Color ID Free helps Blind Smartphone Users Identify Colors

first_imgBy now, you’ve probably caught on that we at the INDATA Project at crazy for new technology, especially smartphone and tablet apps that make assistive technology more accessible to all people. If you’re interested in learning about assistive technology mobile apps, you can find more information here.Today, we’re highlighting the Color ID Free app. It’s available for both the iPhone and the iPad in the Apple App Store.It uses your phone’s camera to detect the color of everyday objects and say the color aloud. This app is particularly useful for people who are visually impaired. You can tap the color square at the top left corner to toggle between Simple Colors and Exotic Colors. The color names are fun and specific. Some examples are: Paris Daisy, Lavender Rose and Moon Mist. The app also supports Simple Colors like blue, light green and dark red. It will also tell you the hex value of the color, so you can identify exactly what color the camera sees.This assistive technology app can be helpful for a person who is visually impaired or has difficulty distinguishing different colors from each other. Imagine not being able to determine if your shirt matches your pants; this app can help with everyday decisions like that.The app is developed by Greengar Studios.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedColor ID Free helps Blind Smartphone Users Identify ColorsJuly 31, 2012In “Easter Seals Crossroads”iPhone Apps for the Visually ImpairedJuly 26, 2011In “Accessibility Reviews”ATFAQ054 – Q1 Accessibility vs Universal Design Q2 Adaptive Xbox controls Q3 Where to find apps Q4 Color ID app Q5 Office Lens Q6 Your first computerMay 22, 2017In “Assistive Technology FAQ (ATFAQ) Podcast”last_img

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