Why do some people use Whatsapp for the shopping list? What are the advantages?

first_imgWhatsApp is one of the most used applications by people of all agesIt allows us to be in touch with our loved ones from anywhere One of the applications most used by people of all ages is WhatsApp. This instant messaging application allows us to be in touch with our loved ones from any corner and at any time of the day. With this app we can send messages, audio notes or even make video calls, but there are people who go further and use it even to make the shopping list. The shopping list is a resource that has been used for years. With it, we can go to the supermarket without fear of forgetting anything and without buying more than we need. Although we generally associate the shopping list with a paper in which we write by hand all the products we need in our home, it is not uncommon to think of people who use the mobile to create it. The mobile is already a must in our day to day and having the shopping list on it, assures us of not forgetting to take the list to the supermarket. Using WhatsApp to write down the products we need may seem strange, but if we stop to think about it it is really convenient and practical. The trick to use WhatsApp as a shopping listWhatsapp is an application that we use every day and to which we are accustomed. Everyone knows how to use the application and in most cases we have it very well located on our mobile. In addition, by always carrying the phone, if we remember something we need for home, we can write it at any time and place. Using WhatsApp as a shopping list is really the easiest. You just have to create a chat group, include some of our contacts and then eject it and get a complete chat for us, where to write all the products we need for home.center_img Image: iStocklast_img

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