on Americans’ perceptions of homeownership. [COLUMN_BREAK]””Our review of early research on the impacts of the housing crisis on attitudes toward homeownership suggest that no extraordinary efforts will be needed to attract American households back into the housing market,”” the Center said in its paper, “”Reexamining the Social Benefits of Homeownership After the Crisis,””: released Friday. Through the lens of finance, it might be understandable–given the number of homeowners who lost their homes or fell underwater and have suffered damaged credit as a result–if some Americans abandoned the viewpoint that owning a home is a good financial investment. However, “”[e]ven after the dramatic loss of equity and the high foreclosure rates, the early evidence suggests that people seem to believe that, over the long run, owning is still preferable to renting, at least when it comes to the financial benefits of homeownership,”” the Center stated. The Center also posed the question of whether the sense of security families once felt in their homes has survived the financial crisis and found “”[t]he long term cultural preference for owning seems to have weathered the recent housing crisis.”” Despite these initial findings, the Center says more research is necessary to determine both the perceived and actual non-financial benefits of homeownership after the housing crisis. The Center says further research is warranted given that “”the federal commitment and subsidy of homeownership has been justified by claims that it has a variety of social benefits to both individuals and to society.”” Sharelast_img read more

Mortgage Rates Hover Heading into Holiday WeekendMortgage Rates Hover Heading into Holiday Weekend

first_img Share in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News, Origination Having hit their lowest level of 2014 last week, mortgage rates barely budged in the latest market report from Freddie Mac.The company reported Thursday the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) was 4.10 percent (0.5 point) for the week ending August 28, unchanged heading into the Labor Day holiday.A year ago, the average 30-year FRM was close to half a percentage point higher at 4.51 percent.The 15-year FRM was up just slightly, climbing to 3.25 percent (0.6 point) from the last survey’s average of 3.23 percent.Adjustable rates also moved little, Freddie Mac reported. The 5-year Treasury-indexed hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) averaged 2.97 percent (0.5 point) for the week, up from 2.95 percent in the previous survey. The 1-year ARM averaged 2.39 percent (0.5 point), up barely from 2.38 percent before.Frank Nothaft, VP and chief economist at Freddie Mac, explained the week’s movements—or lack of them—were in response to mixed news in the housing market.”Existing home sales rose for the fourth consecutive month to an annualized pace of 5.15 million, the highest of the year. On the other hand, new home sales fell for the third consecutive month to an annualized rate of 412,000 units,” Nothaft said.He continued: “Also, the S&P/Case-Shiller national home price index confirmed the slowing in national house-price appreciation that has occurred in other metrics, with the seasonally-adjusted national index down 0.1 percent in June but on a year-over-year basis up a solid 6.2 percent.”’s weekly national survey was more mixed, though changes were still minor.According to a release from the site, the 30-year fixed average this week came down 1 basis point to 4.23 percent, while the 15-year fixed moved up a point to 3.38 percent.The 5/1 ARM average was a little more active, coming up to 3.32 percent from 3.28 percent last week.Contrary to Nothaft’s analysis, analysts at Bankrate say the big catalyst for rate changes this week was Janet Yellen’s speech at Jackson Hole last Friday, in which the Federal Reserve chair continued to hit on unemployment as a major cause of concern, leading commentators to believe she’s not yet ready to raise interest rates.”With Yellen not making any unexpected pronouncements, financial markets carried on as usual with the stock market going on to set new record highs and the bond market motoring along,” Bankrate said. “No obvious catalyst for big rate movements exists between now and the release of the August employment report on [September] 5.” August 28, 2014 516 Views center_img Mortgage Rates Hover Heading into Holiday Weekend Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Bankrate Fixed-Rate Mortgage Freddie Mac Mortgage Rates 2014-08-28 Tory Barringerlast_img read more

LISTEN Steve Keim Arizona Cardinals GMLISTEN Steve Keim Arizona Cardinals GM

first_imgLISTEN: Steve Keim, Arizona Cardinals GM Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact 0 Comments   Share   “John Brown is everything that was advertised,” Arizona general manager Steve Keim told Doug and Wolf Monday on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “He’s got some wheels, that’s for sure. It’s amazing the acceleration and the foot speed he has down the field. When he gets to the top of his stem on some of those routes, it’s amazing the acceleration and the top-end speed that he has.“It certainly caught some of the 49ers’ defenders off guard, particularly their safeties.”In three games, Brown has three touchdown catches and all of them have come in big spots.In the season opener against San Diego, his 13-yard touchdown catch with 2:25 remaining gave the Cardinals their winning margin. Sunday, an eight-point deficit became a six-point lead in a five-minute span of the third quarter.Keim reiterated that Brown has exceeded all expectations so far.“We were awfully excited about him and had high grades on him, but any time you take a young man from a small school — and who really had an interesting path to get where he was — you see a small-school guy like that who has that skill set, you don’t think they’re ready to come in and contribute right away. You see a little more developmental value,” Keim said. “But his understanding of route concepts and leverage and just his speed and ball skills, everything he has has been fantastic. “He’s been a lot of fun to watch.” – / 44 Your browser does not support the audio element. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Just three weeks into the 2014 NFL season, the legend of Arizona Cardinals rookie wide receiver John Brown continues to grow.The third-round pick out of Division II Pittsburg State continued to impress Sunday, scoring two touchdowns in the the third quarter of the Cardinals’ 23-14 win over the San Francisco 49ers at University of Phoenix Stadium.Brown immediately made an impression on Cards brass after being drafted, but now the rest of the league is taking notice as well. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories last_img read more