Four methods of obtaining high quality Links the webmaster

we all know when the site of the spider crawling, are top down. However, a link to the poor quality of the website, always appear at the bottom, rather than at the top. We each station location determines the height of our life. If you are willing to stand in a very prominent position, then your life is no sparkle. Only a wonderful life, it is worthwhile to live in the world. However, the ideal of everyone is not the same. So long as we seize the opportunity to achieve their own life ideal can be. Links will appear in different positions. Owners do not have to think about how to find a good Links, then spend time and energy are wasted. No matter what we do things well, must make their own satisfaction. For every webmaster can use Links to improve site traffic and weight. However, Links often do some useless links. Therefore, we must learn to distinguish what is high quality Links. The weight of a web page is quite good, but also their own website and the correlation is strong, you can choose to do Links. If only the weight of the inside pages is good, can give up. Because the weight of the inside pages is not stable, will drag on the website. Only in the top of the spider web site, you can produce high quality Links. read more

The coming stormin Google technology upgrade speculation Shanghai Longfeng influence


search engine is excellent gradually building their own content system is killing two birds with one stone, one hand to get rid of too much "by excessive Shanghai Longfeng superior, keyword search results are not related to the content of the virtual, greatly reduce the search time of user cost, not only can establish a good user experience, to further curb the clamor of the Shanghai dragon gradually over technology application guide, many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER go" content is king "of the way, can also win more advertising market for themselves, and further consolidate its position in the industry. read more

Some spiders can’t love Shanghai climbing problem caused by the firewall

(Figure 1)

However, in

e-commerce sites, in addition to considering how to carry on the daily operation, also need to carefully guard against some villain behavior, such as at the end of September, due to the company’s website has taken some new measures in the bidding, and strive to ranking, and soon the site suffered massive DDOS attacks, sometimes often there will be CPU full, and customers to enter our website requires a very long time, the average open a page takes more than 10 seconds, the user experience, is definitely a bad thing, not to mention the crash when short attack by surges caused by the. read more

Search engine optimization problems of small and medium enterprises website

two: website content and text

three: home is a pure flash animation

The more common

stack For example, ?Keywords:

four "crazy

website forum, at present a lot of enterprises online for product details page presents some of the are a product and then add a few words with scanty. To know the search engine, a picture is just a string of binary numbers, do not know the picture. But a few of the introduction of the product enterprise itself is a simple word. This led directly to the search engines know you cannot from this page to determine the text keywords, then how will have good rankings? The author suggests that the management of the administrator should describe product information from various aspects in the input products, not just simple words, one recommendation and do related products. read more

Co citation and anchor text will coexist who will not replace the WHO

recently the topic on the common reference function is quite much, in fact, this is not what new things. In fact, I remember love Shanghai founder Robin Li analysis in the hyperlink inspiration is from the common reference, then thought of citation. I like to write a culture, you need to refer to what celebrities in view or discussion, this reference is more proof of your authority. Robin Li later put this idea into the search engine, a hyperlink analysis. I am such a judgment, in fact, search engines have been developed to can not link can also be judged, but at that time may not have such technology, need to link. Because now the semantic analysis, intelligence has made great progress than at the time, for everyone to see a case you will understand. read more

Enterprise stand high quality original content writing ideas and operation experience

second, the essay writing process can be appropriately integrated into their emotional factors. This article is not only to attract a spider bait, effective channel is the user and webmaster exchange information, this time I have always believed that as a Shanghai dragon Er, first of all is a normal person, this is the basis, so we at the time of writing, do not blindly embrace the purpose of optimization for creation, creation the text is vapid, no emotional factors, but for the enterprise products station, station, we do optimization is not only to the final ranking, whether it can achieve the purpose of transformation, this. read more

Also on the question of whether shlf1314 Adsense will deduct taxC round dies, B dies, A dies No, VC

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therefore, the withholding policy will not change as long as the payment entity is unchanged i.e., payment is made to the publisher’s shlf1314 headquarters.


investment agency competition,

so you can see that veteran investment institutions like IDG are also launching a Sino US campus entrepreneurship competition to get close to potential entrepreneurs. You know, Cai Wensheng said that when he met IDG’s investors in 2004, he would be excited to go to bed all day and night, but now it’s gone forever. read more

How the Nuggets in the huge flow of long tail keywords.

1, long tail keywords mining


If The main

2, how to promote the long tail word page

if only through the search engine in this way cannot satisfy us, we can also download some long tail word mining tools, these tools are generally to love Shanghai cooperation, or that there is love Shanghai backstage account, then do what the interface. I never used to love Shanghai promotion account, do not know the actual situation. Love Shanghai promotion account should be every word, even if it is the long tail word can query to the index. If we love free, go to the next strong point tool. If we have sufficient capital, to buy a love Shanghai account, but not to the consumer, only check the subject or the long tail word index. This would better dig into the long tail keywords. read more

How to build a website architecture to perfect for website optimization

I have to share here in the real network in the framework of the Ning


website architecture, do not know how to start, leading to some websites even by the K, then we need a rational website architecture a concept and optimization theory.

Optimization webmasters are unsuspectingly

5. website construction is good, good inside chain can reduce the work load of the spider, easier to grab included our website. So the chain construction, we want to work hard. In the chain, the Ning housing network, it is a hard work, to repair, repair change. read more

Some web site is normal by the browser to intercept the how to do

360 security guards

into the 360 security center, click on the browser view state protection "," safety protection "the mouse into the bar, click the close button.

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

after you open the bubble net, QQ computer Housekeeper will not be in the interception.


We use

website right down topics:



user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain read more

Teach you robots.txt setting methods and techniques

3, set in the robots on Disallow / and / / difference. In the robots file, Disallow:/abc is forbidden to access abc.html and /abc/123.html files, and for disallow:/abc/, is to allow access to /abc.html, but is banned for /abc/123.html.

first, you need to determine the content of the ban, and then registered Google webmaster tools, through the search engine to find the content you want to forbid writing, and then landing Shanghai love administrator tools, select the site configuration > permissions > crawler; robots.txt test you want to prohibit the content of grammar in the text box, then click on the following test the results of the test, there will be, if there are errors, according to the error in the corresponding modification on it. read more

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to raise five things to do self

thinking! related knowledgeMany ! The


read a few articles related to the optimization, will start with the so-called Shanghai dragon optimization, but want to do a good job in Shanghai not only need to understand the relevant principle of Shanghai dragon dragon, but also need to know the whole process of the optimization and thinking, so that a lot of buddies spend a lot of time to look at the Shanghai dragon books and Shanghai dragon tutorial what’s more, learning knowledge is necessary, because if you truly understand what is what is the Shanghai dragon, you can know what is what is the principle of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon read more

On the optimization of enterprise website internal links layout

Column page (>

is the site of the logo, usually the logo on the links are pointing to the homepage link, is also the first web site links, web page first assigned to the weight is the logo link, so the ALT property of the logo image which comes in handy, this is like a draw text, so you can add keywords in logo images, a good effect on the target keywords ranking. This exception and will involve the second link, because usually the second tracing the text is "home", is not a waste of the text of a high the weights of the second, and there is not a solution, can prevent the use of nofollow tags, let the spider around this link, link up to next to take and pass the weight. read more

Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo description tags also affect keyword ranking

is the first user experience is relatively poor, and we will go to the search keywords "next to Shanghai dragon blog to find my blog now, at this time when the first domain description will clear display is why my website, not just grab a piece of text, let the user does not know what is. As for the Shanghai dragon optimization, the custom description "of the rankings ascension has certain effect.

did love Shanghai (Fu Fei) should all know, love Shanghai promotion system there are keywords and description of the write > read more

Fall in love with a sea famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note Shanghai Longfeng environmental purifi

Shanghai dragon was originally and the search engine of mutualism, but if it is some love through search engine vulnerability of people using it is easy to produce a lot of junk information, the search engine does not comply with the recommendation, the user experience is not consistent with the results, this will give the search engine and user damage. Love Shanghai a series of recent actions in efforts to improve the environment of Shanghai dragon, "the famous site of Shanghai dragon note" is of far-reaching significance, Shanghai Longfeng hand help the famous site better site, away from the danger of cheating, but also give the user a better display of information. read more