Bartomeu faces his key day

first_imgThe date of convening the decisive assembly will also be discussed. This course must be held for the commitment partners to approve the investment of Espai Barça, which has been generously increased compared to the project budget that was approved four years ago. For this meeting, losing that vote would be a disaster Incalculable dimensions. As in the times when the club was heading from the office of the offices of Núñez and Navarro on Urgell Street, Barça relives its decisive hours away from the Camp Nou facilities. This noon the entire board of directors meets of the club in a meal that will serve as a meeting, but not being ordinary will not be recorded in the minutes nor should it be reported later in the form of a statement or press conference. A key day in which there is much to decide and that It will mark the immediate future of Bartomeu’s last term as president.On the table various topics, each one more important and urgent. Input, the crisis of the Social Networks which has angered many managers who believe that Bartomeu and his trusted man, Jaume Masferrer (director of the presidency area) have acted with their backs to the council and with disloyalty to the boxmates.The continuity of Masferrer or some senior executive is in question and it depends on the tone of the meeting this noon. And finally, but not least, The strategy to be followed in the last months of the mandate will be discussed in which you have to close ranks around a continuist candidate. The chosen one, in theory, is Emili Rosseaud, but after the last events it is already speculated in circles close to the meeting that the current vice president meditates stepping aside.All this in a clearly electoral environment that has been uncontrolled after the scandal with the company I3 Ventures. In this regard, today in Sport the historic former Blaugrana leader Evarist Murta spoke in favor of an electoral advance and considered that “the investment of Espai Barça is approved in a hidden assembly is a barbarity”.last_img

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