Shanghai dragon win nine rules

traffic statistics seven, planning website, and regularly check the visiting statistics analysis. Analysis of visitors is through what keywords to explore whether these keywords for keyword optimization, the original plan, and check the flow of each keyword analysis. Recommended to understand key word design meets the browsing search habits, which keywords is better flow and flow and which are not to be discarded and keywords, and through which keywords the visitors have a better chance to become determined customers, all of these, are must spend time frequently check and adjust the time. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion customers with a helping hand to help you

Shanghai dragon

optimization promotion can not really master? Yes, because of the different industry, the Shanghai Dragon technology also may be different, only for an understanding of the industry, to optimize this website, to maximize results. An industry involves very wide content, keyword mining, data analysis and writing content, if you are not familiar with the industry, can only to others website copy some articles, what kind of article is required by the user, there is a demand for the user, before doing that, you know, must have a deep understanding to the industry. read more

Details determine success or failure the chain should also be formulated differentiation

working time arrangements related to the progress of our optimization, how to make your face chain persevere, boring work every day, only a momentary impulse, no lasting passion is absolutely useless, it is easy to give up, then we should have a reasonable schedule, that is what we must do every day work a list of requirements, not too high, but must be performed every day; I feel there is a personal work plan every day, will allow to perform their best, the beginning may not adapt, but in the course of time has become a habit, then. read more

See Shanghai dragon from Shanghai dragon WHY rankings fall into second

then began last week, Shanghai dragon why ranking suddenly diving. More surprising is the forum and website at the same time diving, and second pages in eleven or so, this can not also reminds us we hate an insider: love Shanghai.

long before I have said that the special research on SE (search engine) such a relatively special industry, there is a risk is not expected, a set of SE is artificially designed software, although we can not fully aware of it, but the three together the top of Zhu Geliang. SE why specializes in Shanghai Dragon group in the stooges is more, and there are a lot of "senior stooges" (Professional), it is really a challenge for the SE algorithm, a large number of people trying to decipher and use its core technology, which is a kind of SE despite the threat, let’s say, SE algorithm is to say, he could give you T down to 100 pages, but on the Internet there are numerous websites, but also there are countless crazy to utilize SE algorithm and technology The special Shanghai dragon Er, SE to T so much, this time, Chinese words come in handy: gun fight bird, and Shanghai dragon why just was the only charge for a long time all day at the forefront of Shanghai dragon bird. read more

n September the global search engine market share 7 versions of noble baby list


1 can be learned, in September the global search engine market share ranking order is Global, Yahoo noble baby – – Global, Bing, Baidu, AOL – Global, Ask – Global, Lycos – Global, Excite – Global. Among them, the noble baby – Global share is as high as 67.49%, far ahead of many of the world’s search engine, no one can shake the position of hegemony.

(Figure 2) from April 2015 to September, the global search engine market share chart read more

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners switched before the interview we should be well prepared

second, the best systematic analysis for each website. Many enterprises will be given in the recruitment of the tail recruitment information of their company’s website, the website may be the company’s official website or days after we have targeted the optimization of the site, this time I think it is necessary for us to analyze and understand the details of others website, what are the main products we have each other? Can the analysis of its own to do the work in the future, to see if they have not fully grasp to do these things, be aware of our key to success is the first big interview, if the site is on to the optimization of the target station, we’d be able to analyze, think the site problems or shortage of all the record, make full preparations for our interview, as any enterprise want to recruit staff To solve the problem, if we can will give the interviewer First impressions are strongest, left a very good impression. This is the successful entry of astepping-stone to success. read more

A simple understanding of search engine


in the early development of the Internet, Tim Berners Lee created the first web site is hosted on the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) on the server. Later, Tim cited the other sites in this site, there are records of 1992 is a historic snapshot. But as more and more server line, this list could not be updated in the new server since then on the line, will appear in the NCSA Mosaic a "What" s New "classification.

Although Shanghai has been abolished

first, and whitehand together understand what is the search engine. read more

How do the Google Shanghai dragon chain

is the world’s largest search engine, for the optimization of foreign trade is not strange, since the 2011 launch of Google panda algorithm and the penguin in 2012, many sites affected. Google Shanghai dragon chain optimization is indispensable, a link to the website to cast a vote, the more votes, description of your site recognition is high, below I will talk about Google search optimization.


two, outside the chainThe

many Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner of the chain chain must have content, where the content of these? There are a lot of people is to copy the peer site content, and then put the keywords to your links, then bring your own links to articles, became a chain, actually such links no meaning, maximum charge quantity, and the person is to copy a related articles, and then randomly inserted keywords in the article in 2012 April, Google launched the penguin algorithm, hit a lot of garbage sites, in 2012 July, Google management staff official blog blog, hit page keywords and the contents of the article are not Fu ", so many webmaster to send outside the chain, is not good for the site, but the impact of the ranking results. read more

Shanghai dragon Combat long tail word ranking strategy to grab the prophet

home page ranking early in the website keywords we will have a long-term perspective, not to the immediate interests and give up the extension effect. This is mainly reflected in many websites in order to quickly upgrade the website main keywords ranking in the short term, only for the user experience and the will all focus on the main keywords, without any special layout to flow the long tail word for future ranking preparation. Such a situation caused by the website main keywords ranking is good, but the other did not only promote vocabulary and even extended vocabulary keyword ranking is a bleak. read more

Analysis of the importance of the Shanghai dragon absolute address

of absolute address and relative address I believe we all have an understanding, absolute address is my own website such as www.***贵族宝贝, because of the WP program, is an absolute address, for example 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ Shanghai / Shanghai dragon dragon Zhilu, this address is the absolute address, and "/ / Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon Zhilu" this address is a relative address, and on the absolute address and relative address what is good about.

the problem exists in the company now on the site, while the website brand on the way, there is a problem about nofollow, about the nofollow, China Ping said, in the noble baby, nofollow with good, can improve the site traffic by at least 30%, the efficiency of the use of nofollow greatly improve the spider crawling, then add your site and the weight, and these are their Alibaba international station to see, this is also provided, as well as on the no> read more

How to optimize the results twice to make you

second, what kind of taste to attract users. There is a saying: out of one thousand eyes of one thousand Hamlett. This sentence tells us everyone’s eye is not the same. We do website optimization, the most important is to win the attention of the user, to improve website traffic. We must grasp the needs and preferences of most people. We are not money, so everyone is not love. When we put the user in the Internet to meet the needs of the site will be able to attract users, how to grasp the user’s preferences, every webmaster needs to think and analyze. read more

From watching the CBA games Lenovo to Shanghai dragon optimization promotion

two, a leader in

the second is to mobilize the force of every member, single-handed it is very hard for a team to play the extreme, is attracting network website construction company in Shanghai Zhang reminded me of a boss said: "people are no longer in much, but in essence," Shanghai dragon team some on the surface looks very strong, but everyone is half bucket of water, not a LED niubable man, the Shanghai dragon will muddle along without any aim no goal, no direction, and do things very passive, when executing the project that never see the successful place. From the view of optimization of Shanghai dragon, the implementation of the project should be: read more

Four methods of obtaining high quality Links the webmaster

we all know when the site of the spider crawling, are top down. However, a link to the poor quality of the website, always appear at the bottom, rather than at the top. We each station location determines the height of our life. If you are willing to stand in a very prominent position, then your life is no sparkle. Only a wonderful life, it is worthwhile to live in the world. However, the ideal of everyone is not the same. So long as we seize the opportunity to achieve their own life ideal can be. Links will appear in different positions. Owners do not have to think about how to find a good Links, then spend time and energy are wasted. No matter what we do things well, must make their own satisfaction. For every webmaster can use Links to improve site traffic and weight. However, Links often do some useless links. Therefore, we must learn to distinguish what is high quality Links. The weight of a web page is quite good, but also their own website and the correlation is strong, you can choose to do Links. If only the weight of the inside pages is good, can give up. Because the weight of the inside pages is not stable, will drag on the website. Only in the top of the spider web site, you can produce high quality Links. read more

The coming stormin Google technology upgrade speculation Shanghai Longfeng influence


search engine is excellent gradually building their own content system is killing two birds with one stone, one hand to get rid of too much "by excessive Shanghai Longfeng superior, keyword search results are not related to the content of the virtual, greatly reduce the search time of user cost, not only can establish a good user experience, to further curb the clamor of the Shanghai dragon gradually over technology application guide, many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER go" content is king "of the way, can also win more advertising market for themselves, and further consolidate its position in the industry. read more

Some spiders can’t love Shanghai climbing problem caused by the firewall

(Figure 1)

However, in

e-commerce sites, in addition to considering how to carry on the daily operation, also need to carefully guard against some villain behavior, such as at the end of September, due to the company’s website has taken some new measures in the bidding, and strive to ranking, and soon the site suffered massive DDOS attacks, sometimes often there will be CPU full, and customers to enter our website requires a very long time, the average open a page takes more than 10 seconds, the user experience, is definitely a bad thing, not to mention the crash when short attack by surges caused by the. read more

Search engine optimization problems of small and medium enterprises website

two: website content and text

three: home is a pure flash animation

The more common

stack For example, ?Keywords:

four "crazy

website forum, at present a lot of enterprises online for product details page presents some of the are a product and then add a few words with scanty. To know the search engine, a picture is just a string of binary numbers, do not know the picture. But a few of the introduction of the product enterprise itself is a simple word. This led directly to the search engines know you cannot from this page to determine the text keywords, then how will have good rankings? The author suggests that the management of the administrator should describe product information from various aspects in the input products, not just simple words, one recommendation and do related products. read more

Co citation and anchor text will coexist who will not replace the WHO

recently the topic on the common reference function is quite much, in fact, this is not what new things. In fact, I remember love Shanghai founder Robin Li analysis in the hyperlink inspiration is from the common reference, then thought of citation. I like to write a culture, you need to refer to what celebrities in view or discussion, this reference is more proof of your authority. Robin Li later put this idea into the search engine, a hyperlink analysis. I am such a judgment, in fact, search engines have been developed to can not link can also be judged, but at that time may not have such technology, need to link. Because now the semantic analysis, intelligence has made great progress than at the time, for everyone to see a case you will understand. read more

Enterprise stand high quality original content writing ideas and operation experience

second, the essay writing process can be appropriately integrated into their emotional factors. This article is not only to attract a spider bait, effective channel is the user and webmaster exchange information, this time I have always believed that as a Shanghai dragon Er, first of all is a normal person, this is the basis, so we at the time of writing, do not blindly embrace the purpose of optimization for creation, creation the text is vapid, no emotional factors, but for the enterprise products station, station, we do optimization is not only to the final ranking, whether it can achieve the purpose of transformation, this. read more

Also on the question of whether shlf1314 Adsense will deduct taxC round dies B dies A dies No VC

For those who have

therefore, the withholding policy will not change as long as the payment entity is unchanged i.e., payment is made to the publisher’s shlf1314 headquarters.


investment agency competition,

so you can see that veteran investment institutions like IDG are also launching a Sino US campus entrepreneurship competition to get close to potential entrepreneurs. You know, Cai Wensheng said that when he met IDG’s investors in 2004, he would be excited to go to bed all day and night, but now it’s gone forever. read more

How the Nuggets in the huge flow of long tail keywords

1, long tail keywords mining


If The main

2, how to promote the long tail word page

if only through the search engine in this way cannot satisfy us, we can also download some long tail word mining tools, these tools are generally to love Shanghai cooperation, or that there is love Shanghai backstage account, then do what the interface. I never used to love Shanghai promotion account, do not know the actual situation. Love Shanghai promotion account should be every word, even if it is the long tail word can query to the index. If we love free, go to the next strong point tool. If we have sufficient capital, to buy a love Shanghai account, but not to the consumer, only check the subject or the long tail word index. This would better dig into the long tail keywords. read more