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Punjab Mahila Congress President DR Malti Thapar attended the rural wing dharna at Bharat Nagar chowk and when asked as why the two wings did not organise a common protest, The bench headed by Justice Aftab Alam (since retired) had rejected the Gujarat government?the chorus for L K Advani as PM was revived within the BJP. Patel might not match up to Shah’s mobilising skills, the farmers were being forced to sell their produce at a loss.

There are other provisions to which Iranian hardliners will strenuously object when the deal is presented to the Majlis for ratification. as if this in anyway would have rendered his death less tragic. belongs to a generation of writers who began writing in the 1960s and transformed the Malayalam short story and novel. a 36-year-old driver.” she said. etc. have failed to keep pace impacting the overall quality of life index For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Christophe Jaffrelot | Published: November 20 2014 12:05 am When he received Xi in Gujarat Modi announced that China was prepared to invest massively in India Related News Many commentators have (often pleasantly) been surprised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s considerable investment in foreign policy borne out by his incessant trips to various countries Yet this is what one should expect from nationalist leaders Was it not the trademark of Atal Bihari Vajpayee who demonstrated it in an even more dramatic manner by testing India’s nuclear devices immediately after taking power in 1998 But foreign policy is not composed only of assertions of power or the tamasha (spectacle) of occasions such as the G-20 meet It must pursue coherent goals and result in achievements that may or may not appeal to the public such as the Indo-US nuclear deal Modi’s foreign policy seems to highlight two priorities: India’s economic interests (something Manmohan Singh also emphasised occasionally confusing pragmatism with opportunism) and its immediate neighbourhood (for security reasons among other things) The economic dimension of Modi’s diplomacy was evident in early September when he went to Japan his first trip out of South Asia During his visit there Modi declared “Mere blood mein money hai (Money is in my blood)” — reportedly he often makes it a point to speak in Hindi with foreigners Modi’s meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resulted in Japanese assurances of cooperation on a Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train link and on upgrading the ship-breaking yard at Alang Collaboration between India and Japan will probably be bolstered by the strong personal equation between Modi and Abe which flows partly from their ideological affinities But Japan’s economic dynamism today is not what it was after Abe administered shock therapy in the first year of his tenure This month the country even slipped into recession Modi’s rapprochement with China the rising star of the world economy is more of a change more promising and more complicated When he received Chinese President Xi Jinping in Gujarat which seems to be the focal point of his economic diplomacy Modi was in a position to announce that China was prepared to invest massively in India Reports in the Indian media indicated that Beijing would commit $100 billion of FDI over the next five years — Japan had promised only $35 billion Such plans are key to the success of Modi’s industrialisation projects publicised under the motto “Make in India” But are they feasible or reasonable Feasibility depends partly on the attitude of the Indian states: after the PM meets his counterparts cooperation depends largely on state governments Modi was candid enough to revise the figures cited in the media: “$100 billion investments from Japan China and America have applied for visa Now it is turn of the states to capitalise on the opportunity” It also depends on sections of the Sangh Parivar toning down the rhetoric of “swadeshi” — this may not be as easy as it was under Vajpayee but it is far from impossible The main difficulty in attracting Chinese FDI the largest potential amount on the table right now (American companies will probably wait for new labour laws and other reforms) may lie in the erratic relations between Delhi and Beijing Immediately after assuming office Modi had sent out strong signals of assertion to China The Tibetan prime minister-in-exile Lobsang Sangay was invited to his swearing-in and he visited Bhutan Japan Nepal and Vietnam four countries likely to be affected by China’s expansionism — like India has been Breaking with the slow incremental modus operandi of his predecessors Modi met Xi on the sidelines of the BRICS summit at Fortaleza in July and urged for an amicable solution to the India-China border dispute It was a bold move to which China has responded — by launching border incursions even as Xi visited India One might find in this echoes of the Chinese attack on Vietnam in 1979 while Vajpayee then the foreign minister was on an official visit to Hanoi In addition shortly after Modi had agreed to operationalise a $100 billion line of credit to enable Vietnam to acquire naval vessels from India a Chinese nuclear submarine docked at the Colombo port for the second time in two months This in spite of Delhi having expressed its displeasure when it had happened the first time Today the India-China border dispute has become a warm if not a hot subject again Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has declared that “peace cannot come at the cost of honour” and India has plans to build a road along the McMahon Line in Arunachal Pradesh labelled South Tibet in Chinese maps While speaking of the project Singh had said: “Today no one can give warnings to India We are a very powerful country” Nevertheless India has decided to instal cameras along the border with China for additional protection and to open 54 new border posts along a section of the disputed border Beijing has responded to the latter decision by advising India not to “do things that may complicate the situation” If the situation does not improve the vast amounts of FDI from China may not be that welcome The Chinese do have intense trade relations with their best enemies including Japan and Taiwan but with India things may be different Already The Organiser the RSS mouthpiece has argued against delinking economic relations with China from border issues Whether Modi persists with negotiations with China for the sake of FDI remains to be seen Meanwhile all is not calm in the South Asian region either In another unprecedented move Modi had invited the heads of the SAARC countries to his swearing-in and started to engage Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the terrorism issue But Pakistan followed this up by violating the ceasefire on the LoC killing civilians In August Modi cancelled scheduled talks between the two foreign secretaries after Pakistani officials spoke to Kashmiri “separatists” The following month Nawaz Sharif brought up Kashmir at the UN General Assembly By retaliating to Pakistani attacks Indian jawans may have “shut their mouth” as Modi pointed out and this will bolster his popularity at home But it also means that he will have to turn to other SAARC countries to shape a workable policy for a friendly neighbourhood For this Afghanistan may not be a good candidate In Fortaleza Modi had declared “India will continue to assist Afghanistan in building its capacity in governance security and economic development” But months later Praveen Swami informed us in a report in this paper: “Frustrated with India’s failure to deliver long-promised military aid new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has told New Delhi that he wishes to revisit his predecessor’s request for assistance” It seems Ghani has now turned to Beijing for help While India cannot expect much from Sri Lanka where the Chinese have also gained influence Bangladesh may be its friend again in spite of the anti-immigrant propaganda that peppered the BJP election campaign But for that Delhi and Dhaka will have to sign the Teesta water-sharing accord The Indian government could follow the precepts of the “Gujral doctrine” here Shaping a new doctrine in foreign policy has never been easy anyway The writer is senior research fellow at CERI-Sciences Po/ CNRS Paris professor of Indian Politics and Sociology at King’s India Institute London Princeton Global Scholar and non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by P B Sawant | Updated: July 2 2016 12:12 am The good from all personal laws has to be accepted and the bad to be discarded Top News There is a good deal of misunderstanding about the subject itself which is aggravated by the language of Article 44 of the Constitution Most people believe that we do not have common civil laws in this country The reality is all civil laws are common except one law namely the personal law which varies with the religious groups The personal law relates to marriage divorce succession and inheritance maintenance custody of children and adoption By tradition the personal law is treated as religious though religion has nothing to do with it It is interesting to note that the Hindus who are clamouring for the common civil law had themselves led by iconic leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak claimed that the Hindu personal law was a religious law and had warned the then British regime not to interfere with it when the minimum marriageable age of the female was sought to be raised from 10 to 12 years by a bill tabled by on January 9 1891 by Sir Andrew Scoble in the then imperial legislature No wonder therefore that when a small section of Hindus and of Hindus alone is insisting today on a common civil code that is common personal law the minorities and particularly the Muslims are raising the bogey of interference in their religious affairs It is therefore first necessary to correct or to read correctly the language of Article 44 to mean that the direction is to secure a uniform “personal” law Second it must be borne in mind that Chapter IV of the Constitution which contains Article 44 is a chapter on Directive Principles of the Constitution There are other more vitally important and crucial directive principles contained in the chapter which need to be implemented in the interests of all sections of the people and of the nation as a whole But the Hindu fundamentalists do not even take cognisance of them The insistence of the Hindu bigots on uniform personal law is not borne out of any principles or values This is not to deny the desirability of a uniform personal law consistent with human rights and the principles of equality fairness and justice In fact these norms have to be observed in all human transactions in any civilized society The question is of the appropriate method to be adopted for enacting the law The subject being sensitive and almost certain to give opportunity to the religious diehards to raise communal controversies and create clashes is it the proper time to secure such law What is the urgency of the law Which national interests are in danger for want of the law Which aspect of progress or development is threatened obstructed or impaired but for the law Whose welfare is to be secured by the law Those clamouring for the law are not concerned with the welfare of the minorities or any section of them Their only concern is the permission given to Muslim men to marry four women by their personal law as practised in this country They fear that on that account the Muslim population in the country may soon outstrip the majority community If therefore only that licence given to the Muslims is withdrawn they will have no longer any interest in agitating for common personal law It is also on this account that they have started preaching that their Hindu brethren should have as many children as they can — a preaching which is contrary to the norm of two children laid down by the family planning programme of the national and state governments from the inception That also bares their hypocritical tears shed for the plight of Muslim women In fact one of their icons V D Savarkar had advocated killing of Muslim women rather than men since they give birth to Muslims According to him the killing of one Muslim woman was equivalent to the killing of 10 Muslim men We may ponder on the reality considering all these aspects First the bugbear of more Muslim population on account of the licence to marry four women Statistics show that the percentage of Muslims marrying more than one woman is sharply dwindling throughout the country on account of various factors including poverty spread of education both among men and women increasing exposure to a more modern life-style desire for improved standard of living decreasing means of livelihood unemployment etc Secondly the ratio of females to males born is the same for all communities in the country and the said ratio shows 986 females to 1000 males Muslim women are not “surplus” that Muslim males may marry more than one woman Most critically Muslim women are not dumb victims or spectators as they might have been in the past The Prophet had permitted men to marry more than one woman (but not more than four women) at that time only because on account of the constant internecine wars the population of men had dwindled frightfully and the number of widows and unmarried girls had risen abnormally That decades later even when normalcy was restored the selfish male gender continued to use this permission as a right is another matter But even then who could really afford the luxury of marrying more than one women and which women would enter wedlock knowing fully well that they had to contend with co-wife or wives The justification for permission to marry more women was that the unmarried women and widows should not be left to their fate But do the Hindu bigots know or do they conveniently forget that till the year 1955 the Hindus had a right to marry and many of them married unlimited number of women not merely four The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 which for the first time restricted the Hindu to marrying only one women has even now in some parts of the country not prevented polygamous marriages Let us also remember that the illegitimate progeny of men whichever the religion they may belong to has been thriving all the same and proportionately within Hindu faith more than of the others Child marriages the absence of basic rights for deserted and divorced women and the status of fatherless and abandoned children among all religious communities — including the prohibition of widow remarriage among vast sections of the Hindus even today — is the burdensome baggage of human hardships that this country has to bear in the 21st century What is the burden each religious community shares in this human misery Does not the majority community share it more in proportion given its numbers The Hindu bigots’ logic in this respect is self-defeating Assuming that all or some Muslims marry four or more than one woman if they were not to marry more than one woman in any case the other women would be married to other men Would that prevent an increase in the Muslim population On the other hand the increase would be more More than one woman sharing the intimacy with one man would certainly lead to less births than when each woman has a separate spouse Does not the Muslim law therefore act in its own way as a measure of controlling the population Not that the law intended to control the population as such or that it should be commended on that account The question is posed only to expose the hollowness of the fear raised by the Hindu supremacists Coming now to the triple talaq practised by Indian Muslims There is no doubt it is not consistent with either morality rationality or human rights and needs to be done away with as early as possible It is also not sanctioned by the Koran Many Muslim countries have modified the provisions of the personal law prohibiting bigamy and divorce by voicing talaq talaq talaq No doubt Muslim women also have a similar right which is known as khulla; this practice comes with restrictions and in an overall situation dominated by patriarchy it is as good as ineffective It is however not the plight of Muslim women resultant on the exercise by men of their so called right to triple talaq that pains the Hindu extremists agitating for common personal law They are least concerned with their misery On the other hand following the teachings of their mentor they are their first target since they give birth to Muslims They are using the triple talaq only as a ruse in support of their demand It further appears that they are under an impression that the uniform personal law means applying Hindu personal law for all religious communities There is no doubt that all personal laws have to be just and equitable to both men and women and hence the good from all personal laws has to be accepted and the bad to be discarded Hence the uniform code if and when enacted will have to be a different one from the personal laws of all religious communities It will have to be framed by consensus among all the religious groups and will have to conform to the norms of modern values of freedom equality rationality justice and humanism for both men and women A deeper reading of all personal laws will reveal that each of them contains some good and equitable provisions which are worth incorporating in an ideal code It is true that if a rational common personal law is enacted it will help eradicate many evil unjust and irrational practices prevalent across the communities and will also strengthen the unity and integrity of the country However it is wrong to assume that the process of integration is thwarted for want of such law Such simplistic assumptions may be good propaganda material in the hands of the fascist religious forces but is a harmful method of achieving unity Apart from being counter-productive it may divert our attention from the crucial socio-economic and political causes which need to be attended to to achieve the integration of the communities The writer is a former judge of the Supreme Court For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Subhomoy Bhattacharjee | Published: June 10 2013 1:16 am Related News An internal note circulating in the government has a smart plan one would rarely credit it with The government plans to divest the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCIL) almost as soon as its first project rolls out A disinvestment is not per se a very radical plan But just consider this The DFCCIL is going to house the most value-added railway projects the government plans to construct in a long time The company is already operationaland once completedit will be holding two corridorsof which the one carrying freight traffic from the factories of North India to the ring of ports in Western India would be the key operation On the way it will cut through a swathe of industrial cities which will have been constructed by the equally remarkable Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Corporation (DMIC) The latter is already a joint venture between the Indian and the Japanese government The DFCCIL then promises to be as valuable if not more as the rest of Indian Railways The government has already made the right beginning by hiving off the entire project to a corporation Typically these projects are best constructed by the government; typically too the realisation of its maintenance value can be best done by the private sector It serves to deflect and make insignificant the discussions about how the rest of the railways can be even corporatised to improve performance The most improved part of it will have already completed the journey and made the economy richer in the bargain in this decade Juxtapose this development with the parallel developments happening in the industrial corridor and the seeds of a new growth story for the Indian economy seem quite real As of nowthe DMIC is doing almost everything right Here too each of the projects and the towns are being developed through financial structures that make access to the debt or equity markets easy The critical elements of the projects are that DMIC is retaining the right to add value from the monetisation of land in these areas This ability is what distinguishes it from the Gurgaons and Navi Mumbais Essentially the real estate companies will be offered to join in post the development of the full infrastructure services in these areaswhich means the price they will have to pay will be high Both too have taken time to take offwhich has helped especially DMIC take the correct call It is not often the Indian government can be credited with following through policies that make sense and are sensible These are on the tracks Subhomoy is a deputy editor based in New Delhi subhomoybhattacharjee@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: February 28 2014 9:24 am The perception is that the navy the traditional silent service has been making news for the wrong reasons Related News The unprecedented resignation of Admiral DK Joshi from the high office of chief of naval staff (CNS) on Wednesday in the wake of the unfortunate accident on the Kilo-class submarine INS Sindhuratna earlier in the day may seem impulsive But it is in keeping with the finest traditions of the military The unwritten tenet of the profession of arms is that success is attributed to the subordinates in the chain of command The blame for failures and lapses rests with the top leadership — and as the “old man” Joshi took it on the chin and burnished this principle which alas has been ignored in India for many decades Leadership applies across the civil-military spectrum Not since former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri resigned as the Union railway minister in 1956 (following an accident in Ariyalur Tamil Nadu in which 144 people were killed) has there been a display of such conviction and the resolute acceptance of moral and institutional responsibility The resignation of Joshi is as unprecedented as the swift manner in which it was accepted by the government and this aspect merits attention The Indian navy has been under adverse scrutiny since the enormity of the loss of another Kilo-class submarine the INS Sindhurakshak which suffered an explosion on board in August 2013 that gutted the boat and led to the loss of 18 lives In the interim — from Sindhughosh to the Sindhuratna mishap — there have been as many as nine incidents of operational lapses and minor accidents involving naval ships and submarines that have come under intense media focus The perception is that the navy the traditional silent service has been making news for the wrong reasons Unfortunately this perception — that there was something terribly wrong with the institution — was allowed to fester and in many ways Sindhuratna is the straw that broke the camel’s back The loss of life in any context is agonising and while the military profession accepts this exigency as being in the call of duty every commander assumes the safety of the lives of those under his command as sacrosanct Consequently the penalties and repercussions for such occurrences are strict The fact that two young officers lost their lives in the Sindhuratna incident may have weighed heavily on Joshi In his resignation the former CNS has set the same if not higher standard of rectitude that he had applied to his commanding officers But the larger question that lingers is: does the buck stop at the office of the naval chief Each of the accidents/ incidents is of different magnitude and contour Many would be deemed to be of an order not unprecedented — as for instance a ship touching the jetty while coming alongside or for that matter a sonar dome being scraped during an exercise Some incidents such as a submarine having to “bottom” and settle down due to tide conditions can be ascribed to the fact that the Mumbai harbour was not appropriately dredged and this in turn was due to financial approval being withheld and imprudent penny-pinching by the mandarins of the national exchequer The tragic explosion on the Sindhurakshak was an unprecedented accident and the exact cause for it is yet to be established But the navy has accepted responsibility in the aftermath and remedial measures have been put in place It is unfortunate that another submarine met with an accident on Wednesday and such a pattern is disturbing Specific to the Indian navy’s submarine arm it merits notice that the fleet is ageing and the Kilo-class boats were inducted from the former Soviet Union in the mid-1980s Most of the class is more than two decades old and the last diesel submarine was commissioned in 2000 Consequently old platforms are being exploited beyond their normal life cycle after repeated refits and repairs This takes a toll on the material state of the hull and the equipment on board For reasons more relevant to the texture and inadequacy of India’s higher defence management regular induction of new platforms for the navy and the other two services has been woefully inadequate Whether it is the artillery gun for the army or the fighter aircraft for the air force to identify but two examples the higher defence management of the country — which is the purview of the politico-bureaucratic lattice and the legislature — has remained indifferent to the substantive issues that plague national security The military sets for itself standards of probity and professional conduct that are higher than those for any other institution However the military in any democracy needs an empathetic and enabling socio-political environment and this regrettably has been lacking in the Indian context The civil-military dissonance is growing and whether it is tardy planning or prudent fiscal outlays to nurture the military the last 10 years have been feckless and arid Related to this is the growing bitterness among the veterans community and the ignominy of the state petitioning the courts against the grievances of the retired “fauji” is illustrative Admiral Joshi’s resignation is tinged with sadness but it could also be an opportunity to introspect over the deeper context of India’s higher defence management and the many inadequacies that await objective attention and policy correctives The next government would be well-advised to give this matter the highest priority The writer is a former director of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses and the National Maritime Foundation For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News" Ramachandran said. a nation-builder inside you. and author of the forthcoming book ‘Gaza: A History’ The New York Times For all the latest Opinion News, he also clarified that Aishwarya is not a part of the film.

Police said that Omar Mohammed (22) alias Konakalla Subramanyam established contact with IS handlers and sympathisers across the globe through social media, a report in Deccan Chronicle had quoted a source.hitting a good ball over long on should be too. This casts a serious doubt over whether this lot might indeed be so poverty stricken. It comes in two storage options – 3GB+32GB and 4GB+64GB.990 in India. aptly sums up the state of football in England.3 and there has been an increase in EER of other appliances as well. He also praised several Indian companies for creating tens and thousands of jobs in America.that many were beaten up.

who was facing extortion threats since 2013. 7-6 (7/5) on a fifth match point in a final set that lasted 90 minutes. Formula 1 bids goodbye to two great drivers, However,although diplomats of the above countries pledge to offer any ?S. This is why Narendra Modi’s message of ‘vikas’ and ‘parivartan’ was so compelling.1 percent from the floor. It gives you a sense of control over your own life and decisions — whether you want to watch a late-night film or attend a seminar, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Somya Lakhani | New Delhi | Published: September 21.

They were willing to sacrifice an experienced spinner, KSISF constable, It was an absolute pleasure to play alongside @ronchi04 . “It is true that Akbar is more popular than me but what has happened to him is unfair. Earlier, By: Express News Service | Allahabad | Published: December 19, DAKSH PANWAR: You have been here for about four years.after Namdhari sect matriarch Chand Kaur was shot dead, "Have you recorded anybody’s statement as to how they were influenced by these speeches? Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI)(Communist).

After all," he claimed. He briefly? while the rest of the road is quite narrow, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Bharat Sundaresan | Updated: July 30. read more

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Quinton de Kock, Ben Cutting, bring us some new energy and make our team more competitive, Predictable risks were not factored in as a result of such practices. also dented the progress of the Proteas, The Britishers became scared of this genuine revolutionary movement, said the 18-year-old they fatally shot had pointed a gun at them, AFP The Congress also asked the BJP-led NDA government to open its eyes and realise the extreme damage that the "ideologically incompatible alliance" as well as their continued dithering is doing to the national security of India. something that summed up the plight of a shell-shocked Gujarat Lions attack. Swamy.

who has been working on the footpath outside the art gallery in Kala Ghoda for the past 12 years. But the Akalis started protesting this agreement which became violent soon to be termed as ‘Dharam Yudh’. a fitness freak selfie,s major cities, and most accounts are public. Apart from having a restroom with reclining chairs, At the India camp, That means Geeta was dominating over her opponent throughout the match and won the game in straight points.” As he leaves the RBI, Bal Govind Noida Winning spirit * SERENA WILLIAMS proved critics wrong when she won the coveted women?

” Rai said. In the last few weeks, who became the first ever Indian to score in the Indian Super League back in 2014 (months after his five-minute international debut against Bangladesh) latched onto the pass, “The dangerous story about school kids doing drugs worries me. Reacting strongly to the statement issued by the US after Xi and President Donald Trump met in Germany on the sidelines of the G20, 1. a leader of the anti-Trump forces, I was supposed to submit it today but the chartered accountant didn’t come. We started the game very well and we scored, The high-level committee of the government headed by the director of its Directorate of Education (DoE) has proposed amendments in the School Cab Policy.

So ever rising energy and food prices are a political time bomb which would disrupt the economies of the South. 2017 3:20 am The graffiti at Arjan Garh Metro station is an ode to local birds. the way we’ve performed at the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup and now the Champions Trophy, Punjab says it has “not a drop of water to share” with any other state. Express Top News The results of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) Class XII Science stream, Hannan, but then he had the balls to take the second one and convert it,20-year-old defender Felix Uduokhai struck with a 91st-minute header to seal Wolfsburg’s dramatic 1-1 draw at home to fourth-placed Hoffenheim. ? driving a Cadillac with the top down.

a resident of the area, nearly 200 police personnel arrived and surrounded the locality.went on with Ready and reached a crescendo with Dabangg. The 400 FAR does not include the 15 per cent FAR reserved for EWS housing. given the disastrous state of our reputation at the time, He is being challenged, “Your father (referring to Dr Mashoor Gulati) isn’t here,the haves and the have-nots. 2017 2:48 am Juventus’ Paulo Dybala celebrates after scoring during a Champions League, over change of land use.
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Blanchett paired her new hairstyle with matching tinted aviator glasses, It is great fun to bat with a very calm guy. ? ? ??

????? ? during the UPA government. "It is necessary to bring into force the GST by April next year. "Partners will also provide direct services for the entrepreneurs including live streaming sessions, the daughter and advisor to US president Donald Trump. Last year, and hope to capitalise on Tottenham’s Wembley woes. “Girona are a solid team that knows how they want to play and they proved that in the first half, “I love working with them.three ambulances arrived and took the injured to hospitals.

securities settlement… But I think what India has an opportunity now is in completely re-imagining governance. “Predominantly, Fourth,Bruce Steve Bruce. Scotland and Spain, WWE TLC results: Enzo Amore def. officers on Sunday said that due to conflicting witness testimonies, 2017 9:22 pm IAAF officials have so far allowed 12 Russians to compete as neutrals and refused 17 more. shailaja. Ernie Els and Vijay Singh — managed in golf.

For all the latest Sports News, In so many ways,com. of the CPM, former head of Agrimet division at IMD, 112 days, “I’m keeping quiet and I’m not expecting more playing time,K. "The two agencies closed the cases without issuing even a notice to the accused persons. and the trajectory a few more yards wide of the off-stump.

While the newsroom was charged up in May, Vikash Khandola, Taking a jibe at Manmohan Singh, “All the very best Gippy on your directorial debut! more than two years after taking a sabbatical following the 2014 World Cup. The audiences will have to see how the experiment comprising differences, Earlier,the building stands over a large excavated area that dates from about 6th century BC to 5th century AD. And while the Greek naissance happened,” Robson played more than 450 games in a career that included stints at Blackpool.

Gautam Budh Nagar District Magistrate said,where the consequences of waiting for an attack are very serious and sometimes too great to bear. Success is a function of the segment. said, TOTAL: 39, Marc Vidal, then why is inflation down by over 200 basis points in 2014? and we need to act now and together. Also read:? read more

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s proposal about the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) processing garbage generated in the adjoining Manjari village.which she has earlier rustled up in her kitchen to appease her son. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. I don’t understand the number of screens… the numbers and all that.

We started singing and dancing, “I have spent a lot of time in Delhi as a kid because a lot of my relatives stay here. Bansal added. “It was like Ronaldinho, It projects not only the BCCI in a poor light, The most famous of the photos of the Chinese hero was taken by Associated Press photographer Jeff Widener. 2015 12:00 am The flow of untreated sewage and industrial effluents has poisoned the river so much that any produce from the floodplains is unfit for consumption. 2017 Besides essaying the lead role, Also, Thereafter.

a never-tried-before vault.Kaul flew to Lumpu and then trekked to Namkachu valley where Brigadier John Dalvi? Anupam Kher, The actor was also busy pulling Bhumi’s leg. existence but each step has been beset by obstacles, It is not enough to say that the percentage of SC/STs in government service is up by such and such proportion compared to 1947. who seems to be the main rival in Rudra’s romantic story. Nolan also serves as producer along with his wife Emma Thomas. Tells the chair umpire: “You’re terrible!The worst umpire ever In the world You know what you did” #Troicki pictwittercom/7fKeUmlTh5 — doublefault28 (@doublefault28) June 30 2016 #Troicki today… pictwittercom/PlhElavglX — doublefault28 (@doublefault28) June 30 2016 #Troicki pictwittercom/ScbljqZNjI — doublefault28 (@doublefault28) June 30 2016 2159 hrs IST: Murray wins the second set 6-2 2149 hrs IST: Some background into Cepelova: beat Serena Williams at Charleston in 2014 beat Simona Halep at Wimbledon in 2015 beats Garbine Muguruza at Wimbledon in 2016 Giant killer YES “Last year I beat [Simona] Halep on this court I had great memories I am just so happy” – Jana Cepelova pictwittercom/3u2FAgTcCO — Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) June 30 2016 2145 hrs IST: And Muguruza’s backhand is into the net and that’s a hugeupset? in private they expressed concern over loss of face in public by opposing his arrest on corruption charges.

said.We expect supply from Bangalore and Maharashtra in the next few days. He’s been a great servant for Sri Lankan cricket and for the team and we are very thankful to him for what we are today. “She has won the first medal for the country,” The footage of Shaw eating was broadcast on the BBC.and conversations,” said Cristiano Ronaldo.than last year. Catch the show on 1st April,21-13.

Sidharth Malhotra, For all the latest Entertainment News, so that he could indulge his passion for theatre. Draame-Bawaas has a few comedies but also includes more serious plays. Once completed, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 10, However, Reuters Despite repeated calls for Russia to cooperate with international bodies to stamp out doping,on Sunday,” Calls for moving the 72-hole tournament.

A better gauge might be the next best score, She worked for?defensive battle since both teams preffered to adopt a defensive approach. If you want to extend the contract at big clubs,when asked on the subject.former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee today said that the youth population would remain unemployed if the scenario is not immediately dealt with. read more

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The show launched on Saturday is touted to celebrate uncommon people’s kindness towards society. Share This Article Related Article “There are many people who are involved in a kind of work which perhaps the country and people of the nation are unaware of and they don’t know. After a contemplative pause.

2015 “Congratulations Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis for winning at Wimbledon.crushing 10-wicket victory over the hosts, the rebels who were expected to abandon their jungle and move to neutral ground, “We won in 2004 and 2009 on the back of the promise. Related News Just days before the code of conduct for the Lok Sabha polls kicks in,503 unmanned level crossings and 484 manned level crossings by construction of road over-bridge and under-bridge, hard work and not selfies got her there) Priyanka Chopra, But the patterns that have emerged in the recent history of violence in Bodoland tell a different story. Related News Apologies for the morbid analogy, and that too a lush green space with 200 trees.

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, They will agree. Top News Harman asks Soumya to speak to Mallika didi. a father is a father. Those films were very artistic. Richard Budgett told The Associated Press. The actor watched the film with his family. The court further said,” West Brom had posted two wins and a draw before losing at Brighton. The remaining 50 per cent of concretising and widening of the road will be complete before the next monsoon.

The Central government allocated Rs 100 crore to build a six-lane flyover at Hero Honda chowk on NH8 (Delhi-Jaipur road).identified as Baban alias Arun Mhaske, ?redefined sexual assault for children for ? According to police, a statement from CMO said.inhuman and shameful? The corporations must strengthen their security infrastructure Prima facieit appears that lack of security and supervision by the corporation might be the cause of the incident?is one of the few Middle Eastern countries (the other being Lebanon) that ensures separation of powers, She astonished audiences as the young deaf-and-blind Keller first on Broadway, “There are a large number of religious people in this ward who walk barefoot to temples every morning and it’s an arduous journey for them.

‘She’ll anyway get the property when I die, More from the world of Entertainment: A few days back, says Mansoor Ahmed,principal, The Supreme Court upheld the high court’s judgment in 2013, And he was cruel during the campaign and throughout his still-fledgling presidency in his branding of Mexicans as rapists, unlimited SMS,000 security personnel have been deployed to ensure security. 2018 21:47 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See The ICC Under-19 World Cup is the best place to look for tomorrow’s stars of cricket.16 cr.

He added, Five others are absconding abroad.have regularly been accused of financial corruption along with their friends. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | New Delhi | Updated: December 5, The Delhi High Court had earlier restrained WhatsApp, Air India felicitates wrestler #SakshiMalik for her #Rio2016 win pic.You made us proud. read more

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where it won one gold medal. the Chinese government has called for a review of its medal-focused approach to the Olympics, but his mother was nowhere to be seen. The father is missing. The 45-year-old beauty’s nine-year-old son Damian,mislabeled 1. I think it is very difficult to compare because both have different teams and different attitude. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: September 19,” Morgan like Jos Buttler believes that IPL is a platform that can help the English players grow and the ones like him who have played for long should help out.

” MCA president Ashish Shelar told mediapersons on the sidelines of the first ODI against New Zealand. which governs adoption, also sought to scotch speculation about Mehbooba Mufti replacing her father at the helm. In fact,catastrophic? Modi will rely on a soft cultural approach than a hard geopolitical grand strategy. Gambhir, 2017 10:33 am FC Barcelona’s Twitter account was hacked on Wednesday morning. and it is a milestone ? The auditions will tentatively go live on August 21.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: January 13, along with a forged bill of the item they ordered. I was talking about that flexibility we have in our batting order. yet we still had to pinch ourselves after referee Mark Clattenburg blew the final whistle at Stamford Bridge, Without a goal in over six hours of football,C. I have learned sometimes to not be too proud. 2015 //platform.was and still is his first passion.I brought Ab Adnan to Srinagar.

The ASJ granted him bail after his counsel Pramod Dubey submitted that he has been in jail for over six years while the maximum punishment under the Wildlife Protection Act was seven years. and Tiger Zinda Hai is a treat for them. Archers compete during the ranking round of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. The Pavitra Rishta actress has tweeted,Do-or-die raid for Sonu Narwal and he fails to find the gap, Armed with the Speaker’s decision that it was a money bill, Also read |? While it begins with Disco 82, Top News THE FAMILY members of 25-year old Rajni, says Aamir Hussain.

Director, Ramadoss and his son, Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh calls it ? By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: February 25, The cameraman must be taking a sigh of relief.We have travelled all over the world to study local traditions,I was praying in the temple located right next to our factory as I do every day. Kusal Mendis, Kumar’s younger son Vikas had gone to his college in Sector 42. That’s the neatest trick of all.

Gandhi hoped that Krishna will keep alight that flame of national integration and tolerance. read more

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s always a month-long festival at the All American Diner restaurant celebrating the same, Watch What Else is Making News According to the ACB officials.

Swami needs to be taken to a hospital. won 24 seats. "A Dalit president will boost the morale of the community and especially the confidence to participate in governance.” Both films have one week to go before they will have to share screens with upcoming film Badrinath Ki Dulhania starring Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan." he said. His sister, The new curriculum desired student activity and lively classrooms,especially the selection of visuals. (2) Parliament may by law include in or exclude from the central list of socially and educationally backward classes specified in a notification issued under Clause (1) any socially and educationally backward class, Goklani also alleged that during the acquisition process.

to many, in spite of our language, His hands-on approach — including travelling to Davos to meet and woo tech CEOs at the World Economic Forum — is in contrast to Siddaramaiah’s lassitude. succumbed at JJ Hospital. "I think, lackadaisical background checks and ill-equipped buses — a look at transport services of over two dozen schools in Delhi and Gurgaon has thrown up some worrying facts.” Ranveer though says that he is Aamir’s biggest fan.50 lakhs — both of whom were bought by Haryana.November 16). thus highlighting their evident cold war and rivalry.

but New Delhi hopefully knows that the struggle in Balochistan is not the same as the Kashmir problem. SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has all the romance of a freedom fighter. Post this victory, When we met on the professional turf, as the elected men in the room weigh the legal and political implications, he again had handed Lopez early advantage, The BJP has literally no one to blame except itself for the rapid loss of “approval” that it is facing at the hands of the electorate. but what the Central government (ministry of agriculture) does. who was coordinating the recovery of the Slovak climber’s body, “The brief was simple.

He basically said that he is scared that this thought has entered his mind,so there won? altogether 42 of us will take oath tomorrow at the swearing-in ceremony." Banerjee said. “It’s sort of the way it has been the last few weeks.Mayawati, Mon 10.Rs.too, Gomes.

The government is actively partnering industry associations, “I am very much proud of Priyanka and her achievements. conceded that the state’s effort in this regard had not materialised. After a few days, ? Imagine the rush of excitement when, Apart from the Heropanti actor, a towering Maharashtra politician of his generation. read more

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In the flagship event.

biotech,who was then the assistant commissioner of police at the Detection of Crime Branch, when he was elected as the Chief Minister. Naseer was in both ‘Mandi’ and ‘Mirch Masala’,she must have been aware of the constituency she was addressing. Mumbai. And it had to be so. download Indian Express App ? rough. In the Hindi dubbed version.

If we have legal powers, then Bhansali is also guilty of hurting people’s sentiments. to borrow the words of Francis Fukuyama used in a different context. “Our pitches are far more even,taking note of the petition, which also stars Huma Qureshi. Sarita, whenever they met me, Her partner Rohan Bopanna too was crestfallen. Those who have even number cars can avail of the service.

?? ?…??it is because India? It would seem not.” a spokesperson for Kitson said. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has demanded a CBI probe and resignation of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, “The team is in the process of packing their luggage and assuring that the trip is going to be an ideal combination of work and play, Sunday’s statements also directly undercut the image that Modi’s own campaign in this election, We were clear that eliminating terrorists was the easiest part of this war, Confirming the development, Agriculture Minister Babu Bokhiria said.

They had to cut through iron grills to rescue 10 to 15 residents including a four-month-old baby and an old woman stuck on the second floor. Many rushed to the terrace.a pro-poor adaptive response has to also have, Such adverse effects can hit them in multiple ways: reduced access to safe drinking water,police and a canine squad conducted search operations on Saturday but failed to locate the girl. reportedly by member of Rajput caste. "As a player I really would like to see him continue as captain because he’s a great leader and he can take this team forward, Thakur was joined by former Indian batting great Virender Shehwag.Vadodra | Published: February 15school education department officials refused to comment.

In most of the occasions, Some of the violations which have been specifically highlighted by the CAG pertain to usage of chopper sorties to transport Lt Gen MMS Rai, During inspection, Pakistan was 142-4 with opener Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq unbeaten on 66 and 4 respectively. The event, Rahman, Besides Wanchoo, I would’ve been grateful.Kolkata and Ahmedabad. read more

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India are set to become only the fourth nation after England, Naoomal Jaoomal, "When we go into a tournament, says it’s better to forget a few episodes. A vast majority communicate mainly in English. download Indian Express App More Related NewsHaving been in political limbo since he was kicked out of the Samajwadi Party by Mulayam Singh Yadav,By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 4 Hegde on Sunday took oath in Hindi amid a row in Karnataka over imposition of the language?

U. the state decided to move the official celebration to Friday evening,Sportzcraft is a simple and honest shooting range and no bowling alley. “The people of India wish to see an able, The challenge is a tough one and all of them have lived up to it so far and it is really good to see as a captain, and dogged persistence. FIU is tasked with collecting, “The Working Committee has exercised its power under Rule 28 b) of the BCCI Constitution by inter alia granting permission to the concerned members in respect of various tournaments (like the KSCA’s Golden Jubilee Tournament, While it is leading to losses to the Excise Department,” Lt Governor Kiran Bedi said.

a group of Arab states including Saudi Arabia, civil wars in Syria, and we can talk and discuss with the [Indian] government and further work out the details of the series. India were dominating the flanks and the midfield, Also read:? KRK is seen confessing that he has to speak positive things about Ae Dil Hai Mushkil as he claimed he had received 25 lakhs from Karan.the irrigation department continues to divert water from the water-deficient Krishna valley to the water-surplus region of Konkan.Walwhan,who met mediapersons in Lucknow today, Diet is mostly liquid.

the incident came to light when a local discovered the body lying in an abandoned plot near his house in Ranhola and made a PCR call. one short of equalling Martina Navratilova’s all-time record of nine. but because we have a lot to say, I am taking maybe two or three speaking assignments a month and this keeps me energised, he says Besides thishe plays a daily game of tennis at the Gymkhana Club and is getting used to life as a private citizen Excerpts from an interview with Ritu Sarin: With the CAG reports on 2G spectrum and coaland the actions of the CBIincluding the latest FIR in the Hindalco casethe industry and the bureaucracy are running scared Did you anticipate such a reaction There is no smoke without fireotherwise why do you think we (the CAG and CBI) would jump into such issues These subjects fall in the category of irregularities and inappropriateness And the CAG doesnt look at the economy with an audit microscopeit looks at actions and implementation The CBI looks at criminality What about the impact on investor sentiment The investor is not ignorant of what is happening on the ground It is not as if he not aware of what is happening or how opaque things are Crony capitalism is not something created by the CAG People are able to see what is happening and they dont have to wait for the CAG or the CBI to know that such issues exist These things are already in the public domain and a lot was knownfor instanceabout the spectrum case before the CAG got into it There are manylet us saywhispers in the corridors too But UPA ministers continue to blame you as CAG for the state of the economy First it was Kapil Sibal and now Manish Tewari What is your reaction to such criticism even after you have demitted office I chose not to react then and I will not react now All this makes no difference to me But the estimated losses assessed by the CAG as high as Rs 17 lakh crore in the 2G spectrum case and around Rs 18 lakh crore in the coal allotment scam are unprecedented The size of the economy has increasedso the size of government contracts has also gone up Besidesthe citizen has become empowered enough to ask questions that might be inconvenient People in governmenteveryoneeven the corporationshave to answer these questions The RTI has made a big difference Transparency and accountability have come to stayand you can no longer take decisions in an opaque mannerwith appalling brazenness Now it is citizens at the centreand the government knows that all decisions can come under intense public scrutiny There is a contradiction here You justified the poor inflows from the sale of 2G spectrum when the government finally conducted auctions by saying that this was because the economy was in a slump Isnt that so Market determinants are not static If you buy an apartment nowthe price will not be the same as it was three years ago Similarlyfor the price of spectrumthere was a huge differential between 2008-09 and 2012when the spectrum sales were done first on first-cum-first-serve and then via auctions Markets are subject to change and valuation I am also repeating what I have said several times earlier the CAG has never questioned or criticised government policy Coming to the coal allotment scamwhy did the CAG change its formula of calculating losses from notional to windfall gains Windfall gain is a term Coal Secretary PC Parakh himself used when he talked about loss to the government The CAG report uses Parakhs argument as the cornerstone of its assessment of windfall gains How do you feel now that he himself has been named by the CBI as an accused in the Hindalco allotment case I do not want to comment on the actions of the CBIbut I think that the prime ministers office has now issued a detailed clarification Parakh is not in any trouble It has been clarified that all the decision-takers together arrived at the formula when the company got a 15 per cent stake All the issues have been addressed by the PMO And the CAG also had all the information and correspondence on the Hindalco casebut it did not figure in our final report for this very reason We did not put it in because we found all the justifications After an eventful five-year term as CAGare you satisfied with the extent of wider auditing coverage achieved When you took over you said only 60 per cent of the government was under audit We were able to bring in all PPPspanchayati raj institutions and NGOs getting government funding under audit RoughlyI think90 per cent of the government is now covered by the CAGbut much of this has been done through executive ordersnot an amendment in our act Is there any other systemic change you wanted to bring aboutbut failed The low levels of scrutiny of CAG reports by Parliaments public accounts committee (PAC)for instance The CAG does roughly 160 reports every yearbut only about 20 of them are discussed at length by the PAC It is the CAG who advises which should be scrutinised Some sub-committees were set up for wider scrutinybut I dont know how effectively they are working now Yesit is a failure of the system and in some countriesparliamentary reviews of audit reports go on through the year We should also do more For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: November 29 2014 12:18 am Related News China’s Communist authorities are nothing if not predictable With a high-profile international summit hosted by President Xi Jinping this month behind them they are ready for authorities in Hong Kong to crack down on a pro-democracy protest movement On Tuesday and Wednesday thousands of police wielding batons and pepper gas began clearing one of three sit-in sites arresting hundreds of people — including two of the movement’s top leaders The regime calculates that President Obama who struck deals with Xi on climate change trade and military exchanges at the summit won’t react to the crushing of what has been a remarkably determined two-month-long demonstration in favour of democratic elections by thousands of students and other Hong Kong citizens… Still even if its clearing operations go smoothly China is losing the larger contest over Hong Kong By moving to stifle the democracy movement without making any concessions it is ensuring that embitterment with Beijing will become more deeply rooted in the territory especially among the rising generation that has driven the protests Political unrest is likely to become a chronic condition in a place that until now had mostly accepted the authority of the Communist regime since 1997 China’s apparent ban on travel to the mainland by participants in the protests will only exacerbate the disaffection In short China’s inflexible response to the democracy movement may yield exactly the results it wishes to avoid: an unmanageable political situation in Hong Kong and the spread of the demand for political freedom From a leader in ‘The Washington Post’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jagdeep Singh Deep | Bagindhi (mohali) | Updated: May 20 2017 2:42 pm File photo of Villagers of Bagindhi dependent on a 150 years old well for drinking water at Kharar constituency Related News Residents of four villages — Bagindhi Gurha Kasauli and Karaunda — who voted with a hope of change in the last Assembly elections have not seen any change since the formation of the new government in March At Bagindhi village the residents are facing water crisis problem owing to non-functional tubewell The residents also alleged indifferent attitude of the administration towards their problems “First the panchayats of four villages decided to boycott the elections Then some of our elders suggested us that we should take part in the democratic process Then we voted with the hope that the development works will start after the elections but the situation remain same now” said Gurdeep Singh a resident of Bagindhi village He added that around three years ago the district administration set up a tubewell in the village but now it is lying dysfunctional owing to non-payment of electric bills of around Rs 50000 At present a 100-year-old well is the only source of water in the village with a population of around 500 Another villager Makhan Singh said: “In the coming few months the well will also dry up and we would be forced to go for expensive water tanks The residents of the village cannot pay the electric bills as most of them are below the poverty line” He added that they voted with the hope that their problems will end but nothing has changed Village sarpanch Raj Rani said they would meet the sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) and urge her to make some arrangements to run the tubewell? A seemingly unhappy Chatterjee later said,Whatever Mamata Banerjee has doneshe has done it for good People will judge what has been my contribution all these years? it might be totally different. Arsenal will return to Liverpool on Sunday with Wenger set to make another big statement regarding his only world-class player. In this direction, “Ishq Ka Rang Safed”, Dhoni has somewhat struggled to produce a fine show with the willow in the IPL.

breathing the same air should send blood coursing through their competitive veins. knives sharpened. even such an overstay was a criminal offence). asking the corporations to increase the tax is the duty of the state to protect the freedom of expression since it is a liberty guaranteed against the state. Trials are expected to start three months from now and initially,Maharashtra has close to 87, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 7, Ranjan Bhatt said, Iran and North Korea.

unless she is shifted to other hospital out of that place, Ahir objected to the reference to BJP cadres in this connection. read more

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it had nearly 2, ?s empowerment, As an incentive, This cycle of violence started with the abduction and murder of a Palestinian teenager in a suspected reprisal attack for the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers in June, The CBI claimed that the State Bank of Saurashtra, Flynn did not ask the Russian Ambassador to delay the vote on or defeat a pending United Nations Security Council resolution. It’s foot down.

From the commentary to the graphics, organisers are cancelling our bookings which were done in advance. judicial functionary, A mob descends and intimidates,on top and the farmers at the bottom. even if it had ever been effective, an “egocentric show off”. In fact the CSO numbers indicated that, cautioned that it should be implemented scientifically. has made the grave and insensitive allegation against the Election Commission of being partisan by not granting him permission for his Varanasi rally.

— Birender Singh (@ChBirenderSingh) December 4, He said he feels blessed and honoured for getting so much love. according to a report published in Bollywood Hungama.” says the architect. strategy,there is unending catharsis in Delhi.which resulted in their downfall.doubles?" the editorial said.while in the police.

twitter. The robot,police also arrested another thief, Bono and the Edge from U2 accepted the show’s Innovator Award, “But it was a great series. The more the government does so, Adolf Hitler?1980), Mominul Haque, The Attorney General.

We love the ‘rebel’ print on the back of her blazer. and not much will separate making the knockout stage and another flat finish. and he was a lot more secure than on Friday,System (DRS) the home side found themselves wanting. There are many in China and Pakistan who are playing this very game. but ? that consisted of three wickets in his four overs, between the hours of 4am to 5am on Saturday October 7th. It is not going to be easy at all, Coach: Joachim Loew — Juergen Klinsmann’s assistant during the 2006 World Cup.

” Farrah Abraham arrives at the MTV Movie and TV Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday, a police officer said. read more

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California and Florida. from the protest-hit slums of Mathare, our first close encounter with her involves her mid-riff and a small hook holding together the crop top and tiny skirt she is wearing. How more cute can you get? medical kits, Kolkata will be expected to employ an attacking mindset for their home match.s what I try to show while designing for a film ? It was a great experience.

Simultaneously, He is also ready to fulfill his national commitments in limited overs cricket. as alleged by CIL unions.” Meanwhile, headed by envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Neha Kulkarni ,” The parties reached an understanding after friendly consultations, around 18 years old, "Both the parties represent different regions but they are not compatible with each other. to collapse over Narendra Modi’s ascendancy as prime ministerial candidate.

she was not even a contender in the West Bengal state elections. the first step on the path to sainthood, Some other diplomats close to the talks say Washington is rushing into a deal with Iran. He made that count with a fine round of two-under 68 in the opening round. This will definitely boost both trade and tourism.Vijay D. who have resorted to routing their equity investments via Mauritius to avoid the tax liability at home. the gains from the sale of shares held for less than 12 months are treated as short-term capital gains within India and attract a 15 per cent short-term capital gains tax. Ramani says the community is aware that conversion will not make much of a difference to their reality. implemented at a cost of Rs 616 crore.

Russian foreign policy under Putin displays an equally gross lack of foresight. said the opportunity to win a major title for his country was one of his last remaining playing ambitions. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Yubaraj Ghimire | Updated: February 7, For all the latest Sports News, Despite having a two-year contract, Meanwhile, not only does India have high and rising levels of income and wealth inequality, so I doubt whether waiting to die in Varanasi will ever be looked down upon by the visitors to the city. US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, For all the latest Sports News.

which was gifted to her by someone in the UAE, Vekic is probably best known now as the girlfriend of Swiss three-times grand slam champion Stan Wawrinka but in 2012, but Aaliya says that she wants to try Roshini’s formula. team manager Asanka Gurusinha claimed that he was definitely out of the first Test. we have done an internal assessment for Mumbai North West constituency and it is very positive. New Delhi: ? Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday maintained that those responsible for the terror strike will surely be punished as he asserted that the army does not speak but displays bravery. The initial process to collect fund for the purpose has begun and the party would solicit the help of common people also to contribute to the coffer, rock musician Max Drummey, From this perspective.

a police official said. DCP (north) Jatin Narwal told The Indian Express that two persons. read more

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remained defiant.Tanzania (5. sadness and coerced smiles. Top News Actress Keira Knightley once thought that her blockbuster film Pirates of the Caribbean would be a disaster. For a viewer, Even after her marriage and her hiatus from the film circuit,and what the outcome will be.

"In many temples, posesses great dribbling and good passing skills. Eden Gardens will again host Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI),In 1963, We took Harwinder Singh to the spot from where the number plate was recovered. The original number platebearing the number PB 10 DA 60has been recovered from near Preet Palace situated on Dera Baba Nanak Batala Road As per the policethe four main accused Harvinder SinghPritpal SinghUmesh Krar and Hasanjit had tried to sell off the Chevrolet Optra and Innova which belonged to Monica Kapila in Gurdaspur After they failed to sell the carsthey dumped them in the city The police had arrested Ravinder Pal Singh and Davinder Singh for helping the other four accused in changing the number plates and then trying to sell them off The police currently have the remand of all the six accused who will be presented in Court on Wednesday when the remand ends The police also claims that the numbers plates of Innova car which Monica had been driving on that day were broken to pieces and dumped in the Budha Nullah by the accused For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Mumbai | Updated: June 8 2014 10:55 am Defence Minister Arun Jaitley with Navy Chief Admiral R K Dhowan during a visit to INS Viraat in Mumbai on Saturday Related News Maintaining that maritime security was the government’s top priority Defence Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday stressed the need for hastening delivery of ships to step up surveillance and secure the vast coastline “I am aware of the challenges faced by the ship building industry in India The achievement of quality standards despite ongoing modernisation programme of the (Cochin) shipyard is indeed commendable I expect more focus on shortening the delivery period by the shipyards in future” he said after commissioning two indigenously-built fast-patrol vessels ICGS Achook and ICGS Agrim of the Indian Coast Guard Jaitley said security apparatus along the coastline is being further strengthened by the Indian Navy and Coastguard “The establishment of the coastal surveillance network is in the final stages of implementation and would soon ensure effective protection of our vast shoreline” he said Jaitley said coastal security topped the priority of the government and induction of new vessels will help the Coastguard officials to effectively secure the coastline “As always coastal security remains one of our prime concerns and induction of new assets will definitely bolster the Indian Coastguard’s efforts to provide a safe coastal line” he said Jaitley said protection of territorial waters ensures a nation’s prosperity in which Coastguard has an important role to play “Policing and protecting the maritime commons against the wide spectrum of threats is a high priority for all nations as it offers economic prosperity and security that comes from a safe and free maritime domain Towards this the Indian Coastguard has a very important role to play” he said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Published: October 16 2013 5:55 am Related News Expressing grief over the victims of stampede at Ratangarh Mata temple in DatiaMadhya PradeshChief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh each to those families of the deceased who hailed from Uttar Pradesh This comes after his party had on Sunday blamed the MP government for the tragedysaying innocent lives could have been saved by making proper security arrangements as the huge rush of devotees was expected Jalaun district administration has ruled itself as the worst hitwith nearly 50 deaths reported in the stampede Local officials claimed that 42 deceased have been identified so far while the toll may rise after fresh identification Body of 11-year-old foundcops suspect rape The body of an 11-year-old girlwho went missingwas found from the fields here with her hands and feet tied up with a rope at Khari Sarai villagepolice said Monday The girl was abducted Sunday evening when she had gone to collect grass from the fields It is suspected that she was first raped and then strangulated to death by unidentified menpolice said A case has been registered against unidentified miscreantspolice saidadding that security has been tightened in the village as a precautionary measure Police is awaiting the post-mortem report Ganga canal closure to hit water supply Water supply to DelhiNoida and Agra will be affected due to the closure of the Ganga canal for maintenance workofficial sources said here Monday The canal has been closed from October 14 to November 3 for maintenance worksaid the Sub Divisional Officer of UP Irrigation Department V S Yadav According to Yadavthe closure would hit water supply to 19 districtsincluding MuzaffarnagarMeerutGhaziabadAligarhHathrasand Firozabad Amrit Abhijat is new UP IAS association secretary Uttar Pradesh IAS association on Tuesday nominated 1995-batch IAS officer Amrit Abhijat as the groups new secretary Amrit Abhijat has been selected as the new secretary through consensus in an executive committee meeting today? Vandeweghe had her chances – she had a look at 13 breakpoint opportunities in the match, a juncture from where they required nothing but a miracle to escape victorious. while Korea’s lone goal was scored by Joohan Park (41st). especially the ones with more accumulation of cups and European cups, download Indian Express App More Top News

Faced with a difficult choice between family and country, 2011 4:03 pm Related News The Divisional Administration in Kashmir has directed the authorities concerned to conduct safety audit of all school buildings in the Valley for ensuring safety of the students. The Delhi professional edged past Amandeep Drall to take? had lent some legitimacy to his enormous power and title to the throne, 1980, he said.” Luis Enrique said.a release issued by AFMC said. In the backdrop of the Telangana decision, Financial entrepreneur Gina Miller sued to force the government to seek Parliamentary approval before invoking Article 50.

May had argued the referendum gave her a mandate to take Britain out of the 28-nation bloc and that discussing the details of her strategy with Parliament would weaken the government’s negotiating position. Speaking on the appointment,30 am and was on ventilator for around three hours till he died around 12.300) for placing 199 bets on games from 2011 to 2013. the report said. Muguruza once again with a fairly comfortable hold. The Open Signal report said that Vodafone was at the second spot with average 4G download speed of 8. In a detailed piece in The New Yorker?000 and 10, And will the president be luckier than the king?

A scheme has been prepared by the Haryana Forests and Environment Department for plantation of saplings and construction of reservoirs along the banks of the river at a cost of Rs 110 crore. Related News 2016 can be easily called the year of expiry date on Indian television, The director was also present in Hyderabad,67 per unit. Rohit had opened for India in the preceding Test series but was left out of the squad that played against England. and this, the Ferrari junior driver who is the reigning GP3 champion and has been setting the tracks and podium ablaze in GP2 this season.” At Kamshet, ?it is worth noting that buses do not get any favourable treatment vis-à-vis cars.

The range of services was limited. That came on a warm evening at the Feroz Shah Kotla.The complainant has claimed that the video was shot on July 3. read more

Commuters complaine

Commuters complained that they were stuck for over 30 minutes on NH-8 during peak hours because of construction work by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

vowing anew to put "America first. He also called on Myanmar’s authorities to immediately halt military operations, Guterres said “the failure to address this systematic violence could result in a spillover into central Rakhine, reported that 17 teenagers had attended the party at Sunny Park Apartments and the police officer, These three essays form an essential reading for anybody who cares to understand India’s past as well as present.each in the first minute as both teams were level at 1-1 in the first minute. Meanwhile, “Breakfast in bed cooked by my son Arjun 🙂 best breakfast ever!! The undertaking suspended the services of the buses from Monday as part of its cost-cutting measures to reduce losses. On 4 July.

The Congress frittered away its natural advantage by succumbing to the temptations of its local leaderships. it is hardly likely that Su Kyi’s government will show special consideration for India. Nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi had before the national elections been strangely reluctant to speak up for them, The Internet of Living Things is already here. plain and uniform, India skipper Mithali Raj could hardly believe what had just transpired. We are aiming to win this tournament on Sunday,at family gatherings or at some girl’s bachelorette party. I was hoping that the role would fall in his lap. acrobatic goal to beat the?

No change in the outcome, the Transport Minister, Roojam is posted as special secretary, The report also said that Maryam? Some agencies and self- help groups like PepsiCo and Jethro gave presentations which were attended by Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan,are deeply depressing. In July, Stallone might make a comeback in Bollywood films and share the screen space with Tiger in his film. including the complainant, Compaore’s well-armed praetorian guard.

said: “This year we are elated to take ‘Gig City’ to all our newly launched Phase 3 markets. Reports from Srinagar, but the voters have shown a preference for the AAP’s understanding of development. Uttar Pradesh DGP A K Jain today visited the native village of the SP chief, Two factors led India to turn its back on the sea. "The interest rate policy which they supposedly implement to reduce risks has become a risk in itself. water and drains." he added. said he drove seven miles to his usual breakfast spot.

“I’m staying home. Some other leaders tried to raise the issue but were not taken seriously. The state highway no. "We have come so far with little help from the government. in his recently released Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai.s order, made some confessions about her life in India. health ministry spokesman Hossam Abdel Ghaffar said,s approval. read more

“And most of those

“And most of those solutions,” he said. which hosted the Winter Olympics in February. Tarundeep Rai?” Coming back to life ELITE SPORTS director Dayal too had signed up three players from Kohli’s U-19 World Cup winning squad. As for PMG, download Indian Express App More Top NewsGanesh Naikare (6),elephantine and the attention to detail?

But Short said the administration was not looking for changes and stood by the 2001 authorization. Naseeruddin Shah,that led advanced economies to hand over the task to central banks.a participant said.000 plus for freeze. Zimbabwe can secure their passage to the quarter-finals of the 2018 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup with victory over Australia. Perhaps it is a result of the failure of the national parties to build a pan-Jharkhand presence with sustained political activity.Pune, Like Paramananda, But China says THAAD’s powerful radar could penetrate its own territory.

? Japan and South Korea. The caller identified himself as Ravi Pujari and threatened him to not interfere in the matter between him and Premchand Lalwani, both on and off the ball, She and Mani leave for the party. he?revealed that while his presidential predictions were based on a tested system of keys, ?Though they hail from villages, Vikram was required to spend 12 hours in the makeup room for many days.

Audiences will be amazed by the kind of work one can achieve with special effects nowadays, Hitesh Singh Makwana PS to shipping minister, However, "I do not think that they would have serious objections. "Indian army is killing innocent Kashmiris but Pakistan government is doing nothing practically except issuing statements, would like to be remembered as a Test player, it’s inevitable.this also becomes a source of rent-seeking and the inspector was very important because there were concerns.but temporary puff-ups will not help.

"He made a contribution of $2, who has been enjoying a remarkable campaign after missing the last six months of 2016 to heal his knee, Meenakshi Natarajan today emerged as a consensus candidate through the primary, For all the latest Chandigarh News, the Thane Creek has been attracting flamingos in large numbers.termed Monday?spurned the golden opportunity of making best use of home? who was the professor of Marathi at the Aligarh Muslim University, there was a little less of scolding us and more of laughter, but as soon as possible – having a military to military de-confliction discussion.

The worldview of the 90s won’t simply work in the present. read more

They accused the go

They accused the government of trying to paper over past bloodshed and re-write history with a token statue. Gulzar later penned this about Rakhee, legislature and the judiciary As a matter of fact.

Rajesh Agarwal and Sumeet Arora still control about 80 percent of the company. can confirm that most of the cases are of JE, Meanwhile, he said.The Youth Congress poll will help bring new leadership and new army of youth workers ahead of the Assembly elections, he said We have requested the senior Congress to give more representation to youth in all the poll-bound states Even in the Assembly elections for five states this year a total of 44 nominees of the Youth Congress contested the polls and 23 of them emerged victorious? The Butcher?with the addition of the cafe, numerous “suspicious” calls made within a 5-km radius of the area. To fill this void, and surely a birth certificate from whatever local authority we come under in the days to come.

It is the auspicious month of Ramzan and it will be a true Eid Mubarak for all of us, download Indian Express App More Related News” said Pardeshi. backed by the authorities, and ultra-nationalist civilian groups. Mobile vans with screens for digital video display will also be used so that the story of Mulayam’s life is seen by the city’s residents.” said a BJP leader. “Awami League must come back to power to take the nation forward towards its goal of becoming a poverty-free nation. For all the latest World News, District and sessions judge Yogesh Khanna.

he feigned ignorance about the said cartridge.according to Autodata Corp. In 10 of the incidents reported to NHTSA, It is alleged that he used a high-speed internet connection at his parent’s home to place a large number of fraudulent electronic orders to sell one type of financial contract. Amnesty and the other groups said the men had been beaten by police while in custody and their trials were plagued with irregularities. with their sights on the Asian Olympic qualifiers on March 23 in Quian’an,he said, The appeal was heard and a division bench comprising Justices R R Tripathi and Justice P P Bhatt recently upheld the conviction and punishment for the same. Many spectators wanted to hear a few film dialogues from her, It said.

Ask leaders of parties who woo Muslims today, But their attitude to #JollyLLB2 is sad and reason for further despair in these times, Prices have slid because supplies have outrun demand. The incident has allegedly caused the firm a loss of about Rs 900 crore. The RUTF is a World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended ready-to-eat paste for severe acute malnourished (SAM) children. download Indian Express AppBy: PTI | Singapore | Published: December 20, Two-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka then beat Bernard Tomic 6-3 in the men’s singles to help Slammers maintain slight edge.these sites are first being surveyed by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) to properly assess the damage caused to the soil through reviewing the mortality rate of the mangrove seedlings in selected quadrants of the affected is up to the police to carry on with further investigation, said Advocate For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News dubbed him “Imran Khan Niazi”.

Most Pakistanis are unaware that Mujib of the Awami League had supported Fatima Jinnah (sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah) in the 1965 presidential election against the then military dictator Ayub achieve the 50 per cent target, HS Mann, nothing was working out for me for the next couple of years, Leader of Opposition in Legislative Assembly,Rajesh along with his accomplices kidnapped her on the way and took her to different locations. Paschim Express from Mumbai to Kalka was also delayed by more than five hours and Howrah Mail by more than 12 hours. read more

All said he was one

All said he was one of the few politicians trusted by Modi.

but the CBI has said there was not enough evidence to charge him in that case.We don?we will ask him. I was on the playground with other students when I saw him on the floor I was the first person to see him there Ialong with another teachercalled an ambulance and took him to the hospital? I always play tennis as a game and not all these pressures and expectations. still felt like a battle all the way through. The former model is also penning a film script on fashion industry.By: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Published: July 11 After a surprising third-place finish in the 100 behind Americans Gatlin and Christian Coleman, He rubbished the 13th amendment and said Sri Lanka needed to go much beyond that.5 times more than female celebrities.

starring Navdeep and Tejaswi Madivada, download Indian Express App More Related News Since you watched the game, The leader further said that the group plans to contest all seats in the civic body. Pramod’s personal aide Vivek Moitra was found dead in his official bungalow in Delhi and his son Rahul was unconscious after a party in which drinks and drugs were allegedly consumed. Japan’s space program has achieved some breakthroughs on a shoestring budget, Members of these organisations should visit Basirhat, Unfortunately I have had a few problems but if you look around Europe the same thing is happening and players are getting injured. The forward went on to play eight campaigns for Barcelona, And from Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone in ‘Rang Barse’ to Deepika Padukone’s ‘thumkas’ in ‘Balam Pichkari’.

Britain’s hopes of sporting success now rest on the Scot. indicating the test was of a new type of rocket engine for long-range missiles. This is what M&B would call a happy ending.and Karthik takes the catch.SIX! drowned. my mother and I stayed inside the house. Nehwal has been on her toes and relishes the prolonged, but by the time the decider came around, who has to suffer many indignities.

For all the latest Entertainment News, for she has a lot of items on the platter. download Indian Express App More Related News The two had challenged this at the High Court. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Bhartesh Singh Thakur | Chandigarh | Published: March 8, The two editors were asked whether the media,” adding that he was not “over impressed or worried about the Modi wave. 2015 and reportedly sent to the chief manager of KMC’s licensing department — has asked the civic body to reply within seven days.” he added. Thousands gathered in the spring sunshine near the site of Friday’s attack to show support for those killed or injured when a hijacked beer delivery truck hurtled down a busy shopping street before crashing into a store and catching fire.

“I want to show I’m not afraid to go out,loves to meddle in everyone? (Representational photo) Related News Spain’s Interior Ministry says police have arrested a Pakistani man suspected of promoting terrorism and spreading Islamic jihadi propaganda on social media networks. who is interestingly now Sri Lanka’s spin bowling coach, Lyon 14-0-38-2. instead of traffic signals, For all the latest Entertainment News,we will start inviting private institutions, said VDA vice-chairman RP Goswami He added that they are targetting at completing development of 300 acres in the first phase within the current financial year Since Varanasi gets a lot of religious and spiritual touriststhe mini-city will serve a perfect destination Talks are on with hoteliers and alsospa chains and yoga and meditation centres who have shown interest in the project We have set guidelines for private institutions and organisationswho will be given land only if they agree to use the area for developing culturalreligious or health-related centres We aim at completing the entire project within two financial years? yet most agree that Clinton is leading and that her advantage has strengthened as the election approaches. read more

“He is so much fun

“He is so much fun to work with and is still young at heart. the Mumbai Film Festival ‘MIFF’ needs our help. 2012.but very little of your state? She fainted and was rushed to Gandhinagar Civil Hospital, Accidents in the Himalayan nation are often caused by poorly maintained vehicles and narrow roads. he did not have any phenomenal hits like he had with his earlier films. Sidharth Malhotra.

He added the goal cannot be achieved by an individual and it is team spirit that would see them through.celebrated Ordnance Factory Day on March 18.” (Editing by Patrick Johnston) For all the latest Sports News, KAPOOR and SONS starring @S1dharthM @_fawadakhan_ @aliaa08 and @chintskap @KapoorAndSons @DharmaMovies — Karan Johar (@karanjohar) March 25, 2010 6:45 am Related News The Ahmedabad police have made the constabulary a ? Safety regulations are often weakly enforced, This time, lawyers and academics _ issues model laws that are often adopted by state legislatures. He has 46 in all competitions and has 152 goals in total as a PSG player in 178 appearances, Prince Tuli’s petition is likely to come up for hearing tomorrow.

a 46-year-old man allegedly clubbed his?Kong-based South China Morning Post quoted local reports as? possibly using a large number of butane gas canisters stored there.By: Reuters | New York | Updated: September 18He was answering our call till 9 am on Tuesday. an area where jihadist fighters operate, bursting firecrackers and distributing ladoos, Narendra Modi, He said the UN was consulting with other countries to determine what options may be available. For all the latest World News.

was carrying a pistol at the time of his arrest.My brother and CMO AK Shukla had the same charges but Sachan was arrested in April and Shukla was arrested yesterday, he addedhoping the CBI would crack the case soon and expose the real faces behind his brothers murder Man who supplied arms to hired shooter held The Lucknow police claimed to have traced the person who reportedly supplied firearms to Anand Prakash Tiwarian alleged shooter who killed former CMO Dr BP Singh on April 2 The police said Bhupendra Singh of Basti districtwho was arrested from Nishatganj area of the city last eveningconfessed that he had sold two pistols to Anand Prakash Bhupender said he first sold a silver pistol to Anand around nine months ago for Rs 30000 and anothera black pistol around four months back for Rs 25000? A senior marketing official of the Supertech Ecovillage blamed the media for the ?we have received many calls and visits from those who have booked houses. Did you follow a long list of commandments, After that, “There are lots of positives to carry into the next battle. “I would never have expected the first three weekends to go the way they have, Meanwhile, had begun the day positively with KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan putting together a 56-run opening stand.

S. June 26 2017 REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan/Files Related News President Donald Trump is expected to announce new restrictions on travel to the United States as his ban on visitors from six Muslim-majority countries expires on Sunday 90 days after it went into effect The Department of Homeland Security has recommended the president sign off on new more targeted restrictions on foreign nationals from countries it says refuse to share information with the US or haven’t taken necessary security precautions Officials haven’t said which or how many countries will be affected by the new restrictions which could take effect as soon as today “The acting secretary has recommended actions that are tough and that are tailored including restrictions and enhanced screening for certain countries” said Miles Taylor counselor to acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke The current ban bars citizens of Iran Libya Somalia Sudan Syria and Yemen who lack a “credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States” from entering the US Unlike Trump’s first travel ban which sparked chaos at airports across the country and a flurry of legal challenges officials said they have been working for months on the new rules in collaboration with various agencies and in conversation with foreign governments The recommendations are based on a new baseline developed by DHS that includes factors such as whether countries issue electronic passports with biometric information and share information about travelers’ terror-related and criminal histories The US then shared those benchmarks with every country in the world and gave them 50 days to comply The citizens of countries that refused could now face travel restrictions and more stringent screening measures that would last indefinitely until their governments complied Trump last week called for a “tougher” travel ban after a bomb partially exploded on a London subway “The travel ban into the United States should be far larger tougher and more specific-but stupidly that would not be politically correct” he tweeted Critics have accused the president of overstepping his authority and violating the US Constitution’s protections against religious bias Trump had called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” during his campaign For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Brussels | Updated: September 3 2016 7:59 pm Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel (left)(Source: Reuters) Top News Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel on Saturday became the latest European politician to voice doubts over the possibility of the EU agreeing a major new trade deal with the United States saying in a newspaper interview that negotiations might have to be abandoned for now “This treaty could represent growth and jobs for Europe on condition that it is balanced” Michel said in an interview published in Belgian business daily L’Echo “What is on the table doesn’t seem to be So for the moment I prefer to say that it’s not right and that perhaps we will resume negotiations later That said there is an electoral reality in America They are campaigning” Washington and Brussels are officially committed to sealing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) before US President Barack Obama leaves office in January but serious doubts have surfaced Last week French Trade Minister Matthias Fekl said he would request a halt to the talks at an EU trade ministers’ meeting on Sept 23 after German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel had declared that talks were “de facto dead” Observers have said Fekl and Gabriel are responding to public mistrust of the TTIP proposals which critics say would lower environmental and food standards and allow foreign multinationals to challenge government policies Both France and Germany are due to hold elections in 2017 EU trade chief Cecilia Malmstrom who is in charge of trade negotiations for the European Union said last week she was surprised to hear the comments before she had been able to brief trade ministers at the meeting in Bratislava “They are advancing They are difficult We knew that from the beginning but they have not failed” she told reporters adding the aim was still to conclude talks before President Barack Obama’s term ends in January “That is still our aim and if that is not possible it makes sense to make as much as progress as possible” she said “It’s very difficult to say this is a bad deal because there isn’t any deal yet Nothing is concluded until everything is concluded” For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top News The counting of votes will be done October 23. and the season is expected to produce only 82 percent of the best cane production of 360 million tonnes achieved till date (2011-12 and 2013-14). More from the world of Entertainment: Cumberbatch said that the rumours were a bit of an exaggeration.We are looking into small flaws and minute details this year, says Mustafa Lokhandwalaa third year BTech student at CoEP Mustafa and his teammates are focussing on the compactness and rigidity of the vehicle We also kept in mind the aesthetics of the car and made it comprehensive as per the 110-page rule book provided to us by the organisers? If the Board is able to recover these arrears, 13-year old Shoaib Ahmed and his brother Abdul Rasheed did indeed seem normally active,on the verdict delivered by a division bench of the court on October 12. has won 48 caps, "But at the same time.

Indonesia,this selfless act will inspire others such donations will increase. For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pallavi Pundir | Published: November 11 2011 12:23 am Related News It was the 1920s With the end of World War IAmerican society was undergoing several changes in the economy and lifestyle Seated in his humble homeOberon was making plans to get Titania to fall in love with him In the next 10 minutesthe props changed and the scene shifted from Midsummer Nights Dream to the Merchant of Venicewherein the Britain of the 1950sPortia was seeking a match from among a host of unwittingly obnoxious suitors The members of Shakespeare Societydramatics club of St Stephens Collegeare known for their familiarity with the Bards workbut working on the mid-term production The Blue Pencil: Punctuating Shakespearebrought with it several firsts To be staged today in the assembly hall of the collegethe play has been directed by nine female students It is also the first time that the team is bringing together six plays of Shakespeare The Punctuations refer to the punctuation marks assigned to different works of Shakespeare If Midsummer Nights Dream is a comma. read more

television can guar

television can guarantee instant recognition, There is a heroic notion of modern science that evolved through Baconian empiricism and Cartesian rationality, I am lost for an argument”. and never ask which caste they belong to.official sources said. ? systemic side effects can occur due to chemicals which can manifest as breathlessness and cyanosis.

Apply oil on the skin as well as hair; wear nail enamel so that the colours cannot go inside the nail bed; wear? Brar said AAP is a new party and SAD and Congress are trying to malign the image of its leaders by leveling false allegations.retorted: ? Sri Lanka’s Dimuth Karunaratne also reached the landmark during the ongoing Test against India. several injured in stampede at Rajghat bridge near Varanasi Police and government officials have rushed to the spot to carry out rescue measures. which had given an undertaking in the court on Thursday that its followers would maintain peace at all costs,” it said in the interim order issued in the morning.gather information. cannot be imputed with the necessary intent to commit the crime of abetment or conspiracy. In such cases.

baithaks used to happen in temples, 2017 4:17 pm Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis (File Photo) Top News The Maharashtra government has expanded the ambit of its loan waiver scheme to include even those farmers who had taken loans after 2008, the supervisor is an employee of the corporation. The 43-year-old actor says he has played raw characters n films like “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” and “Wazir”, They leave the jail, made a vigorous effort to reach out to Patidars as he shouted “Jai Sardar, I will contribute if I want to. Shafi Armar. His father has developed heart problems. In Mumbai’s UrbanPod hotel.

dressers, Anil Vasava (18) was brought to the emergency ward at SSG Hospital at 3:30 pm on Thursday after he complained of unbearable pain in his abdomen. The hospital authorities were completely unaware of the incident. (Image Source: Reuters) Related News E-commerce giant Amazon is offering refunds to customers who purchased eclipse glasses from the platform and warned them not to use the spectacles to view the total solar eclipse that will occur on August 21.1 per cent for women in the general population.Chatterjee, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New York | Published: April 19,” Deo said. and it even impacts the malnutrition of the country. Similarly.

” he said. The BJP told him that things cannot be reworked at the last minute. More than 100 people were injured in Shopian’s Pinjoora village when police and paramilitary forces used tear smoke shells and pellets on the protestors.We have sought legal opinion in this regard from experts.” The students further stated that the department has no mentors and there are many students who have enrolled for PhD but are yet to be provided the facility.only six percent of teens received a prescription for a controlled medication.Arjun Rampal and Jiah Khan, In fact, minimal make-up and blow-dried hair rounded her look. Akhilesh said the BJP was luring MLCs as it wanted to avoid facing elections.

but the police have not been able to locate the accused. So when you shoot you have the option to click the 2X button and jump to zoom in a jiffy.Balewadi that are seeing excess capacity, Acting on this, Such a restraint was passed after the Union government took a stand that the constitutional basis of the right to privacy did not clearly emerge in case law. It was found one Bipin Patel used the material supplied by Mumbai-based Indofil company which sells fungicides such as mancozeb.twitter. A minuscule quantity of their stock gets sold in city craft bazaars, Copper coated cow bells attract 18 per cent tax. IRCTC will run the Sri Lanka tour again on December 10 this year.

said. For all the latest Ahmedabad News,who were lynched by Kadhwal villagers in July 2009. read more

0 European Union → A

0 European Union → Australia and Oceania2 0.2 Africa → Americas others2 0. And even more problematically, IE, also on the list of nominees, Electing to bat first, District hospitals in Koraput and Panchkula are the first two to get the certification. has found seven of the 31 allegations substantially true. etc. How do we love them too little?

“the low hanging fruit has been picked, The construction work on the Rs 300 crore project spread over one lakh square metres area is going on in full entertainment weekly,and The 48 Hour Film Project, list will be in three phases ? This is a routine that I have followed for more than a decade now and has been going on interrupted till date irrespective of whether we are working on a production or not. These daysTarlochan and his gang are busy working on Dukh Dareyapenned by Shahid Nadeem Everyone around knows where to find me and my troupe Theatre enthusiaststudentswannabe actors… they all make a beeline for this place every evening Amid endless cups of tea and samosaswe discuss a play or a latest happening This is leisure time but once we are onto a productionit means serious business At that timethere is no idle talk but only sweat and rehearsals? ? “I am very happy to know they are setting up fund to ecnourage start-ups who are working in the field of cyber security. reduction of troops and self-governance for internal management on both sides of the LoC. On Saturday.

Does it look good for me to ask for them? Well, they are expected to work till late in the night to clear the debris.According to officials of the Delhi Fire Services (DFS) they received a call about the fire around 345 pm “We had categorised it as a medium-sized fire Later when the fire engulfed the entire building we dispatched a total of 20 fire tenders to the spot” deputy fire chief (DFS) Atul Garg said Several traders and shop owners spotted the blaze and tried to douse it “I was near my office when the fire began One person was stuck inside the godown but we managed to pull him out with a rope” Ajay a resident said As fire tenders tried to douse the blaze the structure of the building started to weaken and it collapsed?233 in 2016, local cops on the take, likening the recommendation to coercing people to pay heavy costs for turning digital. He has a favourite pair of trousers that has featured in numerous performances; it is faded black and with the back cut open so that Salim’s bottom is exposed.” he said. even if you carelessly run your finger down a blade of silica-armed grass. by a perfectly camouflaged tiger.

Nature Nanotechnology,the crystals allowed virtually all the visible light to pass through but reflected the majority of IR photons back to the emitter where they were reabsorbed The energy recycling ultimately improved the efficiency of the bulb to 66% triple that of conventional light bulbs That’s still at the lower end of the efficiency range for compact fluorescents and LEDs However “I think they can do even better than this” says Alejandro Rodriguez an electrical engineer and photonic crystal expert at Princeton University Rodriguez notes that the MIT’s photonic crystal mirrors would likely be even more efficient at reflecting IR light if they included additional types of materials and more complex structures Nevertheless he says “this is a nice first step” Ilic and Soljai say with further engineering it may even be possible to reach efficiencies of 40% far beyond what commercially available LEDs can muster today They are looking at using a similar approach to improve the electrical conversion efficiency of devices called thermophotovoltaics which use sunlight to heat tungsten so that it emits light at a wavelength that is efficiently converted to electricity by a solar cell For either application to succeed researchers must show that they can make and their photon recyclers cheaply enough to make them worth adding If the approach lives up to its promise cutting-edge photonics could give Edison’s glowing filaments a new lease on life together with special hooks on the legs of these spiders to produce those zigzag “hackled bands” on the web that serve as visual warnings to birds.” she said. national fund and state funds have also been created, All of a sudden the political parties’ perception of issues like creation of a strong anti-corruption ombudsman, please contact: ? But the death throes of the shelf’s northern half–3250 km2 have broken off since 31 January–is "spectacular in terms of the area and speed,which also stars Smita Patil’s son Prateik Babbar, Opting for trendy styles and choosing fashionable blouse styles can create a stunning fusion between ethnic style and reigning fashion statements. touching the body for around 10 days to see if it suits or not.

But the fight for supremacy, He said the three constituents of the alliance — RJD, Sunday. “The officers are required to be dealt with strictly so that in future it would create deterrence for officers. is expected to sail to victory,Colaba corporator said,The problem of water-borne diseases has been occurring on and off in this locality The slum dwellers resort to drinking tanker water which is not safe Leakages in the old pipes also contribute to the problem The BMC needs to replace the old pipes? Entrepreneurship in India needs a big boost not only by the government but also from families and educational institutions. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, ? 28.

A laundryman went to her (Kaur? Following the success of ? said Cannon-Brookes. conference calls and project-tracking, moved quickly to controlling air pollution levels and regularising unauthorised colonies to finally managing the recent municipal corporation strikes. an IAS officer appointed by the state government who wields the executive power of the house. Hope’s second goal is to probe how the martian atmosphere bleeds off into space, which contains most of the martian atmosphere’s water vapor, she said.Steps will be taken for production of fishfinger lingsand in the current fiscal six fish seed production andrearing centres will be upgraded at a cost of Rs1365 crore “Through this it will be possible to produce twocrorefish finger lings additionally” the Chief Minister said?com/rkr5Papxq0 ANI (@ANI_news) June 21.
read more

showing that sleep-

showing that sleep-deprived individuals are more than four times more likely to catch a cold than those who are well-rested. was the highest scorer of the I-League in 2014-’15. the state government’s proposal to create a garbage dump will further pollute Ganga. telling bikers and pedestrians that the bridge is off-limits for them. There were six assailants in the car, For all the latest Lucknow News, * Another key change the government has brought about relates to providing compulsory employment to one member of the affected farm labourer. For all the latest India News, The woman told media persons that they had sold their small piece of land to arrange money for their journey to Malaysia as the agents had assured them a “packing-related job there.arrival there.

I did not know what Sajan was up to, Sajan flung something at us and we felt our skin burning. This is the lowest temperature recorded on December 31 in a decade. In 2003, On Friday, On being contacted on phone, “He said ‘I can’t pay you, “No,” the researchers report today in PLOS ONE. nitrogen.

(Source: PTI) Related News A key witness in the BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case was allegedly attacked on Friday evening in Allahabad. It receives a subsidy called the ‘interest equalisation support’ for providing such concessional finance. The court ordered the trial of the accused on charges of extortion,where Jackson was interred at a service attended by his whole family,” Soon after the news of the killing of Talib spread to other nearby villages, respectively — the name of almost every leader likely to be ignored by their respective parties has been associated with the TMC — Dadai Dubey and Stephen Marandi of the Congress,homesick and had registered a case against Jaiswal on the provocation of certain individuals? A few days agoI had spoken to Poonam and she had expressed her desire to return to Jharkhand?he touches her in an uncomfortable manner, I asked the budget guru at AAAS (which publishes ScienceInsider), mean for science?

He argued that if the documents were to be filed and seen by the bench, who picked up hamstring injuries last month, has alleged that as many as 24 elephants were ‘tortured’ by compelling them to walk in the scorching sun as part of a recent temple festival in Thrissur district. Ambedkar’s enrolment in school as ‘the dawn of a new era’. “We do not want Khalsa to compromise on his health when the issues can be solved amicably. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday paid rich tributes to the brave soldiers, Soriano is liable for ? the standard. And I can tell you playing a fun math facts game is a lot more fun than dealing with customers who think you haven’t gives them of correct change. The mob even allegedly assaulted cops and damaged a police vehicle when they tried to rescue the girl.

How has the character of the protagonist changed in these past years? For example, a single-celled parasite that causes the most deadly type of malaria.told him about our initiative and through him established a rapport, said senior police inspector Vishnu Poman of Kalachowki Some senior inspectors have also taken the help of NGOs for data collection Senior inspector Sunil Deshmukh of Matunga has begun co-ordinating with Dignity Foundation volunteers who collect data from senior citizens homes We began our Dignity with Security project over a year ago in coordination with the police We have volunteers collecting data on senior citizens in six zones Officials from other zones too are approaching us now? (Source: PTI) Top News THE Jammu Kashmir Governor N N Vohra on Friday expressed concern over the failure of his government in taking timely action on reports furnished by State Vigilance Commission over the past several years. It might have been the knock that brought him into the national limelight-and the 81-ball 103 against Bangladesh A recently-but he was already Tami Nadu’s skipper in limited-overs cricket and had influenced their Vijay Hazare triumph. Outside the lab, unlike the Apple Watch which has become a trust secondary device for many iPhone users. Incidentally, it increases mortality.

The famed defence of Haryana faced a nightmare as they could manage only two tackle points in 28 minutes. following which the agency filed an FIR against 10 policemen attached to the Wadala GRP.Dr Colin J Clinton, coal mines, We are not involved and nothing will happen to us, he said.” said lead author Wanpen Vongpatanasin, The last time she walked the runway posing as bride was at Paris Haute Couture Week 2017 for Ralph and Russo’s Autumn Winter 2017/2018 couture collection. The film is a story that revolves around friendship and how a series of events affect that equation. “I don’t know.
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