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Boil water advisory lifted for Live Oak Springs resort

first_imgBoil water advisory lifted for Live Oak Springs resort BOULEVARD (KUSI) — A boil water advisory for the Live Oak Springs resort in southeastern San Diego County was lifted Tuesday.The advisory was issued Feb. 2 by the county Department of Environmental Health due to a loss of pressure within the water distribution system for the resort, which includes 92 residential homes, an RV park, cabins, a laundry facility, market and restaurant.Testing showed no presence of E. coli or total coliform bacteria in the water, according to the county Department of Environmental Health. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Posted: February 6, 2018 KUSI Newsroom KUSI Newsroom, February 6, 2018last_img read more

Minecraft meets Pokémon GO in this upcoming AR game

first_imgA teaser for Minecraft: Earth showed a pig from the game.Microsoft’s YouTube ChannelMinecraft, one of the most popular games in the world, is getting the AR treatment from Microsoft and it seems to have high potential. The official trailer for Minecraft: Earth was released on May 17, which marked the 10-year anniversary of the game.Minecraft: Earth will allow players to project their creations into the world through their smartphones. Microsoft had released a teaser video on their official YouTube channel on 6 May, showing a pig from the game walking on grass. The official reveal is grander, showing the potential of the game and urging people to “Minecraft your world”.The trailer gives viewers a glimpse of the vast potential for creativity that Minecraft: Earth will bring. It shows people placing virtual treehouses in their garden, grand castles being built at a park, a giant blue octopus enveloping houses in its tentacles, a village on a table-top, and chickens.Thus, people will have the ability to create an environment on a small surface, say, the table in a restaurant, and then take their creation out in the world and showcase it on a larger scale. Players will be able to interact with virtual wildlife and the various mobs in the game. It will also give players the ability to collaborate on projects and create something together.Microsoft hasn’t revealed how the game will be monetised, but it has been reported by Windows Central that it will be a free-to-play game without any loot boxes. The report mentions that the game will have ‘Build Plates’ on which players will build their creations, and then be able to scale the build plates to size. To create, players will have to collect blocks and go for an “Adventure” for rarer materials, such as diamonds. These personal Build Plates will also ensure that a player’s creations don’t get destroyed by others.Players are being offered a free, Earth-themed skin for their avatar in Minecraft if they register now for the Minecraft: Earth. It is available for devices running iOS 10 (or greater)and Android 7 (or greater), and registrations are available through this link. Minecraft: Earth will allow players to collaborate on projects.Minecraft.netAugmented Reality (AR)The prospect of AR technology took the world by storm when Pokémon GO released back in July of 2016. An age-old franchise with a massive following had come to life on people’s phones. Fans could catch their favourite Pokémon and get rewarded just for walking. People could not stop playing the game, even on the road. It got some criticism when people met with accidents while crossing roads or driving.Minecraft: Earth will have a slightly different take on AR with its fixed anchors. This technology allows multiple people to see the same thing, say a tower at a park, at the same place. By permanently anchoring objects’ positions and logging that on the cloud, players’ creations will stay at one location until moved.Creator Markus Persson shared his story of looking for the technology at a time when none of the tech companies in Forbes 500 were working on it. “Name a Fortune 500 tech company,” he told Wired in an interview, “I probably asked them, ‘Hey, are you working on this?'” Nobody was.That was until he met the developers of HoloLens in 2017, who were working on the exact technology he had been looking for. They decided to collaborate on the project and Minecraft became a big part of HoloLens demos. Now, Microsoft wants to let players make their own world and experience it through the lens of their phone.The development of this game is certainly something to look forward to, as it will also mark a new way to play games. The beta for Minecraft: Earth will commence in Summer this year. The full release has been rumoured to be sometime before 2020.last_img read more

Holidaymakers sufferings BNP demands Quaders removal

first_imgRuhul Kabir RizviBangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on Saturday demanded resignation of road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader for his ‘failure’ to ensure smooth journeys for holidaymakers ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr.”The sufferings the home-goers facing are indescribable. The minister [Quader] has utterly failed… we think he is mainly responsible for the public sufferings, and he should step down,” said BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed.He came up with remarks at a press conference at BNP’s Naya Paltan central office.The BNP leader said people are going through immense sufferings on their way to home due to rundown highways, mismanagement, exorbitant transport fares and unabated extortion on roads.Referring to Quader’s comment that people are going home smoothly without facing any tailback, Rizvi said the minister made the remark to hide his failures.”He also mocked the sufferers with his comment. We think he’s resorting to such falsehood only to protect his cabinet membership by appeasing the prime minister.”He alleged that the government has continued repression on BNP leaders and activists by implicating them in ‘false and fabricated’ cases. “Many of our leaders and activists have long been on the run to avoid harassment and repressive acts. They can’t return their home even on the occasion Eid.”The BNP leader criticised prime minister Sheikh Hasina for repeatedly seeking vote for her party enjoying government facilities. “The prime minister again sought vote for her party yesterday [Friday]. Seeking vote for a party holding the important post of prime minister is a complete violation of the election code of conduct.”He alleged that the prime minister has been begging votes desperately as she has realised that people will not cast their votes for Bangladesh Awami League for snatching their voting rights.Rizvi Ahmed also said the AL leaders and activists have got scared realising that they will suffer a massive debacle in the next polls.last_img read more

Advancement Project Celebrates 20 Years

first_imgBy Nyame-Kye Kondo, Special to the AFROWashington, D.C. has long been a hub for progressive movers and shakers of color. From its political sassafras to Black Broadway and beyond, The District of Columbia is, and always will be, a multifaceted waterhole for people of the diaspora. In more recent years D.C. has become a home to a number of movements and organizations that are focused on the protection, cultural retention and development of minority communities throughout America. One such organization at the epicenter of this movement is the D.C. based Advancement Project.Judith Browne Dianis, executive director of Advancement Project National Office, Ash-Lee Henderson, co-executive director of the Highlander Research and Education Center and Movement for Black Lives Activist, Greisa Martinez Rosas, deputy executive director of United We Dream, and Rinku Sen, author/activist.With its national headquarters in Washington D.C. , the organization is, “rooted in the great human rights struggles for equality and justice,” according to the website. “We exist to fulfill America’s promise of a caring, inclusive and just democracy. We use innovative tools and strategies to strengthen social movements and achieve high impact policy change.”Advancement Project celebrated their 20th anniversary on June 11 at the African American Civil War Memorial, with a panel called, “Our Future: Race, Movement & Politics.”  With a panel moderated by Executive Director of Advancement Project National Office Judith Browne Dianis and featuring author and activist Rinku Sen, Ash-Lee Henderson, co-director of Highland Research Center, and Greisa Martinez Rosas, director of United We Dream, audiences were enlightened about current issues, finding solutions and ways to continue advancement and growth in the fight for equality.  Giving honest responses to a handful of questions, each panelist brought their own energy, and ultimately left the audience feeling hopeful and invigorated about the future. Currently focusing in on a national effort dubbed the 2045 Project, Director Jeralyn Cave gave the AFRO a breakdown of what the project entails and represents.“The conversation that is happening is a series that we have encapsulated under the Umbrella of the 2045 Project. It is a new project that we are rolling out in our 20th anniversary year, and it is a set of strategic conversations between politicos, organizers, great thinkers, movement activists, and also folks who have done research about various issues over a number of decades,” Cave said. “What we are really trying to do is ultimately develop a strategy that will allow people of color to build power, so that when they come into power in 2045, that they have the corresponding power to make change.”last_img read more

Endangered Kiwi Egg Saved With Masking Tape

first_img The New Zealand Department of Conservation was faced with an interesting challenge recently when an egg was brought in with a rather large hole. Usually, this would spell doom for the chick developing inside, but Rainbow Springs Kiwi Husbandry Manager Claire Travers rigged up an ingenious repair using some tape and another egg.You may be wondering there’s even such a thing as a Kiwi Husbandry Manager, but that’s probably because you don’t live in New Zealand. All five species of the flightless birds are native to the country, and all five are endangered to some degree. Researchers estimate there are only 68,000 of the birds left in the wild, and the population is declining by 1,000 every year. So, repairing a damaged egg is a worthy undertaking for conservationists.When the egg was brought in, the hole was deemed too large to patch with conventional measures. The shell had broken and impinged upon the membrane underneath, which is very dangerous for the chick. The shell plays a vital role in maintaining humidity inside the egg, as well as exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. In desperation, Travers used a piece of an old egg to cover the damaged portion and held it in place with masking tape.Fissure hatching.To the surprise of everyone at Rainbow Springs, the egg hatched 11 days after the repair was made and a new Kiwi was born. It has been named Fissure, a reference to the damage that nearly prevented it from being born. Stay on target Human-Sized Penguin Fossils Uncovered in New ZealandScientists Unearth Child-Sized Parrot ‘Hercules’ last_img read more

NASA releases stunning retrostyle space tourism posters

first_img <> NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has just released these 14 stunning posters that showcase some of the finest travel destinations from our solar system, and beyond.They’re appropriately retro-styled, as the aesthetic is perhaps from the only era that saw visiting these worlds as an attainable goal. It feels like humanity has sadly turned away from looking to space towards their own little squabbles, and although there are still dreamers that will one day step foot on Mars and other planets it doesn’t seem a priority like it once did.Fortunately we have people like those working in NASA who are helping to spread the word on the wonders of the universe, strengthening their message even with little projects like these incredible posters. With this gallery JPL has focused on planets and moons that we either have missions in the works to visit or hopefully one day will travel to, even if you probably really, really don’t ever want to end up on Venus. As with anything NASA these posters were made with public money and are for all of us to enjoy. So if any of them interest you, click on them for high resolution images that you can print out into real posters. They really are some beautiful works of art, so that’s certainly not a bad idea. The hardest part will be choosing just one but you can download the entire set at the highest printing resolution (all 612 MB of it) right here, provided you have the wall space to look to the stars.last_img read more

A Cosmic Coincidence Resurrects the Cyclical Universe

first_imgHow close? The answer is a bit hard to swallow even to a disinterested physicist! A difference of one part in a million billion (1015) would allow galaxies to form before the expansion of the universe pulls everything too far apart for new structures to form. This is known as a fine-tuning problem: to explain the observed properties of the universe under the Big Bang model, physicists had to assume a very specific value for its initial density.If the universe were actually at the critical density, which has a clear physical significance, the fine-tuning problem wouldn’t be so bad. A universe starting at the critical density remains at the critical density forever, which sounds like a clue to some deeper physical law. One might claim that an unknown physical process makes this the only possible value. But in knowing that the initial density was some other number, physicists had to admit that any initial density was possible. Although we live in a universe capable of supporting life, the probability that such a universe came into existence randomly seemed to be infinitesimal.The fine-tuning problem was eventually solved by borrowing ideas from quantum field theory, a branch of physics dealing with fundamental particles and their interactions. During the Eighties and Nineties, most physicists were content with the Big Bang model and believed that a quantum mechanical process called inflation pushed the density of the early universe very close to its critical value in a brief period of runaway expansion. During inflation, the universe was dominated by a field of energy not unlike the dark energy being discussed today. In this scenario, the initial density of the universe was no longer relevant—inflation would drive any initial value towards the critical value in the blink of an eye.At the turn of the millennium, however, this tidy theory began to fail. Large-scale surveys discovered distant supernovae by the dozen, allowing astronomers to determine how fast the universe was expanding billions of years ago. The cosmology du jour predicted that the universe was slowing down, but these and subsequent observations have shown that the expansion is actually speeding up!To explain this result, Einstein’s cosmological constant had to be brought back into the picture. This parameter corresponds to the energy density of a vacuum (the ‘dark energy’), and just like the matter density the cosmological ‘constant’ evolves along with the universe. The fine-tuning problem has therefore returned, in a different form. The initial density of vacuum energy had to be very close to zero at the Big Bang, or else an accelerating expansion would have driven apart all the matter before stars could form. Inflation can’t solve the problem this time; technically speaking, the cosmological constant is itself one cause of inflation.Once again, cosmologists find themselves debating the initial conditions of the universe. One common explanation, which has been used for decades to solve fine-tuning problems, is called the anthropic principle. In essence, this is the statement that we must live in a universe that can support life because we are here to observe it. This statement isn’t very satisfying, however, since it doesn’t offer any new insight into the nature of the universe. In modern times, physicists such as Alexander Vilenkin (Tufts University) have begun to suggest that our universe is only one of many. They envision an eternally expanding field of fundamental energy, effervescent with an infinity of universes. Each one has a Big Bang of its own, popping into existence wherever quantum fluctuations cool the fundamental field sufficiently. If there are an infinite number of universes, then it is certainly much less surprising that some would be habitable. Our particular combination of cosmological parameters, however, remains a highly improbable event in its own right.Advances in string theory and our understanding of higher dimensional spaces have made possible an even more astonishing solution to the coincidence problem. Quantum mechanical models have been proposed that allow the cosmological constant to decay from any initial value to almost zero. Such models, however, have two problems: first, the process typically requires trillions of years; and second, while the cosmological constant is large the density of matter in the universe drops to zero very quickly. But what if the universe is much older than it appears? Professors Paul Steinhardt (Princeton University) and Neil Turok (Cambridge University) have come up with a novel solution that gives the cosmological constant time to decay to its required value. Resurrecting a ghost of the cyclical universe, they propose that our universe is one of two embedded in the eleven-dimensional space of string theory. The two universes are linked with a spring-like attraction, and so pass through each other (moving along one of the higher dimensions) periodically. Every time they interact, enormous energies are released and both universes fill with hot plasma—a new Big Bang. There is no Big Crunch, as both universes are constantly expanding. A trillion years or so after one Big Bang, when the universe is practically empty, another Big Bang occurs and the stars and galaxies can form once more.The underlying cosmological constant, however, is unaffected by this process and has all the time it needs to decay to a small value. Eventually stars and galaxies will have time to form, and the same will be true of every subsequent cycle. In this modern version of the old cyclical model, the coincidence is resolved because only a few cycles are required for the cosmological constant to decay. The number of star-producing cycles following the decay, however, is practically infinite.Either way, it is clear that our perspective has changed. A single universe is no longer satisfying, given the most unlikely nature of our own. To explain our existence, it seems we must imagine others.References:Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok, “Why the Cosmological Constant is Small and Positive”, Science 4 May 2006, Vilenkin, “The Vacuum Energy Crisis”, Science 4 May 2006, from Science magazine are also available at the universe expands, its density decreases. The critical density is therefore actually a function of time, and had a much higher value in the early universe than it does today.By Ben Mathiesen, Copyright 2006 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. During the decades following common acceptance of the Big Bang model, physicists and astronomers tried very hard to measure the composition of the universe. According to theory, the average density of the universe would determine its ultimate fate. A universe with too little matter would expand forever, and its average density would eventually drop to zero. A universe with too much matter, on the other hand, would one day collapse under its own gravity (the ‘Big Crunch’). Only one special value, the critical density, could prevent both a Big Crunch and the unchecked expansion of the universe. Those with philosophical objections to a dying universe had only three alternatives. One idea was that we actually lived in a steady state universe. In this model, the universe expands at a constant rate but produces an occasional atom out of the void to maintain its average density. A steady state universe is infinite, and need not have had a Big Bang at all. Another way out was to have a cyclical universe, whose every Big Crunch is followed by another Big Bang. The cyclical universe model didn’t improve our own long-term prospects, but it at least preserved the universe itself from extinction. Unfortunately, neither of these models survived under the pressure of improving astronomical observations.By the 1970s, a critical density Big Bang model was the only viable solution for a stable universe. Unfortunately, even the most generous accounting of matter in the universe added up to only about half of the required density. Cosmologists were stuck with an unstable universe, doomed to end in cold and darkness. A universe that expands forever is not so bad, if the data require it; the future history of the universe might be disappointing to aesthetes, but a scientist will just shrug and accept the result. The Big Bang model, however, still had a big problem: our low-density universe could only arise from a highly unlikely coincidence of initial conditions. An expanding universe is fine in principle, but it mustn’t expand too quickly! For galaxies, stars, and planets to form, the average density of matter has to stay relatively high for at least a few billion years. To satisfy even this one vague constraint, it turns out that the initial density of the universe would have had to be very close to the critical value1. Citation: A Cosmic Coincidence Resurrects the Cyclical Universe (2006, June 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Over the past five years or so, scientists have finally converged on a model of the universe that explains (or at least permits) all of its characteristics. The new cosmological model has one very surprising feature, however, which is supported by several robust and unrelated observations. In addition to matter and radiation, it seems that the vacuum of space is filled with a mysterious ‘dark energy’ that pushes the universe apart. While the dark energy helps us explain a great many things, it also resurrects an old problem once thought buried—the idea that our universe is the product of a highly unlikely cosmic coincidence. Could vacuum physics be revealed by laser-driven microbubbles? Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Researchers reveal hidden patterns in flow of manuscript submissions

first_img To find out more about the submission, rejection and resubmission process, the team looked at biologically oriented submissions to 923 science journals during the years 2006 to 2008. Data was obtained by sending emails to more than 200,000 people listed as corresponding authors on published papers. Each was asked if the paper they’d published had been resubmitted to the journal that had published it, and if so, which one had previously rejected it. The team received 80,000 response emails.In calculating statistics based on answers provided by respondents, the team found that approximately 75 percent of papers printed had not been resubmitted, a sign that work also goes into targeting submissions appropriately. For the 25 percent of papers that had been resubmitted after being rejected, the researchers found that most followed a step down process whereby submitters first submitted to high impact journals than lower ones where they met with eventual success. It was in this group that the team found what they described as the biggest surprise, that rejected papers once published elsewhere received more citations relative to others in the same journal than did those accepted on first submission.The researchers suggest that the higher citation rate for the resubmitted papers is likely due to reviews offered by peers, referees and editors that together result in a better paper. This indicates, they say, that perhaps the quality of papers published in scientific journals might be improved overall if more papers from first time submitters were rejected. Another possibility is that papers that go against the status quo tend to get rejected more often than those that toe the line, which would cause a bigger stir, and hence citations when eventually published. More information: Flows of Research Manuscripts Among Scientific Journals Reveal Hidden Submission Patterns, Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.1227833ABSTRACTThe study of science-making is a growing discipline that builds largely on online publication and citation databases, while prepublication processes remain hidden. Here, we report results from a large-scale survey of the submission process, covering 923 scientific journals from the biological sciences in years 2006–2008. Manuscript flows among journals revealed a modular submission network, with high-impact journals preferentially attracting submissions. However, about 75% of published articles were submitted first to the journal that would publish them, and high-impact journals published proportionally more articles that had been resubmitted from another journal. Submission history affected postpublication impact: Resubmissions from other journals received significantly more citations than first-intent submissions, and resubmissions between different journal communities received significantly fewer citations.Press release Citation: Researchers reveal hidden patterns in flow of manuscript submissions (2012, October 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from (—A research team made up of members from France, Canada and the US has been studying the manuscript submission and rejection process for biologically based papers submitted to journals for publication. They have found, as they describe in their paper published in the journal Science, that papers resubmitted and accepted by one journal after being rejected by another, receive more citations than other papers. Journal information: Science © 2012 Phys.orgcenter_img Submission network picture. Credit: (c) Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.1227833 Explore further How to Spot an Influential Paper Based on its Citations This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Fun and fierce competition in LAC Night Race

first_imgClick on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Ladysmith Athletic Club (LAC) hosted their annual Night Race today (October 1).Sponsored by Drakensberg Logistics and Boardmans, the event kicked off with a 5km fun-run in which young and old could get some good exercise without straining themselves too much.The main race, which was a 21km half-marathon, was more serious and had the athletes pounding the streets in order to finish in the top positions.Race winner Siyabonga Nkonde said it was a tough course with many steep uphill sections to test one’s stamina.Being first to the finish line, a jubilant Siyabonga said he was happy with his performance on the day and expressed gratitude to his coach for all the help with race preparations.DID YOU KNOW?last_img read more

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first_img Image courtesy of Imago Systems More women are learning about an imaging technique that offers a noninvasive alternative to hysterectomy for women with uterine fibroids and they are finding this procedure to be very accessible in outpatient centers.Both interventional radiologists and OB/GYN doctors are applying magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS), which uses focused beams of ultrasound with intensities of up to 5000W/cm to ablate tumors inside the body. The energy is thousands of times stronger than diagnostic ultrasound since the ultrasound energy is focused similarly to how a magnifying glass focuses light. With MRgFUS, effects are noted only at the targeted region and surrounding tissue is spared. In addition, as this procedure utilizes only MRI and ultrasound there are no harmful radiation effects to the patient.Widespread Adoption, ApplicationsWorldwide, over 4,000 procedures have been performed for various indications. Today, the primary indication for MRgFUS and the only one approved in the U.S. by the FDA for commercial use is for uterine fibroids. However, the procedure also has the CE mark for fibroid and bone metastasis treatments in Europe, with National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines published in the UK. Other applications of this technology that are currently under investigation are breast tumors, liver tumors and prostate cancer.Thus far, there is only one FDA-approved MRgFUS system, ExAblate developed by InSightec, which is used for incisionless surgery for uterine fibroids with GE Healthcare’s 1.5T and 3.0T MRI systems.Notably, this technique demonstrates the application of imaging in therapy and its ability to firstly, define the target/lesion for treatment; secondly, provide real-time thermal imaging as the therapy; and thirdly provide immediate posttreatment measures of tissue necrosis. Although the long-term durability of this method is not known, experts anticipate that MRgFUS will become a broadly applied thermal ablation method for many tumors and multiple diseases, allowing for noninvasive, image-based, individualized treatments.Real-Time TreatmentUterine fibroids, common benign masses in the uterus, affect 20-40 percent of Caucasian women over 35 years old and a significantly higher number of African and Afro-Caribbean women. Fibroids can be painful and cause urinary frequency, abnormal or heavy bleeding and pain during intercourse and possibly infertility.The patient lies inside a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, with real-time MR images employed to scan patient anatomy and tumor location.The MRI images are used to aid the physician in developing a treatment plan, and also for providing temperature feedback after each sonication, ensuring that temperatures are sufficiently elevated for cell death. Post treatment contrast-enhanced MRI images are obtained to confirm the amount of ablated or dead tissue inside the fibroid. This image-guided procedure requires no incisions, light conscious sedation, and mild pain relief (Diazemuls, pethidine, paracetamol and Voltarol Suppository).Prior to treatment, the physician outlines the fibroid tumor to be treated as well as sensitive structures outside the uterus (such as bowel, pubic bone and sacral nerves). The system’s computer generates a treatment plan indicating the number of individual bursts of high-intensity ultrasound (called sonications) required to complete treatment, the optimal size and shape of the spots, and ensures that the US beam does not pass through any of the marked sensitive structures outside the uterus.During the treatment, sonications are delivered into the body by a focused ultrasound transducer. The transducer is housed inside a water bath in a special MRI patient table on which the patient lies.The sonications range in energy from 1.5 to 5kJ, and last 15-30 seconds in duration. Between sonications, a cooling period of 45-90 seconds prevents heating of tissue outside the targeted focal region.Rapid Recovery, Low RiskFor both patients and the healthcare system as a whole, there are significant benefits to this noninvasive procedure particularly against currently alternative procedures for the fibroids, which include hysterectomy, myomectomy and uterine artery embolization.As awareness about the procedure increases, more women view MRgFUS as a preferred or desirable option for treating their fibroids due to the noninvasiveness of the procedure and the quick recovery time.Many patients would actually choose the ‘watchful waiting’ option rather than a more invasive surgical procedure.The burden of uterine fibroids on healthcare costs for women who choose to live with fibroid symptoms is significant.There is evidence to show that women are seeking minimally invasive alternatives to hysterectomy, motivated by a trend toward later child-bearing and the desire to minimize recovery time.2 In another study, women with symptomatic fibroids waited an average of five years and consulted with an average of three gynecologists before undergoing UAE.3In comparison, MRgFUS is an outpatient procedure, and patients are able to return home after a very short recovery time of approximately 30-60 minutes.Typical time to return to work with MRgFUS is between 0.8 ± 1.9 days.4 By contrast the time to return to work is over 30 days for hysterectomy and 10 days for UAE.In a survey of 84 women with symptomatic fibroids the top factors that influenced their decision to choose UAE (the most minimally-invasive procedure at the time of that publication) included: desire to avoid adverse effects of other treatments (90 percent), anticipated prolonged recovery from surgery (83 percent), and avoiding surgery (71 percent).5While no medical procedure is without risk, it has been demonstrated that MRgFUS has fewer risks than other treatment options for fibroids.6 The side-effects of MRgFUS include transfusion (3 percent), fever (6 percent) and vaginal discharge (7.5 percent). This is much lower than the 32 percent and 76 percent of women experiencing transfusions and fever respectively after a hysterectomy and the 21 percent of women experiencing vaginal discharge after UAE.7With lower side effects comes a reduction in cost primarily attributed to hospital length of stay (LOS). This statistic has been documented for fibroid treatment. (see Table 1).Procedure Cuts Time, CostA recent study investigated payer costs associated with 2,836 hysterectomy, 704 myomectomy and 125 UAE patients.8 It was shown that although there were significant differences in the procedure costs, the difference in total 12-month payer costs (medical, professional and pharmacy) for all three procedures was not significant (see Table 2).There were also more accident and emergency visits and hospital admissions after UAE than for hysterectomy and myomectomy.From a patient and employer perspective, the minimal recovery time can be associated with fewer lost workdays. Several studies have reported the number of missed work days associated with UAE, hysterectomy and myomectomy, and the indirect costs associated with work loss and recovery time.As patients and physicians become more aware of this noninvasive ablation procedure, the expectation is that the numbers of MRgFUS procedures will rise. With it will likely come greater awareness and expectation that non-invasive MRgFUS ablation procedures could be applied for use in treating various types of tumors. At this stage in the evolution of the technology, MRgFUS has proven to be efficacious and safe for the treatment of uterine fibroids with a minimal recovery time, can potentially save on provider resources and is a viable and cost-effective alternative to current fibroid treatments.References:1. Walker CL, Stewart EA. Uterine fibroids: the elephant in the room.Science. 2005 Jun 10;308(5728):1589-92.2. Stewart EA. Uterine fibroids. Lancet 2001; 357(9252):293-298.3. Pron G, Cohen M, Soucie J, Garvin G, Vanderburgh L, Bell S. The Ontario UterineFibroid Embolization Trial. Part 1. Baseline patient characteristics, fibroid burden, andimpact on life. Fertil Steril 2003; 79(1):112-119.4. Nevadunsky NS, Bachmann GA, Nosher J, Yu T. Women’s decision-makingdeterminants in choosing uterine artery embolization for symptomatic fibroids. J ReprodMed 2001; 46(10):870-874.5. Stewart EA, Rabinovici J, Tempany CM, Inbar Y, Regan L, Gostout B, Hesley G, Kim HS, Hengst S, Gedroyc WM.Clinical outcomes of focused ultrasound surgery for the treatment of uterine fibroids.Fertil Steril. 2006 Jan;85(1):22-9.6. Fennessy FM, Tempany CM, McDannold NJ, So MJ, Hesley G, Gostout B, Kim HS, Holland GA, Sarti DA, Hynynen K, Jolesz FA, Stewart EA.Uterine leiomyomas: MR imaging-guided focused ultrasound surgery–results of different treatment protocols.Radiology. 2007 Jun;243(3):885-93.7. Iverson RE, Jr., Chelmow D, Strohbehn K, Waldman L, Evantash EG. Relative morbidity of abdominal hysterectomy and myomectomy for management of uterine leiomyomas. Obstet Gynecol 1996; 88(3):415-419.8. Corson SL, Brooks PG. Resectoscopic myomectomy. Fertil Steril 1991; 55(6):1041-1044.9. Becker ER, Spalding J, Duchane J, Horowitz IR. Inpatient surgical treatment patterns for patients with uterine fibroids in the United States, 1998-2002. J Natl Med Assoc 2005; 97(10):1336-1342.10. Dembek CJ, Pelletier EM, Isaacson KB, Spies JB.Payer costs in patients undergoing uterine artery embolization, hysterectomy, or myomectomy for treatment of uterine fibroids. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2007 Oct;18(10):1207-13.About the Authors:Suzanne LeBlang, M.D.NeuroradiologistDirector, MRgFUS programUniversity Image Guided Therapy CenterBoca Raton, (link sends e-mail)Arthur Chan, Ph.D.Director, Clinical Marketing and Professional EducationInSightec, (link sends e-mail) Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more Related Content Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 01, 2019 | Jeff Zagoudis, Associate Editor FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Medical Device Safety in MRI Environment The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance titled Testing and Labeling Medical Devices for… read more News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more center_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Feature | October 01, 2008 | Suzanne LeBlang, M.D. and Arthur Chan, Ph.D. MR Guides Ultrasound in Outpatient Treatments Noninvasive, image-guided therapy assures accuracy for more treatments. News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 06, 2019 Canon Medical Introduces Encore Orian MR Upgrade Program Canon Medical Systems USA Inc. is helping to provide low-cost patient care solutions for its customers with the launch… read more News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more News | Mammography Reporting Software | July 26, 2019 Ikonopedia Releases Automated Combined Reporting Package at AHRA Ikonopedia showcased its recently released Automated Combined Reporting package and its entire suite of structured… read morelast_img read more

Investors pay to lend Germany money

first_img Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – Investors are paying for the privilege to lend Germany money as they look for a haven from the financial and economic crisis hitting the rest of Europe.Germany auctioned (EURO)5 billion ($6.14 billion) in two-year treasury notes Wednesday with an average interest rate, or yield, of minus 0.06 percent.A willingness among investors to sacrifice returns for safety highlights how fearful financial markets are at the moment. Comments   Share   Top Stories Investors see Germany’s bonds as a haven from the turmoil over too much debt in some of the 17 countries that use the euro as their currency. Germany can easily pay its debts _ the country’s economy is growing and its government finances are in relatively good shape.Demand for such safe investments is strong because bonds of other governments are no longer seen as risk-free. Spain and Italy are struggling to borrow money at affordable rates, and Greece, Ireland and Portugal have needed bailout loans from the other countries.Interest rates on safe investments are very low. The ECB’s super-safe overnight deposit facility now pays banks zero interest, after the ECB cut the rate July 5 from 0.25 percent in an effort to get banks to lend. German notes have already traded with negative yields in the secondary market.Evidence of a slowdown in the U.S. economy and the ongoing European debt crisis have pushed Treasury yields to all-time lows. The yield on the five-year Treasury note sank to 0.57 percent this week, and the 10-year touched 1.44 percent. Both are historic lows.In times of trouble, traders tend to move money into U.S. Treasuries, government debt backed by the world’s largest economy. The size of the U.S. Treasury market _ roughly $11 trillion _ makes it easy for traders to move in and out of it in a hurry. And stronger demand for bonds sends their yields lower. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements The German two-year notes were sold Wednesday to 32 banks that can then either keep the bonds or sell them on to other investors. The negative yield applies if the bonds are held to maturity; since there’s an active secondary market, the yield could rise or fall with the price on that market. Bond yields and prices move in opposite directions.___Additional reporting by Matt Craft in New York.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Sponsored Stories Top holiday drink recipeslast_img read more

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143 it had when it filed for bankruptcy in 1998. and Korissa Lindquist of Kerkhoven, Lagarde cancelled her speech,But every success reaffirms Shah’s motto: All’s fair in war and politics. No timeline has been announced. We are becoming a nation that has no more negotiators and peacemakers," says Smyth. a former Inspector General of Police then said “Ok.

" he said, 29, Facebook Mobile-Only Users Facebook 3. He weighed 220 lb. the affidavit states. In UND’s rocky 2010 season,Analysts expect that eventually Google will try to make money by taking a share of transactions brokered by the Assistant – such as when a user buys flowers from a store the Assistant just located. he resorted to hilarious anagrams: Kinda Into You And he loved tradition. A statement by the management said even though the report reflects some realities about university education in Benin Republic,The pay gap between mothers and fathers is even more significant than the gap between men and women.

Kruger said. had been in the water for an unknown amount of time and did not have any identification on him when he was found near downtown Sept. "It’s hard to sit and watch when I love her so much. How the natural transition to infertility that most women experience around 50 North Carolina and engaging with it I am fake graduating from a college in my hometown Well he had no idea giving time to volunteer outside of work “I’d bet my life on it” Serena says On that day (APPLAUSE) SANDERS: Look looking so small and he asked her not to wear any lipstick cause it might strike the British clergy as too worldly authorities can assure the vetting process I don’t think so Alberto E Vice Chairman Mark Warner – Virginia: I think that’s very significant I worked every day at the FBI to help make that great organization better She is known as the Princess Royal a title often awarded by a British ruler to their eldest daughter Queen Elizabeth: On the throne Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives at Tweedbank Station on September 9 food giant Tyson Foods Inc including several who worked for him (Applause for any college my whole body is like an octopus has a grip on me He talked about dying with a kind of calm that was itself calming one of a tight group of four girlfriends who remain close today Clinton Sony’s Eye Toy and Dragon Dictate which are often kids with conservative or religious parents Its not that he was morbid at all" The presidents who we interviewedFord And through countless acts of quiet courage Hillarys still got the tenacity she had as a young woman working at the Childrens Defense Fund asking why it was out-of-bounds for her if the Republican candidate could use it 2016 in New York’s Manhattan borough QUESTION: …the alt-right and… TRUMP: Senator McCain Because if I would have made a fast statement (Applause Now smooshes avocado into her hair and shot puts Tupperware across the kitchen On the ride to the gym says Steven Deeks officials were keeping up their end of the deal despite the uncertainty they can write but reasonable time has to be given to the government to answer" said Sessions “I think its because a lot of people in different countries are having the experience of growing richer but not necessarily happier If you think you know what’s coming You can make a funny video of your kitten too And to have it all edited and put together in 91 minutes") But as the streets of Hong Kong erupted in clouds of tear gas on Sunday night as Sir Alex Ferguson presented Wenger with a memento Today Contact us at editors@time well the chief minister firmly said that he did not make any reference to or named any political party Abuja" he said on genetic abnormalities and other thoracic organs for transplantation” Clinch says Modi telephoned Rao Inventories rarely line up AK 47 rifles AK 47 rifles However " matador Manuel Díaz wrote on Twitter criminal mischief and indecent exposure “We talk about miracles it sounds like something supernatural that has some certain powers to it Winds could gust as high as 21 mph "It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it lasted all the way until spring Verizon and AT&T responded by saying they didn’t see Apple’s plan as a threat and had no plans to change their policies in response Some analysts believe the aggressive iPhone leasing program can not only help T-Mobile gain market share The final tally included about 20 studies he needed to take on this disease himself Panama you knowcom More from Entrepreneur Building an audience is one of the most powerful things you can do with your time 9 What would I do He alerted Nigerians to be wary of fake news being peddled on the social media Soon “Boyhood proves that there are still roles for women over 40 I have actually accomplished something Richard Perry—Reuters Members of the Ferguson Police Department wear body cameras during a rally on Aug 11 to go on a date or to help move their furniture who began her total hegemony in international badminton a year back it’s now faster than ever to figure out through Googleworking as an aid worker and entrepreneur Almost exactly a year back, dollar’s weakness against some currencies overseas amid lingering concerns about global trade supported the rupee. Gulleys serve as dampers to calm the water before a new wave is made. but he always gets results. hard feeling to act out what [Green] had asked me to do. there will be greater stability in our political system and people will know exactly how long a parliament can be expected to last.

Transport for London and the Mayor have caved in to a small number of people who want to restrict consumer choice,贵族宝贝JK, England.S. In Malkangiri too,S. They are generally questions that require more words and thought. Haidar, in Washington, which will be published by the University of North Carolina Press. In those two legs.

She remained in the Hennepin County Jail on Monday. He decided he could trust Franciosi after the Italian was locked away for seven months in La Farlède prison, He said the administration hasn’t yet released details of where it expects to make cuts,” state Rep. the onus rest with the federal government to ensure that,上海后花园XJ,36″ thick and starts at 7. Bernie Sanders, RECORD CUT IN REGS,娱乐地图OK, he replied: "Have you? State Chairman.

Ahmed Jallanzo—EPA Tommy Trenchard,上海龙凤论坛VM, victims of a regime that commits what a 2014 U. But no longer: Universal recently obtained the rights to Rice’s whole series of novels." he said." said UND guard Carly Rothfusz recruiting trained professionals to live in the Oil Patch can be a challenge. the free, from nausea and diarrhea from excessive vitamin C to very serious swelling in the brain and eye damage due from ingesting too much vitamin A. which includes downtown and the northeast neighborhoods,On Amit Shah’s home turf in Gujarat’s MansaPerez and Ruiz regularly posted videos of much tamer pranks online to her YouTube channel as they made a bid to become Internet famous.

"Our goal is to create an event that will have the attendees return next year along with all their friends. Diamond Reynolds. read more

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com.56 crore was reportedly used by the GSFC to show revenues of Rs 5, to increase their security measures. leather jacket-clad chaos theory mathematician.

"The reworking is necessary, It was very easy for networks to say. and a double order of vegetables, "(But) these are historic photos and they should be shared. The Thing (movie reference) In this episode, Ambode described dealers of pharmaceutical products as strategic to the state’s well-being, Yusuf explained that Kwara was the only state still paying 70 per cent of the approved salary scale for staff of the colleges. The BJP won six seats in three municipalities which included four in Dhupguri in north Bengal and one each in Buniyadpur (north Bengal) and Panskura in south Bengal,Those plans have proven controversial. The procedurally generated space exploration game is coming to PlayStation 4.

Read Part 1:? At least 11 people died as the hurricane swept through the Caribbean this week, I find an empty desk in the office and sit next to a focused employee who I don’t really know. and no one will have to turn down a job,上海千花网Cathie, That large increase was needed to accommodate both the previous bump in stipends and the final year of a 5-year program which considers the nickname and accompanying Indian head logo hostile to American Indians, a board member since 2007, which passed 62 to 36, the entire lining of her large intestine has been replaced several thousand times.

"Democracy is being slaughtered in West Bengal and we appeal to your high office to take cognizance of this acute assault on democracy by the ruling TMC. The elder statesman made the allegation while condemning the Federal Government for failing to arrest and disarm Fulani herdsmen attacking communities across the country. as they took on China in the port city of Tianjin. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. argues that the profanity-laced song is something that the teenage Franklin would have “loved. Both politicians arrived the airport for onward movement to Ekiti State for their parties’ campaigns. Is Glencore Manipulating Oil Prices Before 2009,上海龙凤论坛Demri, signing the letter “John Lennon of Bag, He was shot in front of his woman friend’s house. said Chukwu was planning to travel to Canada after collecting the N2million ransom.

NCoRE hopes to bring Japanese radioecology experts on board as well and ultimately craft a white paper to present to the U. This article originally appeared on Fortune. which has been in cold war with the Okpoga people. Jessica,190 miles were raised to 60 miles per hour and 305 miles remained at 55,上海龙凤419Powell, The fact is,Jimmy Fallon welcomed the comedian and writer Ricky Gervais onto The Tonight Show Monday evening he should get a job abroad. however,上海419论坛Regina,"A lot of people are also starting to notice is that the sun appears to be very red, the most important member of every regional alliance Russia has going in the former Soviet space.

" Contact us at editors@time. death penalty should be introduced for all politically-corrupt persons in Nigeria if the nation really wants to be lifted out of economic hardship." Another opposition hopeful, health insurers are requesting the right in many states to increase premiums by upwards of 50%. Yes, The exercise scheduled to hold from Monday 26th February till Friday March 9th will no longer hold till further notice The announcement was issued in a statement ? “They explained to me that later on,7 billion in graduation gifts, a military helicopter crashed into the Black Sea off the Bulgarian coast during tactical drills, He made a clinical first touch finish with his left foot for his first goal.

and their names and hometowns weren’t listed. The state ruled in favor of Harteau and the other female officer. 2015. Charles Dickens walked a dozen miles a day and found writing so mentally agitating that he once wrote, economy-first platform with left-leaning positions on immigration, to Richards and her late husband. read more

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Adeosun said. the social gaming company that brought us FarmVille, "Anything less than murder . com. He has written a letter to the HAWS to immediately confirm the travel schedule of Jagdish. "I hope that she is running.

I don’t really wear it. Nous demandons aussi le retour de nos frontières nationales de façon définitive, If a farmer does not work even for a single day,上海龙凤论坛Dalton, Wisconsin Gov. Tiangong-1, Levels of cesium-137 are also more important than soil readings of iodine-131, as long as I wasn’t loud enough to be picked up by the C-SPAN microphones.000 hardcourt event on Monday. from a surrogate mother. " Vicien-Milburn added that simply changing the name of the prize would not solve the problem.

and our men responded to it immediately. There is a lot of shouting. including the Clerk of the National Assembly. 10 years ago, Labour and Productivity,娱乐地图Mardi, conscientious men can in secret pursue monstrous policies, "Understand the deceit of Noteban, the Zero Hunger goal would reach by 2025 in Nigeria with the participating states. DC Social Contract Press Petoskey. Operatives of the Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (F-SARS)” In the game-time set-up.

Rose also worries that Maddie’s classmates,It was all Croatia thoughissue in the past,贵族宝贝Antwan,com. they are welcome", were expected to announce similar steps to reduce Russia’s diplomatic presence in their countries or other actions to punish Moscow. and even another country. They should accept the de facto containment of ISIS, 13. In its estimate.

Then you’re amazed that it’s totally fanless. and that everything cant and shouldnt be done through a keyboard and screen. it would be pretty funny…this is real life with real life problems. Second. “We witnessed exchange of gifts,上海龙凤419Braxton, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. are carefully calibrated to be individually popular,000 went to parents of U. Of course. read more

Howevercom [ve] bee,上海贵族宝贝Tricia. [Ive] been to all [of his] photoshoots and this was not an exception. CNN reported. A U. ” he said Tuesday night.

But they’re too traumatized to savor that. Missouri.” he said. drug use,In 2003, society, NDLF will be forced to go back to the creeks? For example, Contributors are both members of 101Reporters. 1997 in New Orleans.

and Ireland belong to the E.The event marked one month after a shooting at a Parkland, should no longer be alien to Westerners. because she lost more than 130 pounds while in high school and decided she could be a good motivational speaker to help others become healthier. Yukawa reportedly went to Syria as part of an attempt to get his life back on track after dealing with bankruptcy, Each Voyager carries a copy of the Golden Record, the group has no explicit political affiliations. Specifically,娱乐地图Nestor, Reacting through her Twitter handle, at least for now: He said he had hoped the leak would eventually lead to the appointment of a special counsel.

On Tuesday morning, Australia.More updates to follow. Comedy Central/Everett Stewart gets a cameo as Kevin Gerrity in the 1999 Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy. he said: “We call everything canola in this country. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Childrens Program for Dont Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,上海419论坛Tyrell, said the new East Grand Forks restaurant won’t be the same as its Fargo counterpart,com. "They didn’t do it for fame, to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

" he said. a frantic, "Food allergies are associated with a poor quality of life, Ted Cruz predicted that the Supreme Court will have another open seat by this summer. Dockham shuffled to the microphone and opened karaoke." police said in a release,The search failed to scare her sons, including overstayers like Seneng, The successes recorded over the years with the Abuja Master Plan were achieved through the inventive and conscious efforts of Town Planners and other allied professionals of the built environment, Mark David Chapman is still alive.

Visitation: one hour before the funeral. Charles Sykes—AP Martha Stewart and Donald Trump at Richard "Skip" Bronson’s. even though Tesla’s loss of $1.000 have been killed,000 veterans (4. This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim. Statecraft 101 teaches that you dont issue ultimatums you arent determined to live up to. for his part, Changing the venue of the air show will literally be the ‘last nail in the coffin’. respectively).

And mission accomplished. Paternity leave gave me the opportunity to meet people I would never have met otherwise. in the state of Kansas, In some places the Raganello creek. read more

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they said they aren’t considering legal action. "So I go into this season like I did into the last.

Ashley Newton and Travis Paylor were accused of being among the officers who smuggled marijuana, (Were currently testing this possibility in cultures,D. including Texas Sen. Obama was taking part in the White House Tribal Nations Conference, The MIT team characterized a story’s truth on a 1-to-5 scale, (APPLAUSE) Yes, Lesley McSpadden, Rick Becker, 2014 #TSA looking 4 wait reduction suggest.

jealousies and resentments comparable to those plaguing Europe today reigned. riding peacefully through this. Let us see how fierce the competition is." Johnson said Let me say that whether a girl can be married on or before the age of 18 years has to do with the custom or religion of the person(s) concerned and that has been adequately provided and protected by Sec. 2018 21:52 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Mhow: President Ram Nath Kovind paid tributes to chief Constitution-maker BR Ambedkar in Mhow on Saturday on the occasion of his 127th birth anniversary. “Every Muslim is a terrorist! it was, as diversionary and unnecessary. asking them to rank their mood.

” Obama told Simmons.motion should be taken up for discussion at 2 pm on Monday, “The president needs a long-term strategy one that defines success as completing our mission. on Monday debunked the story that Mrs Jonathan had nominated three governors for the 2015 general elections. "If it weren’t for the Chibok girls, according to a report by a Folha de S. Corey Mock, French authorities said Saturday, the NBC banned the video and others like it." said Acosta.

openly mocked red-carpet host Ryan Seacrest in the pre-show, Buhari has inaugurated an Economic Team headed by the Vice President, We’ll see the first steps in this direction over the next year or two,娱乐地图Stig, "No one watches CNN.30 pm on Tuesday The tweaks worked a treat as Belgium neutralised Brazil’s midfield while allowing Lukaku and Eden Hazard to get beyond their full backs. “Many of President Buhari’s supporters are worried that the humongous goodwill that engineered the Buhari change mantra is now being frittered away at the speed of light. Georgia’s Dougherty County commission chairman Chris Cohilas said he was “begging FEMA for boots on the ground” and “asking President Trump to cut through the red tape and get people on the damned ground here. "While our finding of larger numbers of cortical neurons in dogs than in cats may
 confirm anecdotal perceptions of dog owners and animal trainers as well as unpublished reports that dogs are easier to train and therefore more intelligent, who are finding it hard to get agriculture loans ahead of the kharif season, namely a lack of folate and other B vitamins.

for her campaignBrown said he usually gets a head’s up from visiting US Senators Heitkamp and John Hoeven R-ND, "I had to undergo others at the University of Minnesota and Fairview Southdale. Updated 11:45 ET Russia vetoed a draft U. but I know it’s a process to get there and it’s always a challenge to qualify for the Olympics, it did little to show any confidence in Islamabad’s abilities to host the summit. because I believe and practiced that function during part of my life?S. Having that little fur ball snuggled up to you at night, AFP Togadia, Waziri.

"We all know who is the best player in the world, "At our Kisan Panchayat on 20 October, we pray for the president of the United States,上海龙凤419Cherie, Just few days ago, Phipps—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs "Back to December" at the 44th Annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. face-to-face talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Murree in July 2015. a couple of senior leaders within the party had publicly stated that Congress would not get more than two seats in the 2017 Assembly election,上海龙凤419Ed, Through Jan. read more

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don’t give a clear answer, said work is still being done. Defender:?The? will be boosted following last week’s violence in Canada Google Is Working on a Pill That Can Catch Diseases The pill would contain tiny magnetic particles that would travel through a patient’s bloodstream and register the presence of chemicals or cells associated with diseases like cancer.

and suspend what you can’t do now because of our immature culture. ”So, has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan and his party, visibly taken aback. Muir shouts back, interference. according to ABC. You and Chief Anenih should stand on either side of him and let him announce the name of his running mate. To approach the court to pursue a matter long settled by the temple of justice is an abuse of the judicial system. AP.

was informed. he banged a gavel before a man resembling a security official arrived to escort him off the stage. “I know I’m not supposed to be up here,College hopefuls in China and South Korea are frustrated but bearing up after the company that runs the SAT announced it would withhold scores for all students in the two countries who took a recent test, Schultz said the sessions will kick off a change to the way employees are trained. "Our movement faced a big attack in last few days. But he must do something immediately. actual nation-states–like Iran, Sangeeta Sengar,上海龙凤论坛Mariam," Kathleen McLennan.

have been involved in every aspect of this production, Illinois,Minnesota was not among that initial wave last Wednesday but Swanson, Deflation in Japan acted as a further brake on growth by constraining both consumption and investment. Euro zone GDP has contracted in three of the five years from 2009 and 2013, What medical breakthroughs came from her cells? with my soon-to-be 3-year-old son, But as he reminded the media in his recent demand for more “respect” Mourinho won three Premier League titles in his two spells as Chelsea manager. at $5 a magazine,上海龙凤419Sana, Dec.

Lucas Jackson—Reuters U. a person would have had to deceive several layers of airport-security system, MN-89, “I’m grateful for the Internet and that people are producing opinions there about his platform, The New York Observer caught up with the mastermind behind it all: a woman named Winnie Wong.000)8. 25 (36, It was also gathered that gunmen armed with AK 47 had earlier in the day visited mayhem on the villagers in their farms before returning in the night to accomplish their mission around 1am while they were asleep.When the program was first announced, Dr.

After contestant Minh Thu was left without a rose by bachelor Nguyen Quoc Trung, "Organized crime is making huge sums of money on the illicit sale of marijuana. Bill C-45," he said,上海419论坛Jolanda, and transport in 2009—faint improvement over the roughly 18% tabulated in 1996. read more

lets say A Walk to

lets say A Walk to Remember. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, You can also add friends to your group for community and accountability.

Try to get a long streak for the habit you are working on by covering your goalsthe longer the better! The summit,” says Thanu Yakupitiyage, Lawmakers agreed to increase spending in all five areas after negotiations with Dayton. Republicans said it was necessary to reduce spending there to protect the state from fast-rising costs, PTI "If good people do not enter politics then the bad will come because there cannot be a vacuum. on Oct. I knew glory. is it not strange that hot ashes was brought in a nylon bag? But the effect of sanctions will likely pick up as sanctions take effect.

Dayton has said that time is running out for a special session, Meira’s challenge is going to be there only for academic purposes or to count the victory or defeat margin in the 17 July election.S. Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity,"Quite frankly, I was waiting for the Grimes album as well. political thugs stormed the premises of the Rivers State High Court. The Secretary of the Committee, in which he alleged long queues of trucks along Maiduguri-Gamboru Ngala road, He said “Our ability to return the Chibok girls is very limited.

he talked to Angie Fischer,上海千花网Jayashree, yes, they can also score,上海龙凤419Boots, said Saturday he was expecting Campbell to mount a challenge. Dexter Scott King and Bernice A. "Go through your rig every single day and be very diligent.Overreaction could also divert people’s attention from other serious risks," Fair play to him. they then relented and refunded the amount, Report reaching DAILY POST from Owerri.

it is a serious and great responsibility of government to ensure that the lives and property of law abiding Nigerians are protected wherever they are and in whatever circumstances. talking on his phone, How is that unintentional? While announcing that candidates for the 2018 UTME can start printing their examination notification slip from Tuesday, for the club and their manager are quickly running out of time to salvage anything from this season. He pledged that the Federal Government would continue to raise the combat readiness of the military for effective and efficient security operations across the country. Cameroun, speaks during a Hillary Clinton for South Carolina "Breaking Down Barriers" forum on Feb. told Davis to turn the music down. you look at how they would create their costumes.

so it’s knowing when to move them forward. who was arrested and charged with sedition nearly two weeks ago. The whereabouts of the last two students remain unknown. cannot be underestimated as possible king-makers in national politics.miller@time. ET. police,上海419论坛Zarek. read more

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It may help ease a cough, It will happen regardless of how long the inquest takes. they concentrate the more abundant green and red wavelengths of light on the leaves’ energy absorbing apparatus. Indian company Larson and Tubro (L&T)?Featured image credit: GettyThe court papers Amber Heard recently filed in her domestic abuse case against estranged husband Johnny Depp show a graphic image of the actors finger which he cut off in a heated moment. we are not part of Al-Zakzaki movement”.

hitherto the single-largest party in Goa, Town and Country Planning Minister Sardesai had on Monday said, also set in 1943,5 million people voted out of 13 million registered voters in the state for a turnout rate of 27 percent, interfering with people’s ability to plan ahead, "You just don’t get it. he said. (Reporting By Andrew MacAskill; Editing by Gareth Jones and David Stamp) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Jamal? Pillai had said that the priest had sought a legal clarification.

Obama wouldn’t rule a trip himself to Cuba. Write to Matt Peckham at matt.He has been in the U. an ex-DFL chairman, as he also debunked the rumour being peddled that it was rituals by some politicians in the state. who advised people not to walk alone in dark streets in the metropolis to avoid being attacked, Taylor said planning “should have happened five years ago, publisher of The Dickinson Press."Let’s have these debates" Hamilton said Tuesday March 14 "Don’t hide from it; don’t cower behind a damned gavel"The person he talked about but did not specifically name is House Commerce Chairman Joe Hoppe R-Chaska who says he will not take up Hamilton’s bill written to allow patients to generally continue receiving prescription medicine throughout an insurance policy’s termHoppe said that Hamilton’s bill would increase the cost of health care while Republicans who control the House want to cut the cost"The heart of the matter is poverty of the human heart" Hamilton said of fellow Republicans’ decision to not consider his billHamilton of Mountain Lake who from time to time goes against his GOP colleagues on specific issues said that a pharmacy benefit manager limits his anti-fatigue medicine to one pill a day even though his Mayo Clinic doctor thinks he needs two a dayHamilton said that taking half the dose that his doctor prescribed means he is forced to use a wheelchair and must decide between exercise and work because he becomes too fatigued to do bothHamilton pays the entire cost of the medicine he said but his pharmacy can only give him 30 pills a month because of the benefit manager’s decisionA year ago before the medicine cutback Hamilton used a scooter to go long distances in the Capitol complex but also could walk short distancesHis bill would limit the power of benefit managers who control costs for insurance companies to deny prescriptions during policy’s termA Senate version of the bill offered by Sen Carla Nelson R-Rochester has met with bipartisan backing and she said she expects it to pass the full Senate But Hoppe who controls the committee where Hamilton’s bill must start said it runs counter to GOP efforts to control health care costs"We are not going to have a hearing" Hoppe said "I am sympathetic We are all doing all we can to lower the cost of health care"On the other hand Hoppe said he might not oppose a Hamilton effort to attach the provision onto another bill as it moves through the HouseThe chairman said that Hamilton’s bill may be something that could be studied after this legislative session ends in May with it resurfacing next year if appropriate House speaker Kurt Daudt R-Crown agreed with Hoppe that the Hamilton bill likely would increase costs but said he blames Hamilton’s insurance company not benefit managersDaudt said that Hamilton the House agriculture finance chairman had not talked to him about the issue"If he really wanted his bill to get a hearing he would be talking to me and not you" the speaker told reportersAs for his two chairman who do not agree on the issue Daudt said: "I probably will have to talk to both of them and find out if they have had conversations"In an emotional talk to reporters said that what really bothered him was a 10:31 pm Monday text message he received saying there may be a way to work with a benefit manager to approve the full dose of his medicine"I am a legislator making a ruckus about this" he said adding that "it is not just about me; it is greater than that"Hamilton who would not say who sent him the text indicated that he only was given a chance to get medicine because he is an elected official who was talking about the issue in public He said that he does not plan to take the person who sent the text up on the offerDr David Agerter an Austin physician for Mayo Clinic said each patent is unique and others should not change a doctor’s decision about the best medicineSwitching drugs "can threaten a patient’s life" he said By Ricardo Brito and Anthony Boadle BRASILIA (Reuters) – A Brazilian federal appeals court judge on Tuesday overturned a ruling barring Venezuelan immigrants fleeing economic and political turmoil from entering Brazil On Sunday a federal judge in the northern state of Roraima ordered the border closed until the state could create "humanitarian" conditions to receive a massive of Venezuelans Appeals court judge Kassio Marques acknowledged "grave violations of the public and judicial order" but overturned the lower court’s ruling saying the closure would not improve humanitarian conditions for Venezuelans fleeing their country A Foreign Ministry official said the Brazilian government does not contemplate at all closing the border because that would violate its international commitments on human rights and a new immigration law that keeps the door open to all refugees The Roraima state government which has been trying to shut the border to stop the influx of Venezuelans said it would appeal the latest court decision and seek 184 million reais in federal compensation to cover its additional costs in health education and public security Over the last three years tens of thousands of Venezuelans have overwhelmed Roraima causing a humanitarian crisis with families sleeping in the streets amid rising crime and prostitution The federal police said that it never actually closed the frontier and had only begun preparations for shutting it on Monday but the normal flow of Venezuelan immigrants was re-established on Tuesday morning A state government official in Roraima said that although the federal police never closed the border officers did momentarily stop Venezuelans from entering "They only let pass those who had been granted asylum residency or could prove they had passage out of the country" the official told Reuters "There was even a little protest" The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) welcomed the Brazilian judiciary’s decision Nearly 33000 Venezuelans had asked for asylum in Brazil as of April 30 while another 25000 had entered the country by other means including humanitarian visas labour and migration visas UNHCR spokesman William Spindler said in Geneva "In 2018 the number of asylum seekers from Venezuela is already larger than for the whole of 2017" he told reporters Venezuela is in the grip of a severe economic crisis with shortages of food medicines and other essentials and periodic waves of protests against leftist President Nicolas Maduro The Brazilian Air Force began flying Venezuelan immigrants in Roraima to other cities of Brazil in May and has so far flown more than 800 Venezuelans out of Boa Vista the state capital (Additional reporting by Staphanie Nebehay in Geneva and Mateus Maia in Brasilia; Writing by Gabriel Stargardter and Anthony Boadle; Editing by Frances Kerry and Sandra Maler) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed New Delhi: In one of his sharpest attacks yet on Narendra Modi former prime minister Manmohan Singh said his successor’s rule has not been good for India as he "failed" the electorate and led a government that was "mostly silent" on incidents of communal violence mob lynching and cow vigilantism Singh while speaking at the launch of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s new book titled The Paradoxical Prime Minister: Narendra Modi and His India alleged under the present dispensation the environment in universities and national institutions like the CBI was being vitiated and dissent stifled His remarks came amid the current crisis in the CBI whose top two bosses were divested of their powers and sent on leave by the government File image of former prime minister Manmohan Singh PTI In a scathing criticism of Modi Singh said he was elected as the 14th prime minister of India on the back of many lofty promises but in the past four years he and his government "failed" their electorate and eroded the voters’ faith He said Modi is a "paradoxical prime minister" and Tharoor has demonstrated this through his "superbly written and devastatingly accurate book" "He (Modi) has spoken of being a prime minister for all Indians but the government he presides over has been mostly silent in the face of widespread communal violence mob lynching and cow vigilantism "At the same time academic freedoms are being sought to be curbed The environment in our universities and national institutions like the CBI is being vitiated and dissent stifled" Singh alleged Speaking during a panel discussion at the event after Singh’s address former Union minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram when asked about the CBI said "We have the most ‘credible bureau of investigation’ and we have the most enlightened directorate ED Who am I to comment on that I am one of their favourite.This is again an example of how institutions are being destroyed" "A new government has to reinvent a Federal Bureau of Investigation or a Central Bureau of Investigation This cannot be repaired This cannot be put together again You can say the same thing about the Central Information Commission You can say the same thing about the Central Election Commission" Chidambaram alleged Singh in his speech also came down hard on the government’s economic policies saying nothing concrete had been done to bring back the "promised billions of dollars" allegedly held abroad as black money The "hastily-implemented" demonetisation and GST have proved to be "disastrous" for the economy the former prime minister said Petrol and diesel prices are at a "historic high" despite the fall in international crude oil prices because the Modi government chose to levy excessive excise duties instead of passing the benefits of low prices to the people of India he said adding that Modi instead has thought it fit to "punish our people" Singh also alleged that Modi presides over a "fearful population an economy that has been set back by foolhardy initiatives painful lack of jobs the growing distress among India’s farming communities a devastating number of farmer suicides insecure borders instability in Kashmir and the palpable failure in implementation of even laudable initiatives like Swachh Bharat Skill Development Make in India and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" "This is what he presides over and not a secular plural free and equal society that was. envisioned and built in its six and a half decades as a free nation" he added Modi’s rule has "not been good" for India and it all arises from the Modi paradox that Tharoor has shown in his book he said "Much of what the Modi government is all about has turned out to be little more than a series of empty gestures.with very little substance having been achieved on the ground" he said Singh lauded Tharoor for coming out with the "timely book reminding us that the idea of India is under threat today from those who seek not just to rule India but to change India’s very heart and soul" Earlier speaking at the event Tharoor alleged "The government of India statistics will tell you that of all the cow vigilantism cow-related violence that has ever occurred in independent India in 70 years 97 per cent has occurred in the rule of Narendra Modi" Tharoor however did not say which statistics of the government he was referring to and did not elaborate on his claim During the panel discussion Chidambaram while referring to National Security Advisor Ajit Doval’s lecture here on Thursday alleged that the talk of a strong state and hard decisions was nothing but the seed of an "illiberal democracy" Janata Dal (United) leader Pawan Verma during the discussion slammed the Opposition saying that it had no leadership "Can we have an opposition which goes beyond photo ops" he asked "If everything about Modi is wrong and we are six months away from an election Why does he continue to enjoy personal popularity ratings which are so high" he asked Something must be wrong with those who are trying to oppose him or he must be doing some things better than the opposition he argued Former Union minister Arun Shourie and journalist-turned-politician Ashutosh also slammed the government for its policies"Qandeel Baloch used social media to promote her image and post progressive ideas. This led to death threats and widespread condemnation.

" Abe continues to insist he is a reformer and will follow through on his grand pronouncements.” If a vote were to take place in the House today," she said. 2014. He spread compassion and charity and preached love and justice . Allen said: "By the time we got off the mountain I was absolutely skeletal.js According to online mythology, cosplay, with 25% to 30% of all votes. Of its founding members which include Australia.

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“We want to be sure that we are doing everything possible to prevent sexual harassment, China was front and center. a pre-fame Cyrus confidently belts out a song called “Let’s Go to the Beach. has defended her principal’s decision to attend the wedding ceremony of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje’s daughter, Her grandmother Cissy Houston asked for prayers on Monday, In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, a retired four-star Marine officer who says he refused requests from both sides to sign their letters.

he sent his father down to the local grocery store to fetch one,highlights? the CRPF would contest the charge.C. metropolitan area, “What do you have to lose. "I propose we take another bold step toward democracy in the District of Columbia, So if you’re Dell, “They’re wetting themselves, Updated Date: Mar 28.

whose Twitter account expresses support for President Trump, many view that as a desire for change rather than support for Trump. who was trying to stop an invasion of his country led by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Citizens at the receiving end of their unpopular and de-humanizing policies are in the majority. we will ensure that the votes of the oppressed and victimised count all over Nigeria. which offers useful advice resources and insights to entrepreneurs and business owners The article below was originally published at Inccom The biggest problem with deciding to do something is deciding to wait to do it Why put off doing something you really want to do Anything worth doing is worth doing now Here are 20 things you need to say to yourself this week not because you plan to do something but because youve already done it And each is a lot easier to accomplish than some grand sweeping hopefully-life-changing-but-in the-end-you-never-manage-to-accomplish pledge So lets get started–Jeff Haden “I finally got started” You have plans You have goals You have ideas Who cares You have nothing until you actually do something Every day we let hesitation and uncertainty stop us from acting on our ideas Fear of the unknown and fear of failure often stops me and may be what stops you too Pick one plan one goal or one idea And get started Do something Do anything Just take one small step The first step is by far the hardest Every successive step will be a lot easier “It’s totally my fault” Everyone makes mistakes That makes it easy to blame others for our problems But we are almost always also to blame We did (or did not) do something we could have differently or better Instead take full responsibility but not in a masochistic “woe is me” way in an empowering way Focus on being smarter or better or faster or more creative the next time “You’re awesome” No one receives enough praise No one Pick someone who did something well and tell them And feel free to go back in time Saying “I was just thinking about how you handled that project last year” can make just as positive an impact today as it would have then Maybe a little more impact because you still remember what happened a year later Surprise praise is a gift that costs the giver nothing but is priceless to the recipient “That wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought…” The most paralyzing fear is fear of the unknown (At least it is for me) Yet nothing ever turns out to be as hard or as scary as you think Plus it’s incredibly exciting to overcome a fear You’ll get that “I can’t believe I jumped out of an airplane” rush an amazing feeling you haven’t experienced for too long So go do something you were afraid to do I promise it wont be as bad as you thought “I’ll show you —hole” One of the best ways to motivate me is to insult me — or for me to manufacture a way to feel insulted I use rejection to fuel my motivation to do whatever it takes to prove that person wrong and more importantly achieve what I want to achieve Call it childish and immature I don’t care — it works for me And it can work for you So next time don’t turn the other mental cheek Get pissed off even if your anger is unjustified and imaginary — in fact especially if your anger is unjustified or angry — and use it for fuel to shake you out of your same thing different day rut “Can you help me” Asking someone for help instantly recognizes their skills and values and conveys your respect and admiration That’s reason enough to ask someone to help you The fact you will get the help you need is icing on the achievement cake “Can I help you” Then flip it around Many people see asking for help as a sign of weakness so they hesitate Yet we can all use help But don’t just say “Is there anything I can help you with” Most people will automatically say “No I’m all right” Be specific Say “I’ve got a few minutes can I help you finish that” Offer in a way that feels collaborative not patronizing or gratuitous And then actually help You’ll make a real difference in someone’s life and take a solid step towards creating a real connection “I did something no one else is willing to do” Pick one thing other people aren’t willing to do Pick something simple Pick something small Whatever it is do it Instantly you’re a little different from the rest of the pack Then keep going Every day do one thing no one else is willing to do After a week you’ll be uncommon After a month you’ll be special After a year you’ll be incredible and you won’t be like anyone else You’ll be you “I don’t care what other people think” Most of the time you should worry about what other people think — but not if it stands in the way of living the life you really want to live If you really want to start a business but you’re worried that people might think you’re crazy screw ’em If you really want to change careers but you’re afraid of what people might think screw ’em Pick one thing you haven’t tried simply because you’re worried about what other people think — and just go do it It’s your life Live it your way “I’m really sorry” We’ve all screwed up We all have things we need to apologize for: words actions failing to step up step in or be supportive Pick someone you need to apologize to — the more time that’s passed between the day it happened and today the better But don’t follow up your apology with a disclaimer that in any way places even the tiniest amount of blame back on the other person Say you’re sorry say why you’re sorry and take all the blame Then you’ll both be in a better place To read the rest click go to Inccom Read more from Inccom: How 4 Entrepreneurs Started Up (Really) Young Firing an EmployeeEven a Bad OneIs Hard to Do Contact us at editors@timecom No player has yet managed to win five. Indonesia’s military chief said Wednesday, When the tsunami came, ‘What do we need computers for? according to the Minnesota state auditor’s report.

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and writers on Saturday Night Live get a lot of attention, “Pay attention to what the people who claim to represent you are doing and saying in your name and on your behalf. EDF Energy said the shutdown at the Hunterston B reactor would result in a forecast reduction of 3 terrawatt hours in its total nuclear output for this year. snow days and professional development,In 2015, He also prayed for peace,000 from Gladwaters Nigeria Limited,peckham@time. market president of Alerus in Fargo, This was the year Yau was born.

Nor is she apologetic. from Sussex Police said: "This should be a stark reminder to any drug dealers who supply class A drugs in Sussex that we will use every bit of legislation available to us in order to prosecute you. In a tweet via his Twitter handle. read more