One out of four plays sports

first_img.Only one out of every four respondents plays sports in their leisure time. They not only play in the field, but enjoy sports on television as well. They spend about one and a half hours every day in this purposes, finds the survey.The study also revealed that those who have internet facilities take part and watch sports programmes more than those who do not have access to this.Of the respondents, around half of the students said they pass time playing games in their leisure time.It also said that youth from the village areas take part in sports more than their city counterparts.Female students’ participation in sports is very little (2.1 percent) compared to male students (46.8 per cent).The division wise results said that more than one third of young people from Mymensingh take part in sports whereas the number is 18 per cent in Chittagong and 16.6 per cent in Barisal. Youths from Rajshahi and Rangpur enjoy sports on television but most of the youth from Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Barisal do not enjoy watching sports that much, the survey report said.Read book, newspapers, but a littleThe youth of the country give only 45 minutes to reading newspapers and half an hour to books every day, the youth survey indicates.Allocation of such small amount of time is due to some other tasks including watching television, gathering with friends and online chatting.The study also found that female students read books more whereas male students read newspapers.The respondents, however, said they want to increase their boundary of knowledge.According to the study findings, access to internet facilities affects the respondents significantly. Those who have access to it read more books and newspapers than those who do not have the facility.A little more than one third youth (31.3 per cent) read newspapers in leisure time.The Youth Survey-2017 also suggested that the bachelors read more than the married persons.Almost half of the youth living at towns read newspapers. The rate of regular newspaper readers in villages is 38.9 per cent.Division wise, youth of Rajshahi read newspapers the most (40.7 per cent) and the rate is least in Barisal (16.3 per cent).About half of the students read newspapers. Among them, nearly three fourth are graduate and postgraduate students, the survey said.The survey findings also said that the government job holders read newspapers most (64.4 per cent) whereas housewives read least.It also revealed that the habit of reading decreases with the age.*This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Shameen Rezalast_img

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