Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to raise five things to do self

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read a few articles related to the optimization, will start with the so-called Shanghai dragon optimization, but want to do a good job in Shanghai not only need to understand the relevant principle of Shanghai dragon dragon, but also need to know the whole process of the optimization and thinking, so that a lot of buddies spend a lot of time to look at the Shanghai dragon books and Shanghai dragon tutorial what’s more, learning knowledge is necessary, because if you truly understand what is what is the Shanghai dragon, you can know what is what is the principle of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon read more

On the optimization of enterprise website internal links layout

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is the site of the logo, usually the logo on the links are pointing to the homepage link, is also the first web site links, web page first assigned to the weight is the logo link, so the ALT property of the logo image which comes in handy, this is like a draw text, so you can add keywords in logo images, a good effect on the target keywords ranking. This exception and will involve the second link, because usually the second tracing the text is "home", is not a waste of the text of a high the weights of the second, and there is not a solution, can prevent the use of nofollow tags, let the spider around this link, link up to next to take and pass the weight. read more

Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo description tags also affect keyword ranking

is the first user experience is relatively poor, and we will go to the search keywords "next to Shanghai dragon blog to find my blog now, at this time when the first domain description will clear display is why my website, not just grab a piece of text, let the user does not know what is. As for the Shanghai dragon optimization, the custom description "of the rankings ascension has certain effect.

did love Shanghai (Fu Fei) should all know, love Shanghai promotion system there are keywords and description of the write > read more

Fall in love with a sea famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note Shanghai Longfeng environmental purifi

Shanghai dragon was originally and the search engine of mutualism, but if it is some love through search engine vulnerability of people using it is easy to produce a lot of junk information, the search engine does not comply with the recommendation, the user experience is not consistent with the results, this will give the search engine and user damage. Love Shanghai a series of recent actions in efforts to improve the environment of Shanghai dragon, "the famous site of Shanghai dragon note" is of far-reaching significance, Shanghai Longfeng hand help the famous site better site, away from the danger of cheating, but also give the user a better display of information. read more