The AFE asks for 15 or 20 days of preparation before the return

first_imgIn relation to physiotherapy treatments during this period of time; if necessary, it is advised that they are always carried out with the required security measures established by the health authorities.Regarding the competition calendar as this union has always defended, it is essential that footballers have at least 72 hours from the dispute of the last match. Both AFE and FIFPRO, the world union of soccer players, consider it a priority to respect these deadlines to ensure the health, safety and integrity of the soccer player.This union is going to be very rigorous so that both the calendar and the times in which the matches are played are subject to the health factor. Just as a few months ago we promoted the creation of a health delegate in all fields of play, we consider essential the figure of a person responsible for occupational risks, given the current situation. ”Likewise, just as it was AFE on March 9 who first requested the suspension of the competition alerted by our colleagues from the Italian footballers union, now we urge the government authorities to take the necessary coordination measures and sufficient guarantees, to avoid chaos on the way back to training and competition and the possible immediate stop of the same in the cases of new positives.AFE has reinforced the channels of attention and communication with its affiliates and affiliates, and has insisted that the return to competition only take place after the express authorization of the health authorities. In this sense, The Association of Spanish Soccer Players maintains contacts with the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, and with the Ministry of Health, and has begun a round of meetings with the different political parties with parliamentary representation. “ The AFE has sent a statement on the return to work after the health crisis that Spain suffers and recommends not to do it until “the health authorities establish it and the restrictions are lifted that legally allow the displacement to the place of training, not before ”.He also points out that the return to work “it will necessarily require a minimum time of rehabilitation and physical preparation collective before restarting the competition. A reconditioning period to minimize the risk of injury, which should be between 15 to 20 days approximately“The note is completed with a series of demands from the union:“After the confinement and before resuming concentration and competition, they must undergo a medical examination that includes tests for COVID-19. They would also be recommended, stress tests, an echocardiogram and spirometry, and temperature controls before starting workouts.In the event that a player tests positive, the protocol must be activated and the measures established by the health and government authorities.In order to avoid possible infections, it is recommended prohibit entry to sports facilities to any unauthorized person and outside the team, as well as the ingestion of any food, drink or supplements in the locker room, other than that established by the club or the medical services, is not recommended.It is also recommended, avoid signing autographs, photographs and face-to-face interviews, to minimize the possible risk of contagion.It will be mandatory for clubs to have a specialist disinfection company and have sufficient supplies of individual protection material, as well as hydroalcoholic gels for hand disinfection at its facilities.last_img

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